Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weight-Loss & the 80s!

Gooood Thursday morning :)

A couple of things:

If you have any interest in shedding 2 pounds....or even 30...check out my fitness blog {FitnessbyRoxyB}!  I'll be spotlighting weight-loss for the next few days: myths, challenges, tips, studies, etc... There is a healthy way and quite a few not-so-healthy ways to lose weight!  Be sure you're doing it right :)

Also, the 80's are back.  Just FYI ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Aves has been hanging out in her crib (and sometimes actually sleeping) a ton lately.  I'm not 100% sure if it's because she doesn't feel well or because she only gets her paci when she's sleeping OR because she's got more teeth coming in.  Who knows.  She definitely doesn't feel well though.  Poor child.  She started begggginggg to go to bed at 5:45 tonight!  I held her off until 6:50 and finally let her go down.  Haven't heard a peep since.  I'm bracing myself for a bright and early wake up call manana.
Camo has had SO much trouble sleeping because of her congestion!  A couple of nights ago she was completely mizzz.  SO sad.  I sat on the couch for a few hours during the night and let her sleep sitting up/leaning against my chest.  Then, the next morning she finallyyyy fell into a deep enough sleep that she napped for over 3 hours!!!  Much needed sleep for that munchkin.  She is def doing a bit better...we got a more intense humidifier that def seems to be helping in the breathing department :)

Both girls ate better today, which is a good sign!  So ready for my little sweet peas to feel better!  It's so sad to see your little babies feeling so miserable!  They can't really communicate what their aches & pains are, so it makes me feel SO helpless :(  Like I said though, we're getting there :)

Oh, and ps- bad news bears.  I was a little premature in thinking the girls were all better over the weekend, so we had Carson over to spend the night on Monday night.  Um...come Tuesday night, he AND his daddy were sick!  And still are I think!! SOOOO sorry Simants familia!!  We love you guys and totally didn't realize we were still all germified up in the Bradford casa.  Whoops.  Lesson learned.

Oh, AND earlier today I went on a little joggy-jog with the girls in tow.  I got in a nice little groove, and then my phone rang.  Kerbey got out.  BUMMERRRRR.  Had to turn around early to get back to that dang/sweet dog.  We are having big time digging problems with her since we moved.  Anytime we go in the front yard, she digs out!  AH!!  Not sure how to prevent this little problemo except to chain her up when we head outdoors.  So sad!

I went on a cleaning frenzy tonight trying to de-germify the house.  Didn't quite finish, but will continue manana.  I should probably wait until the coughing ceases before putting TOO much effort into it :)

Happy Wednesday my fraaannnnds!!

I am SO looking forward to a night of FUN hang out time w/my Lifegroup Loves tomorrow night!! (unless, of course, my girls still aren't up to it)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hangin' w Nana & Papa!!

While B-riz and I were in Boca a few weeks ago, my in-laws came & stayed at our place with the girlies.  THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO VERY MUCH again :)  And thanks for the presh pics.  Glad you got to enjoy the snow and your sweet little grandbabies!! :)  They lovvvve you guys (and so do we!)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cameron: 7 Months!!

Ohhhhh Camo.  I love you soooo very much little lovebug :)
  • Crawling everywhere.  FAST.
  • Pulls up to stand.  Gets better at it everyday. ...although she's currently rocking a couple of bruises bc she hasnt quite mastered the getting down part yet.
  • When I leave the room, she immediately notices and starts crawling around the house looking for me :)
  • She  LOVVVES when Aves has friends over.  Totally wants to be with the big kids.  
  • Adores her big sis.
  • Likes every type of fruit/veggie we've tried, but won't eat pears for breakfast.  Kind of strange...
  • Is NOT a fan of the car/carseat.  Bummer.
  • If you're wearing a necklace, she will try to eat it.  Without fail.
  • LOVES to pull Avery's hair.  
  • Loves bathtime...particularly chewing on Avery's bath letters.
  • Rocks back & forth like crazy when she gets excited.
  • Ticklish like her sis...but her laugh (if you can even call it that) is hilarious.  It's more like a growl.  Reallyyyyy entertaining.
  • Has had some major runny nose issues most of her life.
  • Still just has 2 teeth on the bottom :)
  • LOVE MY BABY MUNCHKIN!!!!!  Brings me ridiculous amounts of joy :)

Avery: 21 Months!!

