Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i might heart running

So I have NEVER been a runner. 

Sure I played soccer growing up, and did PLENTY of running during practice/games.  But when it comes to just going out for a run... NOT a fan.  At least I WAS not a fan.

I am starting to finallyyyy appreciate what running has to offer :)  It's exercise.  It breaks a sweat, one of my fave things.  I get to be ALONE, which I never really liked much, but have grown to appreciate big time!  Sometimes I even get to chat (in between gasps) with friends!  I get to be outside in God's creation.  I get to listen to the SOUNDS of God's creation... birds, trees blowing in the wind, people hanging out in the backyards, kids playing, dogs barking... (I typically don't run w/headphones...weird I know.)

A group of my girlfriends here in the DFdub have gotten together to form a team for the White Rock Marathon's 5-man Relay.  We each will have to run one leg on race-day the will range from 4.2-6.5 miles.  Some of us have some running experience.  Some of us have run half marathons.  And some of us have never run for more than 2 minutes in our lives!  It's pretty awesome.

We had our first group run this weekend, and it made me SO happy!  I can tell our weekend runs are going to be one of my new fave things.

I'm loving the new little opportunities that my new little biz endeavor is bringing my way!  I'm most thankful for the TIME I get to spend with people that I otherwise probably wouldn't get :)

Yay for Team Good Life!! :)

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Rebecca said...

I love running! Some days are harder than others but it is one of the most rewarding exercises! You SEE the results. I can't wait to get back to running after I deliver...if you get more involved...Rock n' Roll Marathons and half are SOOO much fun!!!