Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WW: I WIsh I Hadn't Lost...

LOTS of things!!

  1. My journal that I wrote in ALLL THEEE TIMMMME through high school in college.  It was literally my heart & soul in that thing.  My thoughts, emotions, prayers, experiences, lessons learned....EVERYTHING documented in there.  And i LOVED going back to read it all!  I still love reading my old journals and prayer journals.  HOWEV- I think God took it from me to help me just LET GO of the past!  So, it's okay :)  But, I still would love to have that baby back.
  2. I didn't actually lose this one, it was stolen from me...but it feels the same.  My music collection!  In college, my car was broken into and no money/wallet/stereo was stolen...just my MASSSSIVE CD book of over 200 CDs that were a collection from my entire life.  My music, music from my brothers, music from my dad, MUSIC!! My music- OHHH my goodness my music.  I still miss it! It's like a part of me was stolen!!!! :(
  3. The James Avery necklace my parents gave me when I got baptized.  SO special to me, but I am the QUEEN of losing jewelry.  At least I used to be.  I am so much better now, but it's still a major challenge!  I still plan on buying myself another one and keeping it FOREVERRRR.
  4. The cross necklace my brother carved for me.  I wore it like...3 times?  And then it was GONE.  And I'm not kidding you it STILLLL rips my heart out.  Because it's not like I can go out to buy a new one.  Or even carve one for myself!  That thing meant the world to me, I seriously just have JEWELRY.ISH.SHOES!!
On that note, does anyone know of a place to get a super great jewelry storage system.  I can't stand classic wooden jewelry boxes- everything gets SO jumbled.  Any ideas out there for someone to remove her jewelry and conveniently place each piece in its designated spot???


Ann said...

that's so sad that you lost your journal! i'd cry if that happened!! and the cross necklace... first off, i can't believe your brother craved it! it must have been so special.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Okay, you need a new jewelry system for sure. That is soooooo sad!!!!

J & J said...

try a jewelry tree:


Anonymous said...

turnaround show me bald heaven