Monday, May 30, 2011


  • We're loving having the Mavs in the NBA Finals.  I am by no means a Mavs fan (I'm a Rockets fan for life...not matter how painful it gets!), but I love having a sporting event to center our social life around :) 
  • I'm pumped that Lebron is finally in the FINALS.  I used to be a lover.  Now, I'm not a lover OR a hater...just excited to watch this FINALS!
  • Avery's party was on Saturday and it was a GREAT time with good friends.  Watching the little ones play together was kinnnnd of adorable.  
  • The Curry Crew AND The Bradford Bunch were in town this wknd.  LOVED being surrounded by our entire fam for 2 straight days!
  • We probably spend 3 nights a week with the Wegs.  Love it. Super thankful for their friendship!
  • Aves and Cam play together more & more everyday.  Today they were playing peek-a-boo with the playroom curtains and CRACKING up, which in turn had B-Riz and me cracking up.  CUTIES.
  • The new Top Golf: Allen opened up last week, and we spent Friday night there with fam & friends for B's 31st bday celebration!  That place is the bomb.  Seriously.  We will mosdef be returning.  In the meantime, I need to work on my golf swing...or maybe learn HOW to properly swing a golf club.  That's a good place to start :)
  • The girls are IN.LOVE. with their new climber/slide for the backyard.  And thus, so am I. :)
  • Casizzle and I have committed to taking the girls on a run once a week after she gets off work.  2 weeks and counting.  Loving it.
  • This is the first time in almost 3 years that I have been NON-pastey.  I wouldn't call my current tone "tan", but it is definitely NON-pastey.  I'm not opposed.
  • My new darker hair is great.  I am having no problem embracing it.  I AM however, struggling to embrace the super-blondness of the bottom half of my hair.  The old highlights are busting through thanks to their frequent exposure to this summer sun.  Oh well.
  • The reality that Riles is moving to another country in less than 2 months has been hitting me harder the last couple of weeks.  MAN.  I'm gonna miss talking to/seeing him soooooooooooo very much.  But, I could NOT be more proud of him for following God's calling for this part of his life.  
  • Watching B-Riz melt because of little things the girls do & say has been making ME melt big time lately.  Nothing sweeter :)  So thankful I have a hub who adorrrrres his girls (all 3 of us!)
  • I am dyyyyying to start playing soccer again.  I have always missed it, but since I was pregnant for basically 2 straight years, I didn't pay it much mind.  Well, now that I'm physically capable, it's time.  I am searching for a league MANANA!
  • I have been praying that God would make me ultra-aware of the parts of my life and my SELF that needed some good examining/re-working.  He has totally done that, and I am totally thankful :)  He's good like that.  
  • I have come to the realization that there will NEVER be enough time to do all of the things I'd love to do each day.  And that is so totally fine.  This realization has helped me to prioritize.  Prioritizing has helped me realize how COMPLETELY insignificant MANY of the things I'd "like to do" actually are.  Just that simple realization has given me some big time freedom.  Thanks Lord. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mothers' Day 2011/Avery's 2nd Birthday!!

I never posted about this!  Aves and I got to share the day which was super fun!  

First mom.  Being a mom myself has given me a new appreciation and understanding of my own mom.  I can better understand how DEEPLY she loves me.  I get that I (along w/my bros) bring her SO much joy and she would do anything..literally anything...for us to be healthy and happy and thriving!  I also know that we frustrated the LIFE out of her on way too many occasions.  It's interesting how you can never understand that your parents really truly want the very best for you in all things at all times...until you become a parent!  Having my own munchkins has made me 983,000 times MORE thankful for my awesome mom.  Love you Rachey!  You are the greatest!

So Aves and I shared a super great day....loved it :)  B-Riz let me sleep in and got up with the girls, which was awesommmme :)  They made me a yummy breakfast, and we just hung out all morning in our PJs.  We let Aves open a few presents before we started getting ready for church, and she was just THE cutest thing.  She was excited.  GOSH I love that child :)  It's insane that she's been alive for TWO YEARS!!!  We could not adore her more.  She's hilarious.  She's beautiful.  She's sweet, loving, kind, & affectionate.  She's got some 'tude sometimes, but she's the bomb.  Her vocab is inproving EVERY day,  she says and does things that we are SHOCKED that she even knows!  2 year old brains are pretty impressive.  LOVE YOU AVERTON!  Happy bday babygirl!

After Cameron's nap, we grabbed a quick bite & then went to late service @ church (which I think we're going to start doing...)  John talked about moms for just a bit before he began his sermon, and for some reason, I was just INSANELY emotional.  During pretty much the whole service and throughout the day.  On a day when we intentionally celebrate motherhood, I just couldn't escape thinking about how EXPLODING with love and joy and gratitude and happiness my heart is because of Avery & Cameron.  I literally can think of NO greater thing to do in my life than to raise my 2 girls.  Even when you're friggin wiped OUT, frustrated, still LOVE being a mom.  What other job is like that!?  We get to take them from the day they're born and love them with the love of Christ, teach them about God, teach them His ways, encourage them, direct their path (as much as they'll let us!), crack up @ their silliness, hug & kiss & horseplay w/them's just... the greatest.  A great responsibility and a great JOY and a great honor.  And I am SO thankful God has blessed me with this opportunity in my life :)  I literally could not have EVER imagined how wonderfully perfect being a mom is.  
{still trying to find my camera cord to upload pics of me w/my babieeees!!}

Lots to celebrate in the SL!!

