Sunday, November 15, 2009


If poop is an off-limits topic for you, I suggest you stop reading right about....NOW.

Avery has been trying to poop allllll day...with little no success.

Well...I ran out to Papa Murphys to grab a veggie delite pizza (one of our FAVVVVVVVV dinners EVER when we're feeling lazy!) and when I returned Avery was having the time of her life in her jumperoo.  Yay for bouncing.

I leaned over to kiss her cute little head and noticed some spots of mud on the floor beneath Avery's little jumping feet. I dropped to my knees to check out the spots only to be smacked in the face by an unexpected odor.  Um...NOT mud.

Turns out that Ave finally had some pooping success. Just reallyyy bad timing. I guess with each jump it just squished further and further out of her diaper until it was all over her legs, feet, toes, annnnnnd the carpet beneath her.  Needless to say, bathtime was EXTRA long tonight and involved about 10x our normal amount of soap!



Abby Kreck said...

Hahaha!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh...I would have vomited right there on the poop. That is too funny! At least she feels better :)

Jacci said...

HAHAHA. Oh goodness. Poor little Aves - and poor you for having to clean it up. Scarlett made quite a few messes in the jumperoo back in the day. fun, fun mama :)

Casey said...

Ahh!! Oh my gosh! Hilarious! We had the same sort of experience after some prunes! :)

Together We Save said...

That is to funny!! You asked about my Vista Print post, I have updated it. All those freebies were just for me as a returning customer. Sorry I did not realize it.

the brock clan said...

Hilarious! I used to work at Papa Murphy's! I love it!

the tichenor family said...

Oh the joys of motherhood!! Sweet girl, it's no fun when they get stopped up... and even less fun when they finally work it out!!

Love you mama.

Anonymous said...

Too funny girl! I always loved it when it was all up the back and it the hair and all over the car seat. Yeah, dont ask. HAHA. Hope your having a great week! xoxo