Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun in Frisco!!

We have had a super fun week around here.

Sleepover @ the Bradford casa w/Aves' little BFF, Tatum :)  These girlies were in HEAVEN.  And Cam just adores having ANY toddler to follow around.  Love these little ladies.

Avery is officially in a big girl bed.  Or... at least in a toddler bed.  And, she is LOVING.  We haven't had one teeny tiny little problem (...yet!!)  She doesn't really nap anymore, but she sits happily in her bed for 1.5 hours talking/reading/singing to her animals.  And at bedtime, she actually cries LESS since we switched her bed up.  Sweet action. SUCH a happy little cutie :)

Our Lifegroup hung out @ a Roughriders game a few nights ago.  The girls ran up and tumbled down the outfield hill about 879 times.  Especially Cameron.  Except she straight up face-planted.  EVERY time.  Then she'd look up, find me, and CRACCCCKKK up.  My abs were seriously ON fire from laughing so hard.  We even made the big screen with our cute little monkeys!  I mean, we're big time.

We spent some time with Brian's crippled (temporarily...from surgery) cousin and his kiddos on Saturday.  They were in heaven hangin' with the "big kids", and I loved catching up with Douglas on life!  Poor guy... hope you're feeling a little more agile!  Oh, he's dating a chick who is opening her own cupcake bakery in a few weeks.  AWESOME?  Yeah.  Totally.

With B-Riz out of town for work, my nuggets & I took advantage and met J.Pars for dinner!  LOVE seeing/catching up with Jenn :) She's SO sweet to the girls. And... Isn't she pretty?

I made cupcakes the other night to pacify a major sweet tooth craving that Brian and I shared.  We treated Aves to delectable little "puck-cake" of her own, and she was in heaven.  I'm not kidding you, we just SAY "cupcake" and that look of sheer bliss you see below, is what we get.  Definitely takes after her momma in that department.  Good thing we don't offer such treats very often :)

We hit up the super popular Play Grounds at Willow Bend w/friends the other day. That place rocks. The girls would have stayed for 12 hours. 

One of my fave things right now is how much Aves LOVES going to church.  On Saturday nights when we go to bed, the last thing she says before we close the door is that she gets to go to church tomowow! LOVE.  This past Sunday we hit up Mattito's "famous" brunch for the first time.  OH.EM.GEE.  Flipping delicious.  It outdid Blue Mesa to the max.  We will be going back for sure.  Here is the studly hubs excorting his angel babies to la iglesia.  Um.  Melting.  It's amazing how you can stare at pictures of your own kids over & over and really truly believe they are the cutest children on the face of the earth.  :)

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Tbaby said...

hahahah "la iglesia"..haha i love you:):) you so funnnnnyyyy!