Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun in Frisco!!

We have had a super fun week around here.

Sleepover @ the Bradford casa w/Aves' little BFF, Tatum :)  These girlies were in HEAVEN.  And Cam just adores having ANY toddler to follow around.  Love these little ladies.

Avery is officially in a big girl bed.  Or... at least in a toddler bed.  And, she is LOVING.  We haven't had one teeny tiny little problem (...yet!!)  She doesn't really nap anymore, but she sits happily in her bed for 1.5 hours talking/reading/singing to her animals.  And at bedtime, she actually cries LESS since we switched her bed up.  Sweet action. SUCH a happy little cutie :)

Our Lifegroup hung out @ a Roughriders game a few nights ago.  The girls ran up and tumbled down the outfield hill about 879 times.  Especially Cameron.  Except she straight up face-planted.  EVERY time.  Then she'd look up, find me, and CRACCCCKKK up.  My abs were seriously ON fire from laughing so hard.  We even made the big screen with our cute little monkeys!  I mean, we're big time.

We spent some time with Brian's crippled (temporarily...from surgery) cousin and his kiddos on Saturday.  They were in heaven hangin' with the "big kids", and I loved catching up with Douglas on life!  Poor guy... hope you're feeling a little more agile!  Oh, he's dating a chick who is opening her own cupcake bakery in a few weeks.  AWESOME?  Yeah.  Totally.

With B-Riz out of town for work, my nuggets & I took advantage and met J.Pars for dinner!  LOVE seeing/catching up with Jenn :) She's SO sweet to the girls. And... Isn't she pretty?

I made cupcakes the other night to pacify a major sweet tooth craving that Brian and I shared.  We treated Aves to delectable little "puck-cake" of her own, and she was in heaven.  I'm not kidding you, we just SAY "cupcake" and that look of sheer bliss you see below, is what we get.  Definitely takes after her momma in that department.  Good thing we don't offer such treats very often :)

We hit up the super popular Play Grounds at Willow Bend w/friends the other day. That place rocks. The girls would have stayed for 12 hours. 

One of my fave things right now is how much Aves LOVES going to church.  On Saturday nights when we go to bed, the last thing she says before we close the door is that she gets to go to church tomowow! LOVE.  This past Sunday we hit up Mattito's "famous" brunch for the first time.  OH.EM.GEE.  Flipping delicious.  It outdid Blue Mesa to the max.  We will be going back for sure.  Here is the studly hubs excorting his angel babies to la iglesia.  Um.  Melting.  It's amazing how you can stare at pictures of your own kids over & over and really truly believe they are the cutest children on the face of the earth.  :)

We love you, Nana!

My awesome mother-in-law, Marsh-Marsh, or "Nana" as the little ones call her, is having a pretty routine surgery today.  The girlies wanted to go see her, but since we don't live in the same town, I hope this picture text will make her smile when she comes out of surgery!  We love you, Nana!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chick Fil A Frannnnns :)

The girls and I met Brian for lunch today @ "Chick-a-lay" before his biz trip.  While the munchies played on the playground, I made some new friends!  One lady just moved to the South from New York so that she could stay at home with her 2 littles and her husband had better opportunities in his business.  I asked her what he does, and she shared that they have a "health & wellness" business.   It's a company I had never heard of until today, but apparently they're the top natural nutrition company in the United States!  Whoa.  Where have I been?  So, I shared that I have a fitness & health business and her immediate reply was, "Do you do bootcamps?  If so, I'm in!"  So... looks like I've found a)- a new friend,  b)- a new client, and c)-new playmates for Aves & Cam-cam!

The other chick then shared that she is working on her Masters in Nutrition.  COOL!  I  was actually researching all of the possibilities for further education in nutrition so as to become an R.D. eventually.  This chick will be a perfect resource for good info, and possibly even an asset to my business!  We all exchanged numbers, promised to talk business before too long, and were excited at the prospect of new playmates all living within a 2 miles radius of each other!

I love random encounters :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Would You Say?

What would you say if you were chatting with someone and they asked you about your faith?  What would you say if upon mentioning that you were at church this weekend, a co-worker asked you what you believe?  What would say if a new friend asked you about Who God is?  What would you say if a skeptic asked you about Jesus and what being "saved" is all about.  What would you say if in front of a group of friends, believers and non, someone asked you to explain what Christianity is all about.  
At Hope, we are currently in a series that is based around 1 Peter 3:15.
"...and if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it."
 So, I really do want to know.  What would you say?  Would you be nervous, say "God is God... so... I love your shoes..." and hope they didn't ask again?  Would you defer to someone else out of fear of saying the "wrong thing"?  Would you have an answer?  Would you feel confident?  What would you say...??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

98 Degrees

Not the hotties who can kind of sing well.  Nooo...the 98 degrees I speak of existed inside of the Bradford Casa... for 3 days straight!