Well my little Averton is 21 months.  We're slowly creeping closer to TWO YRS OLD!!  Craziness.  Here's what's up in the life of Aves :)
  • Still LOVING Fresh Beats "Bebees", Shrek "Keck", and Nemo "Momo"
  • She's become a bit of a picky eater.  Hopefully just a phase :)
  • Has finally cut 2 more teeth on top.  That makes 4 on top and 3 on bottom for a grand total of SEVEN!! We're making progress :)
  • She's starting to copy what we say big time.   Love it.
  • Still rockin the naked baby dance post-bath
  • Loves bath time
  • ASKS TO GO NIGHT NIGHT!!!!  Amazingness.
  • Sleeps from 8ish to 8ish.  
  • STILL calls Cameron "baby".  
  • Obsessed w going "outide"
  • Says byebye to everyone & eeevvvverything.  Cutie.
  • Is in love with Casey & Tatum and Kelly "Kehyee" & Carson "Cotsee"
  • Looks like a COMPLETE spaz when she runs
  • Can sit in the backyard and play with Kerbey for an hour straight.  She talks to her the whole time.  So freaking presh.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sooooo my munchkins are not feeling too hot this week.  And by "not too hot" I mean MIZZZZ.  Aves has been pukey, diarrhea-plagued, feverish, AND cut 2 new teeth.  Camo has had fever for a couple of days and is having trouble sleeping.  Makes for 2 superrrr happy babies.  :(

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Lifegroup started the Revelation study tonight (and I didn't have to play hooky!)   LOVED.  Super pumped about this study.  And SO thankful for the way cool ppl in my group!  So much wisdom and insight to learn from :)  Blessiiinnngggg. 

 Speaking of revelation(s)...I had a few today:
  • you can tell alot about a person by their company.  not original.  i realize this.  but SO apparent lately.  my bro (rileton) must be the bommmmbbbbb.  bc his friends are LEGIT. 
  • my life would be SO simplified if I knew the exact date of Jesus' return.  so why don't i just go ahead and simplify?  to be not sure how to while still being the mom/wife that i think im supposed to be...?
  • living on a diet of coffee, cupcakes, popcorn, PB, & milk for a week will most likely result in a tummyache.  I wouldn't recommend it (although in the moment, it's rather satisfying)
  • it has crossed my mind more than once that if i didnt have ittybitty babies i would be able to accomplish at least a few of the millions of ideas constantly swirling around in my brain.  today i realized once & for all that i am living (& loving) my purpose big time right now.  I am 100% content with that...excited about & thankful for it even!  :)  Nothing could bring me more joy than to devote my time & energy to nurturing a home, 2 babylives & 1 grown up one with the most Jesus-like love I can muster up!  I think that realizing this requires embracing it more than ever and thus making me a million times better at "what I do".  Yay!  Thanks for the Word, God :)
  • I need physical activity.  Like...every day.  It makes me happy.  It makes me energetic.  It makes me feel a little better about my massssssive sweet tooth.
  • I need social interaction.  Like...on most days.  It makes me happy.  It makes me energetic.  It makes me indulge a little more often in my massssssive sweet tooth :) (which also makes me happy!)
  • I think out loud.  A lot.  Maybe too much?  The jury's still out on that one...
  • Brian David Bradford adds some major awesomeness to my life.  I'm reminded during our moments of separation how blessed I am to have him in my life!  I'm reminded how INCREDIBLY much I love him and what a super great BFF he is :) Love you B-Rizzzzzz <3
Annnnnnd goodnight.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life as I Know It {at least for today...}

Cameron is constantly attacking Avery now that she's mobile.  When both Camo & Aves are on the ground, Cameron is all up in Avery's grill within SECONDS.  Aves is NOT a fan, but is SO sweet and patient.  She never hits or pushes her off, just makes a face and says, "uh oh baby!!"

Today Cameron crawled from the middle of the living room, around the back of the big couch, and into Kerbey's bed in a matter of less than a minute.  I love watching her scoot/crawl.  It's hilarious.  She's in HEAVEN.  You can so tell she feels way cool.

Casizzle & Tatum came over the play yesterday.  It had been over a week since A & T saw each other (which is RARE!) and Tatum kept saying, "I see Avewy I see Avewy!"  That's her way of begging her momma to bring her to Avery's house!  We love watching our little bffs play together :)  Tatum is still the aggressor on occasions, so we decided that in the future, Avery will call Tatum when someone's picking on her and Tatum will call Aves when she has a crush & needs A to sweet-talk him.  :)  We've got it allll figured out.  Can't wait til they're roomies @ UT!!

