Thursday, November 5, 2009



This girl is in need of a J.O.B.

As previously mentioned, I have interviews with 2 different gyms...which is awesome bc I LOVVVVVE training!! Howev...I phone intvwd this AM and found out that @ one of the gyms I would have to work least one day EVERY wknd! What??!

I understand that it may sound spoiled, but NO THANKS. We enjoy the freedom to leave town on the wknds and I just realistically can't commit to working every single wknd. NO WAY, Jose.

Soooo...any job ideas friends? I have thought I would love to work at some kind of spa/resort. In ANY format. Cleaning. Hospitality. Cashier. Just to learn the environment a bit and check out that industry.

I would love to work at a real estate office...doing see if that industry is something I might be interested in?

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work at some kind of PT clinic or in a hospital...somewhere that I can get some observation hours to my PT school application.

I would absolutely love to work in the fitness/wellness industry. I'm just not having much luck finding anything.

I even think I'd be a DANG good administrative long as I don't have to do manual filing for the majority of my day.

GOSH I don't know??

Okay...I would even work at Target. Or Kohl's. Or.... I don't know. WHEREV. But not for minimum wage. I don't expect alot... but not minimum wage :) I've had jobs for 6 years. I'm a little bit overqualified for minimum wage! I have a degree for goodness sake!

K....that's my rant. Thanks for listening. And remember...I'm open to suggestions!!! I'm running out of ideas over here!!


gabbyrm said...

A friend of mine found her job on Craigslist. I found one of my previous jobs on there, too. You could try one of those job placement agencies. I've done that before, too. Yeah, I wouldn't want to work on weekends either. I don't even know what minimum wage is anymore.

The Wife said...

Keep your weekends for your family!

Kayla said...

So I know you need a job that will pay up. BUT as far as hrs for PT school goes, I have learned with speech that people usually don't turn down a college degree person that wants to come and work for hours. It is also a great way to get in good with ppl and secure a future job that WILL pay!