Our A/C broke last Friday (of course...so that all repair shops covered by our home warranty were closed), and thank the GOOD LORD for our super generous and sweeeeeeet friends, the Weggies, who let us crash their pad while they were out of town... and even after they got back.  WE LOVE YOU WEGS!!

Aves was obsessed with sleeping in Tatum's bed (toddler bed!! we're totally switching hers, but of course don't expect the same jolly results ha), and totally loved all of Tot's big stuffed disney characters.  She was spoiled :)  And little Cam-Cam lovvvved having some new & different toys to keep her occupied.  I SO wish i would have gotten a video of the 2 little rugrats dancing with Tatum's dancing/singing Mickey.  WHOA.  hilar.  They were both in love.

Our A/C is all fixed up, and we're back to a happy temp of 76ish around here (74- if Brian has his way!).  We totalllyyyyy feel for all of you who have had your A/Cs go out lately!  I realize that we are NOT the only ones who have gone through this ordeal.   Oh, and I also TOTALLY feel for the guys who work outdoors all day in the middle of the Texas summer.  MAN.  I hope they get paid really well. Boo for broken A/Cs...but I still LOVE the summer!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

According to Droid

Lots of reading lately.  The girls are both obsessed with books, which is super fun.  Here we are @ B&N, one of our new fave locations :)

The girls are also IN LOVE with going on walks in the wagon.  We walk allllll over our 'hood and walk to the pool every now and then, although it's a little too much work for me to take those 2 by myself these days.  They're both convinced that they're perfcctly capable of diving into the water and fending for themselves.  Makes for an EXHAUSTING trip to the pool :)

100+ degree weather calls for lots of Splash 'n' Spray Park action.  The Bradfords have been hitting those bad boys UP.

B-Riz lets Aves "drive" sometimes.  Can you tell she feels insanely cool?  Anytime I head to the car she stands by my door and says, "I dwive mommy, I dwive!"  Um, sorry sister.  Maybe in 14 years...

B-Riz and I had an impromptu "date night in" one evening after the girls went down and busted out this chocolate vino that a friend had given us.  Wanna know something amazing?  It tasted like chocolate.  STRAIGHT UP.  Crazy huh?  Crazy and delish!

The hub and I have been attending wedding festivities pretty regularly it seems.  Yay for young love :)

I love how the simplest of things are the MOST entertaining for these 2 rugrats.  And I also LOVE how much they adore playing together now.  Melts my heart every single day of my life. :)

Been hangin at the softball field at least once a week.  We've got lots of red dirt - stained toddler clothes up in hurrr.  But it's so worth it.  Aren't they little preshlings?

Cameron has decided that Avery's etch-a-sketch is actually a sled.  And she will NOT allow Aves to put it to its proper use without ripping it out of her hands, flipping it over, and sitting on it.  After many-a-fight, Aves has finally decided to adopt Cameron's new etch-a-sketch/sled technique.  They sit like this for 10 minutes at a time and think it's fun.  Strange.  But cute nonetheless :)

We took the girls to the first FC Dallas game.  YAY SOCCER!  Trying to brainwash them early....   ;)

This lasted for 1.5 minutes.  Cam was up in the basket right after this pic was taken.  Good thing I was quick :)  LOVE my nuggets.  And love grocery shopping with them.  I'm just waiting for the day that they decide they don't like it anymore...

more etch-a-sketch sledding.  goobers.

we've hit up 24 hour w/casizzle and tatum more than once for a multi-tasking playdate.  the kiddos play while mommas get their sweat on.  love.  SO sad casizzle is unavailable during the days again (but SO happy she has a great job! woohoo!)

My little lovelies have taken quite a liking to the piano.  AND they love playing it together.  One of the few things they don't fight over.  Someday I'm sure they'll make beauuutiful musica together.  Right now, I just pretend ;)

Getting out of the house every day has allowed us to spend fun time with fun friends.  Jenny & Jakey are the cutest.  The girls were totally digging our little Carousel experience!  Mommy, however, is NOT such a fan of things that spin....

C-Lil is finally holding her own @ Stonebriar Play Grounds.  Doesn't she look so proud?  (and presh?)

Oh, so maybe Aves wasn't totally obsessed with the Carousel.  Once we put her up on the horsey, she DID. NOT. MOVE. A. MUSCLE.  She's a teeny bit of a scaredy-cat.

Annnnd more playdates with our faves, Tatum & Carson. 

And last, but TOTALLY NOT least, we've had some intense morning snuggle seshes in the Bradford Casa lately, and I couldn't be happier about it :)

I heart my little lovebugs :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Friends

There's nothing quite like good friends.  I was blessed with amaaaazing friends growing up.  People who loved me deeply, encouraged me, comforted me, sharpened me, spoke truth into my life when i needed it, really KNEW me.  They are still my greatest friends, and ALWAYS will be :)  Soooooo thankful for them!

