Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Bro: The Master/Missionary!!

**This post was never posted, from back in early May...oops!**

Well, Riles is officially a Master :)  We spent our wknd in San Antonio celebrating his graduation from his Masters program @ Trinity.  I think it was officially called "Master of Arts in Teaching".  Rileton is a seriously talented and passionate teacher...whether he's teaching math, spanish, guitar, or The Word....he's a champ and really touches people's hearts & souls.  Love you Yiyi!  Loved getting to celebrate with you!  I can't wait to see where God uses your teaching talents in this world! 

I'm so incredibly proud of my bro who has accomplished a LOT in his 24 years!  Rileton, your leadership on the Trinity football team, in Alamo Heights Young Life, @ Stillwater Sports Camp, in FCA, @ Mission Lazarus, and just in every other opportunity that God has placed before you is so awesome and fun to watch.  Your heart for The Lord and doing His work makes me feel super honored to have you as 1/3 of the Curry Connection ;)

proud parentals... rand & rach rock :)

Riles' getting some love from his professors!

Speaking of God using Riles in the world...he is heading to Honduras in a month to begin his work with Mission Lazarus. He did a 6-month stint there back in 2010, and could have stayed forever, but he had grad school committments to honor back in the states. He has been working super hard the last few months to raise money to support his work @ ML & to get his life in Texas organized and taken care of so that he can begin the next phase of his life in Honduras. Mission Lazarus is a pretty amazing place that has totally captured Riley's heart. Check out their website to see how God is doing some great things in Honduras. I've never been, which is super sad to me, but plan to visit him at some point during the next 2 years that he's there for sure! Again, I am so proud of my bro for telling God, "Here am I, send me", and then actually listening to God's voice and following where Him into the unknown. I love you soooooo very much Riles and am praying for you & the work you will do in Honduras constantly.

The clinic @ Las Pitas
Pleeeease join me in praying for my bro, for God to prepare his heart every day, to prepare the perfect place for him in Honduras, to work so mightily in the hearts of the Honduran people, and for Mission Lazarus, all of the people working through Mission Lazarus, and for all of the amazing work they're doing! Thank you sooo very much :)

PS- I'll brag on my other amazing bro sometime in the near future :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Heart the Hays!!

The Hay Familia spent last wknd @ our casa, and we could not have loved it more!  B-Riz & Chris play in a softball tourney together every year & this yr it was in Arlington.  Their team is NOT the greatest team ev.  But let's be honest, they weren't TOO sad about not making it to the end bc it was HOTTT out there!  Kylee, the girls & I were trooper and spent most of the day out there playing, eating ice cream, watching, & chatting.  The rest of our time together was spent eating (We first-timed it @ Chaucer's-yum, & Cru-YUM!!...coolest dessert & wine place!), & vacay planning.  You see, we've been trying to plan a Bradford-Hay Vacay for basically 2 years, but my pregnancies have put a wrench in our plans in the past.  This time, we're in the clear and planning to spend a few days with some of our fav ppl relaxing on a beach somewhere before 2011 is over.  Yippeeeee!!  Can't wait for some more Hay time.   

The sports complex in Arlington had THE coolest kid-friendly playground ever!

Seriously.  NO fear.

Taking a little break.  It was kinda nap time.

Aves finally was introduced to the Ice cream man!!  It didn't hurt that Shrek was on the truck :)

Little Pocahontas child prancing around the complex with leaves all up in her hair.

Sharing a sno-cone to ATTEMPT to cool off :)

Reading Pinkalicious a.k.a. nightnight time

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pinkalicious!! ...and baby cupcakes :)

Pinkalicious is Avery's new fave book.  SO cute.  Love the cute little story.  Love the cute little dramatic main character.  Love the cute little dialogue.  LOVE the cute little illustrations!!  We read it before every nap and before bed every night.  It's a REQUIRED pre-sleepy-time ritual for little miss Averton.

So...because we read Pinkalicious so much (AND bc she's my daughter), Aves has been super fixated on cupcakes for the last few days.  So yesterday we finallyyyy had a little baking sesh in the kitchen.  SO fun.  She was the greatest little baking assistant.  We made little minis and Aves decorated a few for herself, one for Cameron (who lovvvved it of course!), and a couple for daddy.  My little Preshling.  I'll bake cupcakes with you anyday :)
pouring & mixing.  so focused :)

sneaking LOTS of tastes even after mommy said "no" ...must have learned that one from Pinkalicious ;)

baking buddies!

this child waited in front of the oven for almost the entire time!

beautiful baby cupcake decor

i want one i want one!!!!!