I spent last wknd in The Shoog showering Jacci with some pre-marital love.  I was SO happy to finally make it to something wedding-related.  The hostesses did an awesome job on this shower! Even though I was one of them, I can say that, because I didn't contribute any cool ideas, I just signed on to everyone else's creativity :)  It was so pretty and so fun!  Love you Jacci!  Can't wait til the big day!

I got to have lunch @ a yummy place in Houston with The Curry fam, who I RARELY (unfortunately) get to see to celebrate Kelli-Bell's high school graduation!  So proud, cuz!  I love spending time with mi familia.  It's a different dynamic when we get together now that my Pawpaw is gone.  I think losing him just made us all appreciate each other a little bit more.  We still miss him like crazy, but are super thankful for all the love that he left behind!!  Love you Pawpaw!!

I spent Saturday night @ Taytay's weddinnnggg!!! My mom was my date (pretty good-looking date!), and we had a blasssssst.  It was basically a soccer reunion, just like anytime one of us soccergals gets hitched :)  We danced it up, caught up on life, took lots of pics, and talked about how we can find a way to see each other more often, because these weddings are going to end soon! :(  Love you girls!! Can't wait til July!!

I had the greatest time with ppl I love but never get to see, but am so thankful that I have the people I love the MOST to come home to!!  I missed my Aves, Camo, & B-Riz :)

Cameron's First Steps!!

Camo took her first steps yesterday.  She's been pulling up and cruising around like a champ for a couple of months now, but has never shown any interest in trying it without support :)  She can speed-crawl with the best of them, so I guess she can get where she wants to go fast enough.  :)  Avery almost skipped the crawling phase and walked at 8.5 months, so we kind of thought Camo would follow suit.  I have loved the crawling phase though...I think it's super-presh to watch her sprint-crawl all over America.  

Anyway, yesterday we were playing with her ball and she just randomly stood up and took 2 steps toward me.  Then, she stood up and took 4.  And that was the end of it.  :)  It was so unexpected, and by the time I got the video camera, she was donesky.  Oh well, I got a cute little action-still :)  Cameron is growing UP!  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi Daddy

This is what Avery chose to wear to greet her daddy as he got home from work.  Somebody lovvves her daddy :)

showing off for daddy :)
the inevitable clown-shoe-induced crash :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Stuff in my Friends' Lives!!

One of my verrrrry best friends, Magen Gray, got engaged! Granted, this happened in MARCH, and I am just now posting about it.  I wanted to let her share the glory on her own for a while before I took over :)  Magen and I have been bffs since we were 2.  Literally.  I was her protector in elementary school.  She lived directly across the street from our school, so when she broke her leg, I rolled her to school in a rolly-chair (hahaha....SO hilarious to remember those days!) We were on Safety Patrol @ the bike racks together in 5th grade.  We made fools of ourselves in front of Shane Stokes on numerous occasions.  We were in choir together always.  She was the Clements Ranger Girls Soccer manager my senior year, so she got to share some of my most precious soccer memories with me.  She was my maid of honor.  I mean...I'm not kidding when I say that she is one of my very best friends ever.  I love her just a sister and am SOOOO excited that she and Aaron will be getting hitched next spring!  Her sister, April, and I get to share matron of honor duties...AND she even asked Aves & Cameron to be flower girls on the big day!  HOW CUTE.  It will be their first wedding and I'm pumped about it.  Congratulations to my Moo...I love you, I'm thankful for you, and your happiness makes me OVER the moon happy!!
lovebirds <3 
One of my other besties, Jacci Grannis, is getting married in July!! Jacci and I have been friends since FCMS.  We're little choir buddies for life :)  We have shared so many fun times together like..oh you know...a massive minor britney obsession, a week-long ice-cream-eating/disney-movie-watching fest @ mi casa when i got my wisdoms out... GOOD times :)  So about her wedding... she is marrying a guy that we were all great friends with in high school (and I think he's always loved her!)  Um.  Love it.  The entire city of Sugar Land, Tx is excited about this union....there's nothing better than seeing two amazing people that you love find happiness in each other :)  Seeing Jacci and Scarlett start a new chapter in their lives makes my heart'm talking MASSIVE smile :)  Love you Jacqueline-almost-Hotzel!!! (in case you haven't noticed Jacci, I have a new obsession with your given name.  It's beautiful.  Can I call you that now?)
Happy/BEAUTIFUL little fam!
Annnnd another one of my very best friends in life, Bethany Girod (aka- Nug), is a mommyyyy!  Baby Max was born the week after Easter.  I had the pleasure of spending a few perfect minutes with that perfect little man and his familia in the hospital in Austin.  Betho had a long and challenging labor experience, and from what I hear, was a happy little champ the whole way through!  Seeing someone I love so much experience what I consider to be one of the greatest blessings God can give a girl is really special.  Motherhood is indescribable, and watching Betho have the opportunity to experience it brings me JOY!  Love you so much Nug!  So happy for you, Baby Maxwell Stone, and Co-Co!!  Can't wait to see you guys again!