Now, to find COUPLE friends who have this role in my life, in Brian's life, AND in our life as a couple, seems like an insanely rare GEM.   God has given us this blessing, and I am incredibly thankful.  We just had the pleasure of spending 5 straight days with some of our most favorite people in the whole entire world, the Hays!  We have fun together.  We have similar interests.  We can be totally relaxed and REAL around each other.  But most importantly, they not only believe in God and Jesus, but they ACTIVELY serve Him.  They are an encouragement to our lives individually, and they are an encouragement to our marriage.  They treat each other with kindness and respect, while still allowing for goofiness and fun :)  They truly care about people and their feelings.  They try to make the RIGHT decision, even when it makes life more difficult.  

I have found myself just thanking God nonstop for blessing Brian and me with good, Godly, kind, fun, caring, gentle-spirited, patient, deeply-loving friends.  It's a blessing that makes our life happier, more peaceful, and more God-centered.  The Hays have blessed me as a person and have blessed my marriage.  I love you, Hay Familia!!  God hooked the Bradfords up with some GOOD friends!  :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i might heart running

So I have NEVER been a runner. 

Sure I played soccer growing up, and did PLENTY of running during practice/games.  But when it comes to just going out for a run... NOT a fan.  At least I WAS not a fan.

I am starting to finallyyyy appreciate what running has to offer :)  It's exercise.  It breaks a sweat, one of my fave things.  I get to be ALONE, which I never really liked much, but have grown to appreciate big time!  Sometimes I even get to chat (in between gasps) with friends!  I get to be outside in God's creation.  I get to listen to the SOUNDS of God's creation... birds, trees blowing in the wind, people hanging out in the backyards, kids playing, dogs barking... (I typically don't run w/headphones...weird I know.)

A group of my girlfriends here in the DFdub have gotten together to form a team for the White Rock Marathon's 5-man Relay.  We each will have to run one leg on race-day the will range from 4.2-6.5 miles.  Some of us have some running experience.  Some of us have run half marathons.  And some of us have never run for more than 2 minutes in our lives!  It's pretty awesome.

We had our first group run this weekend, and it made me SO happy!  I can tell our weekend runs are going to be one of my new fave things.

I'm loving the new little opportunities that my new little biz endeavor is bringing my way!  I'm most thankful for the TIME I get to spend with people that I otherwise probably wouldn't get :)

Yay for Team Good Life!! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitty Purry

I recently attended the Katy Perry concert with a Casizzle.  Although I'm not a hardcore Katy fan, I was pretty excited to see her show. I am insanely curious about where she stands with her faith.  Her life story is verrrry eeenteresting... so I'm intrigued by her.  Plus, who doesn't LOVE some Teenage Dreamage?  I mean, really.  I was DYING to get a blue or purple wig to wear, but wig-shopping with a 1 and 2 year old just never became very appealing.  So, I went wigless.  Bummer.  But don't worry, there were enough wigs @ the concert to pacify my desire for some crazy colored wig action.

Everyone was ADORABLY KP-ed out.  Dressed in some outfit representing one of KP's many persona's.  The most popular was probably the California Girls version of Katy.  Presh.  Except for the overwhelming number of 6-yr-olds there with their mommas.  Kind of weird.  Kind of inapprop.  But probably like a dream come true for those littles {made me reminisce about the days I was obsesssed with Brit and all of a sudden, my mom's repulsion with that whole part of my life became entirely too understandable.  Yikes.  Sorry mom! I DO still love her though...just in a whoooole different way haha}

The show was SO much better than I expected.  First of all, Katy is hilarious.  She's SUPER down to earth.  Super funny and witty.  A complete goofball.  And absolutely not afraid to make a fool of herself.  Loved that big time.  And then the actual show.  It was more like a musical than a concert.  It flowed perfectly from beginning to end.  There was a theme that carried through the whole thing.  They didn't change the set with every song.  It was awesome!  Super thought out and had SO much personality.  Definitely different than your typical pop concert.  AND, I was afraid she might go too Gaga on us... but she kept it pretty light.

Although Katy's music will never be anything more to me than enjoyable (and inappropriate) listenin' that I can  jig around the casa to, I totally want to be her friend.  Like, her reallyyyy good friend.  I mean, she named her cat "Kitty Purry".  That's awesome.  I like her.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Red Dirt

On Saturday, we spent some time at the softball fields getting in some BP before our next game, because Lord knows we need it!  We all brought the kiddos along for some fun playtime in the great outdoors, and let me just tell you...they were in heaven.  I'm pretty sure we took about half of the red dirt from the infield with us when we left.  These munchkins were DIRT.TEE.


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cuuute dirty little bugs.

Story time w casizzle after a long fun day!