Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Averton Update

FYI- Ave felt great all day today but is running a teeny little fever again tonight.  I'm thinking she may just be fighting something off.  Who knows?  I'm not worried though!  Thanks for your concern my loves :) 

I thought it was super cute that both sets of grandparents IMMEDIATELY either texted or emailed me the SECOND they read that post.  I know they were glad to hear it was absolutely no big deal, but I think they half hoped I would say she was miserable and I desperately needed them to come help me take care of her :)

Love you Nonni & Nana!! (and everyone else who expressed concern in some way!)

T-Giv Plans!!

We're heading out of town tomorrow after lunch for T-Giv, and I am superrrr pumped.  I've been looking forward to this trip forev!  We're going (along with the entire Bradford side of the fam) to Log Country Cove...a lake resort on Lake LBJ...located near Marble Falls... I LOVE that part of Texas.  CANNOT wait to spend half a week at this place :)  AND I can't wait to see all of the Bradford cousins and all of their kiddos.  It will DEF be a cabin full of children!

I must say, though, that I will MISS the Curry crew during the holidays!  We'll see all of you at Christmas though...which is only a month away!! (weird.)

November has been quite an eventful month for us!  The first wknd we were in SanA watching Riles' last home game.  THe next wknd the whole Curry Connection was in Dallas for Rileton's last game EVERRR (sad, but exciting bc they won and he did GREAT!).  Last wknd we were in Austin for the UT game and to celebrate David's (Poppa's) 59th bday.  And only 3 days later we're heading off to Log Country Cove.


Hope everyone has a super great holiday.  I hope your travels are safe.  I hope you get to spend quality time w/the fam.  I hope you have HAPPYYYY stress-free days.  And I hope you get to laugh alot!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fever :(

Little Averton has a fever.  :(  It's a low fever, so we're all good (we think) and I'm hoping she just sleeps it off and wakes up her usual happy energetic self!!

6 Months

**this was still in my drafts. how the heck did i not publish??
**i'll add the pic later!!

HALF A YEAR!?? Are you serious? That is just straight up craziness. The past 6 months have been a whirlwind...that's for sure. Avery has def made it 8million times better!! Brian and I melt pretty much every single day bc of something Avery does. Babies TRULY are little angels. Avery- we can't believe that God entrusted your little life and heart to us. We adorrrre every single thing about you, and are so super blessed and EXCITED to be your parentals!!

FAV TOY: kerbey's paws
EATS: cereal for brkf, stage 1 for lunch, stage 2 for dinner, 4-6oz every 3 hrs
SIZE: 3 diaper, 6-9, 6-12 mo clothing

-pulls up to stand...her new fav thing!
-is obsessed with kerbey's paws
-is also obsessed with trying to rip kerbey's skin off (thank goodness kerbs is so gentle with her!)
-sits up and plays on the floor allll the time.
-gets annoyed when ppl try to hold & snuggle with her
-little miss independent! is happiest on the floor with her toys
-L.O.V.E.S bathtime!! Splashing the water all up in mommy's grill makes her happy
-still likes the jumperoo
-bedtime is random. one week it's 8, the next it's 10
-wake up time is pretty consistently betw 7 & 8
-still loves the great outdoors.
-loves to look at leaves when the wind is blowing the trees. totally entranced.
-loves for mommy&daddy to sing ANYTHING
-my little buttercup is still her fav song!
-has shifted her love of toes from her own to other people's. ew.
-loves to destroy mommy's clean laundry piles (thank goodness she's cute!)
-squeals & babbles aLOTTT.
-loves her baby einstein dvd that i sit her in front when im cleaning up the kitchen
-her poopy diapers are RAAAANK.
-has still never been fussy when we're on a walk. i think she must love cruising in her stroller?
-discovered how to stick her tongue out this past wknd and will NOT stop.
-loves facial hair
-still greets us with a gorrrrgeous smile when we get her out of bed in the mornings!
-LOVES when we say "babababababa"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

MLS Championship!!