little Max loving on his daddy :)
There are lots of other happy things going on in the lives of the people I love, but we'll leave it at that for now. Love you Moo, Jacci, & Nug!!

Quick Visit from Papa & Gigi!!

Brian's dad came to town last week to make a delivery to Ames...and he brought Gigi (Avery & Cam's great grandma) along for the ride!  She had never seen our casa, AND hadn't seen the girls since it was much needed for all :)  We met them for a yummy Mexican food lunch, then again for dinner, and then everyone hung out @ our place until the girls went down.  Aves & Camo loved being loved on by Papa & Gigi!  Thanks for the you guys!
love these sweet little moments :)

gigi love <3 

He's so he should be ;)

Gettin' some snuggle-time w Aunt Ames!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Check out my Guest Post on DallasMomsBlog!

dallasmomsblog.orgDallas Moms Blog is a cool little resource for all you DFW mommas out there!  Lots of great info on motherhood, babies, local shopping/events, cool kid-friendly spots, playdates, encouragement, and more :)  Today's post is a guest-post written by ME :)

Check it out for little ways a busy mom can burn lots of calories throughout the day WITHOUT devoting an hour to working out.  Grac!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Seis de Mayo Fiesta!!

Here @ the Bradford casa, we hosted a Seis de Mayo partay (since Cinco was a Thurs!) We invited a random group of people (one of my FAVE things!) and had some terrif adult time.  The night consisted of fajitas, frozen margaritas, the Mavs, a fire-pit, a pinata, chit-chat, and some creepy 'stache action.  Needless to was a great time with cool people.  Thanks to everyone who came! 

Side-note:  The only bad thing about this night was that it took place on that same night as Jacci & Dev's couples shower in The Shoog, which I was super bummed to miss!  Love you Jacqueline!!

bunco gals

someone's excited about the pinata...

casey taking a swing

couple photos

dos amigos.

goofy girls :)

who doesnt love a good uni??

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prayers for Emily

Urgent prayer request for a friend of a friend.  Emily has struggled for years with Crohn's Disease and some complicated blood issues.  She is pregnant with her second child and is having some serious complications related to her disease.  Her doctors are waiting for the next few days to decide whether or not to proceed with a surgery that they are hoping & praying they don't have to perform.

Please pray to the Ultimate Healer for her health & her baby's health!  Thanks!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update on the the Paci Sitch

In case you missed it, Avery said bye-bye to her paci recently {permanently}.  Avery is not napping well at all.  She doesn't wail and cry, she just doesn't really sleep.  She calls out periodically, but mostly just sits in her bed and talks/reads/plays.  At night, she cries on & off for a while (or...a LONG while) and then finally falls asleep.  The combination of these factors has left little Averton rather EXHAUSTED>  On our way home from our little family outing tonight, she fell asleep.  WHAT!?  That never happens.  Like...NEVER.  We were in the car for 10 minutes and this chick was OUT.  She still cried for a good 30 minutes (off & on) once we put her in bed, but I think we're making progress...

I figure if she keeps this routine up she'll be so wiped out that before long she'll just fall asleep at the dinner table and we can leave her there overnight ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunshine = Happiness

Today was beautifully perfect...or..."puhpick" as Aves would say.  Can you tell by these happy little faces?

I'm thankful that God has chosen to water the earth so often lately...but The Bradfords needed some sun-to-the-shine up in hurrr!  We got to go on a walk, play outside, open the windows, and just enjoy a bright sunshiney cheerful day! Aves napped great (a drastic change from yesterday), Carson came over for a few hours.  The girls had a party in their little tunnel before bedtime (presh).  I love days like today. LOVE.

 Speaking of awesome weather cool as Seattle sounds, I am SO thankful I live in Texas... I need bright sunshiney blazing hot 100 degree summers.  :)  They make me happy!


Hi, I'm Avery

I love to accessorize.

I love my daddy

I am all about climbing on EVERYthing.

I'm really good @ getting into things I'm not supposed to

I'm the bouncing queen "bocky bocky"

my new fave thing is to pretend like I'm asleep.

I love to play with my baby seester.

I heart skirts (aka "tutus")

& i'm obsessed w playing in the dirt.

i really enjoy helping mommy push the stroller.  It makes me feel like a big girl.

annnnd I really miss my i borrow my babydoll's (sad/cute!)

I'm pretty presh, huh?