Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Silly Gilly Gumble.

A few months ago, Avery became totally enthralled with scary stories. I literally have NO clue where this came from, as I am not a fan myself... especially when it comes to the munchkins. However, Avery created this scary story of her own that she would share with us ONLY while huddled on the couch, hiding underneath a big blanket w/ a flashlight. Goofy child. (Video coming soon. Child loves to perform.)

The main character of said "scary story" is a Silly Gilly Gumble. What is that, you ask? I have no friggin clue. But Aves & Cam talk about it all the time. Aves tells stories about it. They say that it's at our front door and they run & hide from it. Well...apparently, its scariness has worn off, because a couple of days ago as I was eavesdropping on the girls' naptime chatter, I heard them talking TO the SIlly Gilly Gumble. They were comforting him and telling him that it was okay, his mommy would feel him all better. Then, C-Lil dropped something, Aves asked the SGG to pick it up, and Cameron SHRIEKED with excitement, "Oh! THANK you Silly Gilly GUMBLE!!"

Toddler imaginations are quite hilarious. Always entertained around here :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day 2012!

The more life I experience, the more aware I become of what an amazing dad I have.  The Randster has been SUCH a massive blessing to me and to my bros.  He loves us so fully and tells us CONSTANTLY.  He taught us so many important life lessons, exemplified a life that honors Christ and loves people. He has served and provided for his fam with JOY for as long as my memory goes back. I am so thankful for the love, confidence, joy, passion, generosity, and kindness that he has taught me :) Love you sooooo much pops!!

On to my hub... B Riz is a special dude. A super awesome daddy.  Our little ladybugs are so BLESSED to get sooo much time with their daddy :)  He plays with them, wrestles with them, snuggles with them, reads to them, tucks them in at night, eats dinner with them, helps them with their prayers.  He teaches them how to throw and catch, disciplines them when it's needed, laughs with them, sings with them, dances with them...

He loves his daughters completely and I'll venture to say that they will NEVER have to wonder about the truth of that statement.  :)

I'm SO thankful for a guy who is such a tremendously AWESOME father to my babygirls! Love you B riz. You are the #1 man in our lives and you make all your girls super happy! :) Happy Fathers Day!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Year Anni!!

B-Rizzle and I have been married for 5 terrific years :) Craziness. It has seriously been the bomb. Back when we were dating we thought life together would be absolutely perfect (minus a couple of annoyances that we'll live with until the day we die, ha)... despite all of the warnings that marriage is such "hard work". I'll agree 150% that it takes constant maintenance to keep the marital bliss workin', but man... I am super pumped about how FUN and enjoyable the past 5 yrs have been.

We celebrated the day by hanging out with our girlies all day long and then got a babysitter to head out to dinner & a movie that night (one of our fave things that we NEVER do anymore!) Loved it. Ps- Snow White & The Huntsman was pretty good...just fyi :)

Brian is the absolute perfect partner for me. I was never a believer in finding the "perfect person", I just figured you fall in love and make it work with someone as long as you're compatible and calling on Jesus :) Well... over the past 5 years, I have come to appreciate Brian more and more and more. He stretches me where I ABSOLUTELY need to be stretched. He has challenged certain beliefs of mine that most definitely needed to be challenged. He has neutralized some of my extreme characteristics and tendencies. And he handles the annoying parts of me with SUCH gentleness and love and grace that I literally can't believe he hasn't snapped on me at some point. I love that man beyond words and LOVE being married to him, making decisions with him, raising a fam with him, road-tripping w/him, hanging out with him every day... he's my bestie, my fave, and the person I trust more than anyone in the world! Love you, Boo. I look forward to the rest of our life together with SO much excitement and thankfulness. You are awesome and I love you mucho. Thanks for EVERYTHING :)

We Have Visitors!! :)

Magen & Aaron arrived yesterday for a little weekend visit. The girls are superpumped to hang with their buddies! They still talk about being flowergirls in their wedding back in March. They were totally diggin some Princess Storytime last night.

So was Aaron. Obvi :)