Will update on our wknd tomorrow, but for now we're watching the MLS Championship!

Our Houston Dynamos lost in the Semis... so...GO Galaxy!!

Bring it on, Monday :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Only 3 Hours Left!!!!!

Ashley @ The Ramirez Family Blog is hosting a grrrreat surprise giveaway to celebrate obtaining 100 followers. Yipppeeeeeee! Help her celebrate by heading over to her blog and MAYBEEEE you can win the cool stuff she has to offer! Or maybe I'll win and you can just read her blog anyway :)


  • I got a TERRIFIC recommendation from a few ppl, so I now have the new John Mayer album, and it is AWESOME.
  • We are heading to AUSTINNNNNN in a few hours for the wknd to see the last home game & to celebrate Brian's dad's bday!  Best city in America, people.  Can't wait to get me some Austin Java.
  •  I discovered this wk that my old friend, Lisa, lives MAYBE 10 minutes away from us.  I'm excited to get to spend some time with her!
  • One of the people I miss the MOSSSST in Tyler, my ex-manager Amanda, is due in ONE WEEK!  She has had a year of miracles:  a lonnnnng-awaited baby, and a husband who was diagnosed with lymphoma..and then healed quickly!! True miracle.  CANNOT wait to meet Brennan!!
  • I took Kerbey to get the shots she was due for and our experience at the vet was HORRIFYING. My sweet little doggy completely and totally FLIPPED out.  Every time they tried to touch her she went NUTS.  They made me muzzle her bc she was going so insane, and then she almost passed out bc she was literally having a panic attack.  It was the weirdest thing...she has NEVER done that.  And it was the SADDEST thing bc she was scared almost to death!!
  • Imogen Heap was here this week, and I missed it.  BUMMERRRRR.  One of my roomies/fav ppl, Hannah-Banana, introduced me to them in college...she was obsessed.  And so I developed a short-lived obsession.  Although I'm not longer addicted, I would have been SOOOOO ridiculously pumped to see the concert.  Oh well.  Next time, perhaps.
  • I was supposed to have an interview on Wed for a job I'm PUMPED about...and it got pushed back 2 weeks.  Sad!
  • I miss Nug & Kayla.
  • A friend's daddy has cancer.  Just found out a couple of days ago.  PRAYERS!!
  • Cancer sucks.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


"We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart grow too big for the body."

{Ralph Waldo Emerson}

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Curry Connection

This past weekend we got to spend time with the whole Curry gang! YAY :)

Reidster had a couple of rugby games in Dallas so he came and stayed with us on Friday night. Riles had his LAST.FOOTBALL GAME.EVER> {weird} on Saturday, so my parentals stayed with us as well and we all headed out to Sherman on Saturday to watch Rileton. The Tigers def dominated, which is always fun, and Riles had a great game! He had 2 receiving TDs and returned 3 punts. Holla. Way to represent for the Curry Connection, bro.

Reid's rugby team won both of their games too! He wasn't able to play much bc he injured his AC joint last wknd, but his mere presence was enough to seal the victory {kidding}. Go Tech Rugby. woohoooooo.

My pops helped me find a great/pretty running route super close to the apt and my momma hooked us UP with all kinds of delicious goodies, which I have been consuming NONstop since they left!

Glad my fam got to be our first overnight guests! We loved hanging out! Thanks and Avery says "bahwah wuhh gahgah" aka- she loves you Nonni, Big Poppy, Uncle Yiyi, & Uncle Reidyboo.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


If poop is an off-limits topic for you, I suggest you stop reading right about....NOW.

Avery has been trying to poop allllll day...with little no success.

Well...I ran out to Papa Murphys to grab a veggie delite pizza (one of our FAVVVVVVVV dinners EVER when we're feeling lazy!) and when I returned Avery was having the time of her life in her jumperoo.  Yay for bouncing.

I leaned over to kiss her cute little head and noticed some spots of mud on the floor beneath Avery's little jumping feet. I dropped to my knees to check out the spots only to be smacked in the face by an unexpected odor.  Um...NOT mud.