The girls bathe together now.  It's presh.  Avery loves to help me bathe Cameron.  Such a sweet big seester :)  Cameron just enjoys chewing on the bath toys.

Avery is obsessed with "the naked baby dance"  It's the only way to get her out of the bath tub!  Thanks to Tatum for teaching us this highly effective tool :)

When we chose Cameron's name, I was 100% sure I wanted to spell it the classic way.  For the last couple of days, I have been kind of wishing I had spelled it the girly way:  Camryn!
I am FINALLY getting around to painting the girls' little wooden chairs.  B got me the paint I asked for, but I've changed my mind (again) and am switching it out manana!

I think Rileton might come visit us this wknd.  I will be beyond pumped to see him.  My bro (well both of my bros actually!) is the bomb.  I admire him, look up to him, am entertained by him, & just am so thankful for him! should come too!!

We start a study on Revelation in our Lifegroup manana.  BUT- I think I'm gonna have to miss it.  We haven't been able to find a babysitter who is willing to commit (mostly bc of the weather), and since B is gone, we'll just be playing hooky I guess.  Bummer!

I am so so so so so loving being back home w/my babygirls.  They bring joy to my life.  Do I miss the ocean/beach/sun/palm trees?  HECK YES.  But my munchkins win that battle.  Big time.
B and I have a week @ the beach in April without Aves & Cam.  I'm pumped, but really dreading being apart from them for that long too! 

We are ALSO hoping to do a vacay w Kylee & Chris (& whoever else!) sometime this yr.  We have tried basically since we met, but I had some issues with remaining un-pregnant :)  We seem to be doing well thus far, so we'll see if we make the vacay happen!!

I might possibly be going to see Katy Perry in July.  Umm.... holla.

I'm hosting Bunco next week and am soooo excited to have a little Valentines Bunco action with my gurrrrlllls :)

Although tomorrow is supposed to be super cold (like...single digits.  whoa.), the weekend should bring a little more warmth than we've had around here for a while.  YAY!!  I'm loving the winter, but am NEVER sad about spring time!

Happy Wednesday!


So.  The hubs and I spent the last 4 days in Boca Raton, Florida w/ a bunch of fellow Alcon ppl.  It was THE BOMB.  This was our first incentive trip in the pharma sales world...hopefully the first of many if B-Rix keeps rocking :)  It was so nice to get away together with no babies to demand our attention!  We were able to be selfish for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS.  Whoa.  Weird.  Loved every second.  Did NOT want to leave.  But couldn't WAIT to get home to my munchkins.  :)  Thanks Boo for bringing me along for the ride!!
Boca Raton Resort & Beach Club.  (aka- Yachts. Everywhere.)

My gurlfrannns :)  Isn't the canal preeeetty? That pink building in the back is where we camped out!

man-o-war infestation.  not cool.

my boooo-oooo!

no better to start the day than a run on a BEAUTIFUL beach.  my calves are still thanking me ;)

lunch @ the beach club

chris & kylee.  love & miss you guys lotssssssss!!  move next door pretty please???

heading back from a day of lounging, vball, & swimming @ the beach!

B-Riz giving his acceptance speech.  He finished 1st in his division in 2010!  So proud of your hard work babe and SO wish I could have been there to hear!  Kylee texted me this pic earlier tonight :)  

Boca...I miss you like crazy.  I miss the sun, the warmth, the deleeeeecious food, the greatest ice cream of my entire life, the beach, the beautiful blue/green water, the vball, the socializing, the view from our room, the boat rides, the runs on the sand...  Thanks for an amazing break from the snow/ice.  We shall meet again!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thirty. Flirty. & Thriving.

My girl, Casizzle, is 30!!!  Her hubs threw her a super surprise partay this past wknd.  Funnnn times.
The Lifegroup Bunch.  Holla.

The Wegs!! Casizzle & Tatum were both equally surprised I think :)
The pretty cake made my Casey's friend, Kendall. 
Pin the Tail on the Casey.  This one got a little OOC...
Me & my fav 30 yr old chick roastin' mallows & hangin' by the fire!

Casizzle, I'm glad you're in my life!  Here's to a super great year!