Sunday, November 8, 2009


I suck stink at life.

Brian and I have plans this coming wknd to go back to Tyler for a superrrrr cool couple's wedding.  We have already made plans to stay with our besssstie friends in Tyler who we miss SOOO much! 

Well...I just saw something on facebook...a status update from the bride to be that said something about being in Maui with her love.  So I told B, "umm....babe.  STRANGE.  I think S & T went on their honeymoon BEFORE their wedding"

So then I glanced a pic of her in a white-ish I clicked on her pro. was NOT a white-ish dress.  It was a WHITE dress.  A white WEDDING GOWN to be exact!!!

WHAT IN THE SHIZNIZZZZZZZZZZ??  I have had this date in my phone for MONTHS.  Made tons of plans around it.  I'm still not convinced the date didn't get changed. 

And to make matters a little bit worse...I lost my phone this wknd in San A so I don't even have Shelby's # to call her and tell her I'm soooo sorry and I feel like a huge JACK and I just made the worst terrible-friend mistake ever :(((

Like I said...I suck stink at life.

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am sure your friend will forgive you considering your life has been a little/LOT hectic with the move, etc. I would be determined to find that invite to see what happened!

Don't ya hate it when that happens .... I am totally guilty of date swapping! Last week, I missed a work conference call, yep, didn't even get on the line when it had been in my calendar for weeks, ugh!!

Have a good week :)