Turns out that Ave finally had some pooping success. Just reallyyy bad timing. I guess with each jump it just squished further and further out of her diaper until it was all over her legs, feet, toes, annnnnnd the carpet beneath her.  Needless to say, bathtime was EXTRA long tonight and involved about 10x our normal amount of soap!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

SOAPBOX: Taylor Style

Okay. So I keep seeing all of this stuff about Taylor Swift:
"STOP with the shocked faces already"
"she KNOWS she's going to win...stop acting like it's surprising"
"how annoying was Taylor's 'shocked face' when she won...does that same thing eevvvery time"

My opinion?
Yes, she usually wins what she's nominated for. And, yes, she makes the same surprised face every time she wins...she's breathless every time...nearly speechless.

DUDE. The girl is freaking NINETEEN YEARS OLD. Yes, she's insanely successful. But she is a normal, teenage, human being. She is up against LEGENDS that she has listened to and idolized her ENTIRE life. The awards she wins continue to get bigger & better. She's basically living a fairy tale. SOOOOO- I'm sure it takes her breath away pretty much every time her name is called. Last night she became the YOUNGEST ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR EVERRRR. Kind of exciting/surreal? Ummmm........YES.

Get OFF the girl's back people. She's pumped. Her dream is totally coming true, which will never happen for most of us. Let her be stoked and shocked and breathless and just be happy for the child.

Seriously.  Driving me nuts.  Calm down people.
mmk.  that's all. i feel better now :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CMAs- Running Commentary

TayTay- opening act. Go girl. I saw this special on her the other day. That girl is amazingly talented. She writes. She sings. She designed her custom stage, plans her show to the T, fixes the instrumentation just how she wants it for EVERY song and every show. wow.

Momma's- don't let you babies grow up to be...Kanye. hilar. poor kanye. he will officially NEVER live that one down.

Okay...Carrie is kind of reminding me of Jacci.  The sarcasm and the facial expressions sometimes.  Never noticed...

Lady A!! YAY!!!  Run to You....SUCH a stellar song.  well-deserved.  whoa-  her hair is brown again.  she looks def every time i see her...

Love Carrie's 2nd dress.  The first one was UG.

whoa.  i want miranda's boots. 

king george makes me melt.  EVERY time.

i think lady A is steadily movin on up my concert wish-list!

watching carrie dance is kinnnnd of hurting me...

DUDE.  brad needs to stop talking about hot carrie is.  wifey NOT lookin pumped about that.

so...i love darius but i kinda think zac should have won.  darius isnt technically new right?

hahahahaha- CUTEST old man kanye impersonater EVERRRRR.

sugar land has turned out to be soooo much better than i ever thought they'd be!!

taylor.  seriously.  i want to be you.

LOVVVE carrie's purple&yellow dressssssss.

jason aldean.  muah.

george and martina.  TOGETHER?  that's what im talkin about. perfect.

yay great yellow dress too carrie!~

oh man EOY EOY....here we go.... AHHH!!!! SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))

k.  im HAPPY.  time to watch glee.  this is good night. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Video: Sitting Up

Video: Crawling!!

Averton Milestones!!

It's official!! We have a real crawler on our hands!!

Aves has been on her hands & knees rocking and lunging at things for over a month now. She's been taking one or two crawl-looking movements and then face-planting, getting back up, and eventually making it to where she wants to go.

Well...she is now doing consecutive little crawls and it's so cute!!! It's super slow right now (which is okay by me)...but I'm thinking that it's gonna be a super-FAST crawl in no time at all!

Oh!...and tonight marks the first night that we have to lower Avery's bed because she is now pulling herself up to a stand and I'm afraid she's gonna topple over the edge. Not cool.

Big milestones for our little girl who isn't seeming quite so little right now...

Red Meat the HEALTHY Way!!

