Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitty Purry

I recently attended the Katy Perry concert with a Casizzle.  Although I'm not a hardcore Katy fan, I was pretty excited to see her show. I am insanely curious about where she stands with her faith.  Her life story is verrrry eeenteresting... so I'm intrigued by her.  Plus, who doesn't LOVE some Teenage Dreamage?  I mean, really.  I was DYING to get a blue or purple wig to wear, but wig-shopping with a 1 and 2 year old just never became very appealing.  So, I went wigless.  Bummer.  But don't worry, there were enough wigs @ the concert to pacify my desire for some crazy colored wig action.

Everyone was ADORABLY KP-ed out.  Dressed in some outfit representing one of KP's many persona's.  The most popular was probably the California Girls version of Katy.  Presh.  Except for the overwhelming number of 6-yr-olds there with their mommas.  Kind of weird.  Kind of inapprop.  But probably like a dream come true for those littles {made me reminisce about the days I was obsesssed with Brit and all of a sudden, my mom's repulsion with that whole part of my life became entirely too understandable.  Yikes.  Sorry mom! I DO still love her though...just in a whoooole different way haha}

The show was SO much better than I expected.  First of all, Katy is hilarious.  She's SUPER down to earth.  Super funny and witty.  A complete goofball.  And absolutely not afraid to make a fool of herself.  Loved that big time.  And then the actual show.  It was more like a musical than a concert.  It flowed perfectly from beginning to end.  There was a theme that carried through the whole thing.  They didn't change the set with every song.  It was awesome!  Super thought out and had SO much personality.  Definitely different than your typical pop concert.  AND, I was afraid she might go too Gaga on us... but she kept it pretty light.

Although Katy's music will never be anything more to me than enjoyable (and inappropriate) listenin' that I can  jig around the casa to, I totally want to be her friend.  Like, her reallyyyy good friend.  I mean, she named her cat "Kitty Purry".  That's awesome.  I like her.

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