DELECT.  what a great little treat to wake up to.  Don't get used to it C-Lil ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cameron is a Walking Machine!

So.  Cameron took a few steps a few weeks ago.  And then, she decided she was over it. She is the fastest crawler in life and I guess she could get where she wanted to get when she wanted to get there, so...crawling it was!  Well, THEN she decided that yesterday, it was time for her to move on up in the world.  As of Monday, June 13th, 2011, Cameron Lily is a walking MACHINE!  She chooses walking as her mode of transportation far more often than she chooses the good ol' crawl.  And she's doing awesome!  So fun to watch my angel grow and change!  BUT...I am cherishing every last bottle feeding I possibly can before she gives up the bottle! AH!!!!!  I LOVVVE having a little baby, and when the bottle goes bye-bye, so does babyhood (in my book.)

For now, I think my little walking baby is the cutest little baby in America :)  Love you, C-Lil!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Toddler Tanning Sesh

My 2-yr-old loves to "lay out".  I'm serious.  She randomly lays down flat on her back anytime we go outside to play... and I made a big deal one time when she did it at the pool, sooo it has become an Avery tradish.  When we from the pool back to our chairs to get ready to go, she has to lay the towel across the chair, and "lay out" for a minute or so before we can do anything else.  It's rather entertaining :)  Love my little ham!

Friday, June 3, 2011

"Bradford Backyard Beach" ...Avery's 2nd Birthday Party!!

toddlers + water + sand + slide + sunglasses + friends & fam + FOOD 
 Avery's 2nd Birthday Party!!

so pumped to model her new suit :)
Thanks so much to our loved who made it out... the kiddos were friggin adorable running a muck all over our backyard.  We loved just hangin' out, chatting, eating, and watching the kiddos enjoy life :)  Yay for celebrating our insanely loved first-born on her special day (even though her birthday was almost a month ago!)
good friends

this child LOVED flying down the slide

colt & aves obsessing over the beachball sprinkler.  tatum...mmm...not so much :)

my babygirl trying to keep up w the big kids!

getting dirty never gets old for a toddler

time to re-energize w/some fruit & veggies!!

don't worry.  baby seester did NOT go hungry...

time fro presents!! aves was so worried about destroying the wrapping paper.  

beautiful jake.

cupcake time!! so dainty.  took her like...15 minutes to eat this thing...

what you don't see is the entire half of her cupcake that fell on the grass.  she was a little bummed about it i think...

happy bday my sweet little nugget!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

B-Rizzle Turns 31: Top Golf Style!

We spent Friday night @ the new Top Golf in Allen (superrrrrwaycoolplace, ps) w/a few friends and our familias to celebrate Brian's stellar 31 years of life.  Great time.  Great people.  Great golf.  (That last one is a lie...but it was totally FUN golf).  Top Golf is basically a combo of bowling and a driving range.  Inside the building there's a little restaurant, a bar, TVs, and then you step outside to play the game.  It's a giant outdoor driving range surrounded by nets (obvi) and each group has their own lane (called a "bay").  You swipe your little player card and just like bowling, you each get a certain number of balls to hit.  Your balls have a chip them which tracks where it lands, and each of the targets is worth a different number of points.  There are some twists to the game, but I won't get into that.  Let's just say that I won my first game and if I were to play an actual round of golf, I would score over 200... NO LIE.  So, don't be scurrrrd.  TRY IT!  SO super fun.

Back to the birthday.  Happy bday to my TEEEErrific hubster, B-Riz!  I love you so very much and love celebrating life every day with you!  Yay for spending the rest of our lives together!!  Another year come & gone, but it's okay, you've got plenty to show for it! 

I want to document some things that B-Riz should be SUPER proud of from his 31st year of life (bc he is insanely humble and would never share or even care to remember any of them, but I'm his proud wifey, so it's my duty!)

  • You became a daddy of TWO!  Yay Camerton! You make some pretty babygirls, babe.
  • You got hired on to Alcon from the Quintiles side.  PRAISE the Lord :)
  • You were able to move back into a house, one of your goals!  Yay!
  • Florida trip from Pataday Contest Victory!  holla
  • President's Club w/Alcon...whatwhat!! 
    • and thus...our trip to Mexico!  {thx, boo!}
  • You finished number ONE in the NATION @ work.  Um.  Kind of a big deal.  SO proud of your hard work babe :)
  • Annnd most importantly, you still have the coolest wife EV.  ;)
May your 32nd year be full of God's blessings :)  I'm happy you were born Brian David Bradford! {Thx MarshMarsh & Davey!}