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE me some red meat every now & then:) I don't eat it every day, but it is definitely a part of my diet. There is pretty much no chance of me EVER becoming a vegetarian, despite the health benefits...so if there is anyone else out there like me, then check out this article. It's not too long, and it gives some great pointers on how red meat can be a healthy and beneficial part of your diet... as long as you make SMART decisions on the types of proteins you choose!  Eating too much of the wrong kinds of meat increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, & heart disease by quite a bit!

**It also discusses the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle at the end if you're interested in that part!!**

Happy Reading!

Monday, November 9, 2009

ByeBye Blackberry :(


I lost my phone this wknd at my bro's Fball game in san antonio. DEPRESSING. I think I left in the stands and no one turned it in...and it's not in the stands anymore.

Soooo...I'm thinking someone jacked my cellular :( Whoever you are- enjoy your free crackberry!!

Thank GOODNESS we insure our phones...I've got a replacement arriving tomorrow, which is AWESOME. But it will have no pics, no videos, & NO contacts in it...which is NOT so awesome :( Oh wellllllll... could be worse!

Oh...& about my terrible wedding date mix up...there is ONE positive in there. Brian, Aves & I will now get to attend Riley's last Fball game EVER...AND we'll get to see Reidster play rugby in Dallas!! Holla :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I suck stink at life.

Brian and I have plans this coming wknd to go back to Tyler for a superrrrr cool couple's wedding.  We have already made plans to stay with our besssstie friends in Tyler who we miss SOOO much! 

Well...I just saw something on facebook...a status update from the bride to be that said something about being in Maui with her love.  So I told B, "umm....babe.  STRANGE.  I think S & T went on their honeymoon BEFORE their wedding"

So then I glanced a pic of her in a white-ish dress...so I clicked on her pro.

Um....it was NOT a white-ish dress.  It was a WHITE dress.  A white WEDDING GOWN to be exact!!!

WHAT IN THE SHIZNIZZZZZZZZZZ??  I have had this date in my phone for MONTHS.  Made tons of plans around it.  I'm still not convinced the date didn't get changed. 

And to make matters a little bit worse...I lost my phone this wknd in San A so I don't even have Shelby's # to call her and tell her I'm soooo sorry and I feel like a huge JACK and I just made the worst terrible-friend mistake ever :(((

Like I said...I suck stink at life.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Road trippin'

Heading to san Antonio to see my bro's last home college football game ever!

Go tigers :) go riles!!

Avery can't wait to see her nonni & big poppy! Happy wknd everyone!

Ps- my hub is a goober :)
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Thursday, November 5, 2009




This girl is in need of a J.O.B.

As previously mentioned, I have interviews with 2 different gyms...which is awesome bc I LOVVVVVE training!! Howev...I phone intvwd this AM and found out that @ one of the gyms I would have to work weekends...at least one day EVERY wknd! What??!

I understand that it may sound spoiled, but NO THANKS. We enjoy the freedom to leave town on the wknds and I just realistically can't commit to working every single wknd. NO WAY, Jose.

Soooo...any job ideas friends? I have thought I would love to work at some kind of spa/resort. In ANY format. Cleaning. Hospitality. Cashier. Just to learn the environment a bit and check out that industry.

I would love to work at a real estate office...doing ANYTHING...to see if that industry is something I might be interested in?

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work at some kind of PT clinic or in a hospital...somewhere that I can get some observation hours to my PT school application.

I would absolutely love to work in the fitness/wellness industry. I'm just not having much luck finding anything.

I even think I'd be a DANG good administrative assistant...as long as I don't have to do manual filing for the majority of my day.

GOSH I don't know??

Okay...I would even work at Target. Or Kohl's. Or.... I don't know. WHEREV. But not for minimum wage. I don't expect alot... but not minimum wage :) I've had jobs for 6 years. I'm a little bit overqualified for minimum wage! I have a degree for goodness sake!

K....that's my rant. Thanks for listening. And remember...I'm open to suggestions!!! I'm running out of ideas over here!!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


MAN it feels good to be productive.

