Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Averton Milestones!!

It's official!! We have a real crawler on our hands!!

Aves has been on her hands & knees rocking and lunging at things for over a month now. She's been taking one or two crawl-looking movements and then face-planting, getting back up, and eventually making it to where she wants to go.

Well...she is now doing consecutive little crawls and it's so cute!!! It's super slow right now (which is okay by me)...but I'm thinking that it's gonna be a super-FAST crawl in no time at all!

Oh!...and tonight marks the first night that we have to lower Avery's bed because she is now pulling herself up to a stand and I'm afraid she's gonna topple over the edge. Not cool.

Big milestones for our little girl who isn't seeming quite so little right now...


the tichenor family said...

Oh goodness, get ready mama for a little one on the move!! Yay Aves for getting the crawling thing mastered... STILL cannot believe I haven't met your precious angel.


Abby Kreck said...

Big girl!!!! Isn't it soooo fun?! I just love this stage!

Jacci said...

woohoo! So fun and exciting! Way to go Aves! Crawl to Mo City! :) Love you mama!