Sunday, November 1, 2009

Great Wknd

Super great weekend in the Bradford House.

Friday we went Pumpkin-Patching (see PLETHORA of patch photos below) and OFFICIALLY closed on our house in Tyler!! YAY!! God has provided for us MASSIVELY for the last 6 months (well...always, but super apparently recently) and we are so thankful to have all of the loose ends finally tied!  We spent the evening cooking dinner and watching a movie while Ave went to bed early for the 2nd night in a row (success!!)

Saturday we ventured up to Sherman to catch little cousin Trey's last little league football game.  SO cute.  I have some pics I'll add to this post later :)  What a stud.  We then spent the rest of the day watchiing football (duh), ooing and awwing over Averton's adorable giraffe costume, making new friends (both human & k9) @ the puppy park, and eating the candy we were supposed to be handing out!

This morning we went to The Village Church for the 2nd time.... SO AWESOME.  We really are blessed to have found a place where we both hear God speaking SO clearly to us each week!  Who knows how long we'll be here...but while we are, we will indulge whole-heartedly in this awesome place!  Brunch @ Mimi's Cafe (YUM), Texans/Cowboys/Titans victories, a golf game out in the 100% beautiful weather (thank you God for the incredible weather lately!), and hanging out with Noah & Kayla during our NBA fantasy draft capped off a super splendid wknd.  Avery went to bed a little later than she has the last few nights...but still a whole hour and a half earlier than she had been for so long!  YAY!

Hope everyone had a terrific wknd and is starting the month of November with excitement, joy, anda chance to enjoy the beautiful outdoors (I've never been so excited about fall weather)

Please pray for my job search which I will be devoting about 40% of myself to this week!  The other 60% will be devoted to my little chubbycheeks (of course) and to getting this apartment unpacked and organized!!

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