Today's To-Do List:
  • Organize master closet.
  • Organize guest bath.
  • Finish ALL laundry...not just some.
  • Start the disaster area that is the guestroom.
  • Fax to insurance co.
  • Mail keys to new homeowners.
  • Take Kerbs to dogpark.
  • Unpack all pic frames.
  • Order pics.
  • Work on dad's bday present.
  • Finish walls in office nook.
  • Hang shelves in living room.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Schedule Avie's 6-mo apmnt.
  • Get shot records faxed.
  • Make zucchini bread.
  • APPLY for JOBS!!
Got lots done!!  Ave took 2 naps today...yay!  Each about an hour long which DEF helped my efforts :)  Kerbey & Aves had a blast at the dog park and we even made a new friend (a human & a puppy friend).  Avery made it very clear when she was ready to go though.  ANNNNNND-

I have 2 job interviews! YAY!! Both with gyms.  One is with Bally and the other is with Lifetime.  Never stepped foot inside of either...but I'm pumped :)  Now just gotta get some childcare lined up...

Happy Humpday Homegirls :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Video Shmideo

Just spent an hour waiting on a video to upload (I love having a nice camcorder but it takes 8MILLIONyears to upload to the mac!!) STILL not done, so instead I'm posting some pics from our visit with Aunt Loober (a few wks back) Britt made them super pretty. These are for you, Nana!

Starbucks Giveaway!!

I LOVVVE me some Starbucks, but I pretty much NEVER go there. It hurts me to spend over $3 on one javalicious cup. HOWEVER...a starbucks giftcard brings MUCH joy to my life. SO-

Head over to "For the Love of Stilettos" to enter her Starbucks (plus giftbag) Giveaway. And then go ahead and follow her blog. She's a super fun read :)

OH. And if you visit...leave her a comment telling her I sent you & let her know you are now following! Muchos gracias :) ...or is it muchas??

Happy Tuesday! I'll leave you with some munchkin photos and then it's Back to online job-searching!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas Decor

Okay...I just had to share that I am fighting some INTENSE urges to just go ahead and decorate my apartment for Christmas right now!!

"Too early...too early. WAYYY to early, Rox"
...that's what I keep reciting in my head.

Embrace Thanksgiving!!
Orange, green, red, & yellow.

Red & green can wait just a littttle bit longer :)

{just ftr- I LOVE T-Giv...I'm just being completely overcome with Christmas Spirit right now}

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Great Wknd

Super great weekend in the Bradford House.

Friday we went Pumpkin-Patching (see PLETHORA of patch photos below) and OFFICIALLY closed on our house in Tyler!! YAY!! God has provided for us MASSIVELY for the last 6 months (well...always, but super apparently recently) and we are so thankful to have all of the loose ends finally tied!  We spent the evening cooking dinner and watching a movie while Ave went to bed early for the 2nd night in a row (success!!)

Saturday we ventured up to Sherman to catch little cousin Trey's last little league football game.  SO cute.  I have some pics I'll add to this post later :)  What a stud.  We then spent the rest of the day watchiing football (duh), ooing and awwing over Averton's adorable giraffe costume, making new friends (both human & k9) @ the puppy park, and eating the candy we were supposed to be handing out!

This morning we went to The Village Church for the 2nd time.... SO AWESOME.  We really are blessed to have found a place where we both hear God speaking SO clearly to us each week!  Who knows how long we'll be here...but while we are, we will indulge whole-heartedly in this awesome place!  Brunch @ Mimi's Cafe (YUM), Texans/Cowboys/Titans victories, a golf game out in the 100% beautiful weather (thank you God for the incredible weather lately!), and hanging out with Noah & Kayla during our NBA fantasy draft capped off a super splendid wknd.  Avery went to bed a little later than she has the last few nights...but still a whole hour and a half earlier than she had been for so long!  YAY!

Hope everyone had a terrific wknd and is starting the month of November with excitement, joy, anda chance to enjoy the beautiful outdoors (I've never been so excited about fall weather)

Please pray for my job search which I will be devoting about 40% of myself to this week!  The other 60% will be devoted to my little chubbycheeks (of course) and to getting this apartment unpacked and organized!!