Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Video Shmideo

Just spent an hour waiting on a video to upload (I love having a nice camcorder but it takes 8MILLIONyears to upload to the mac!!) STILL not done, so instead I'm posting some pics from our visit with Aunt Loober (a few wks back) Britt made them super pretty. These are for you, Nana!


Jacci said...

She is so beautiful Rox. Love the kissy pics. Miss you guys!! xoxo

The Wife said...

So cute! I love black and white pics. Sepia too! That headband is the cutest!!

Jason and Lindsey said...

Oh Rox! She is beautiful and even more so every time you post new pics! What a doll! It looks like she has got some serious personality going on. I can't wait to see you guys again whenever that will be and get to hang out with her! Love you and praying for job hunting for ya!