Saturday, September 27, 2008


GOODNESS! I have been so tired lately. Napping everyday is definitely putting a little dent in my productivity level each day... I haven't been able to eat quite as much good healthy food as I should either, but I'm workin on it.

Oh, ps- did I mention that I'm pregnant?? :)))

Brian and I went to the doc on Tuesday and found out that I am due on May 8th. We got to see the little flicker of the heartbeat and everything...super cool! As I mentioned previously... I'm super tired these days... who knew this baby-making business was soooo exhausting?? Everyone has told me about the exhaustion, but I wasn't capable of comprehending it until I felt it. GEEZ!! I'm ready for the 2nd trimester so I'll have my energy back.

Anyway- Brian and I are supposed to close on our house on Tuesday. HOPEFULLY it happens! We were supposed to be in Austin this weekend for the football game, but with my lack of energy and the fact that we are trying to rush 30 days worth of closing into 17...we decided it would be best to stay home and get some important things done.

Last night we went to the "East Texas State Fair" to walk around and get a nice little taste of East Texas...but mostly just to take advantage of the YUMMY FAIR FOOD! I guess my hormones are throwing my eating habits WAY off because most of my fav things have been sounding SUPER nasty these last few weeks...including last night. Brian still got to enjoy plenty of his fair favorites though, AND we ran into one of Brian's old football buddies and his wife...and I think we are totally gonna be good friends :)'s 7:30...definitely approaching my new bedtime... hope things are going well for everyone.

OH!- Brian and I are still church-searching!!! Please throw a prayer up for us. I'm getting frustrated with this process.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Windy City

Rachey and I spent this past weekend in Chicago. SUCHHHH a great place! Seriously, I totally would LOVE to live there. It's a major city, ON the lake, WITH little beaches on the lake, LOTS of sand volleyball, you can walk pretty much everywhere, tons of teeeerrific shopping, people milling about all over the rocks :) My momma and I stayed right smack in the middle of the "Magnificent Mile" and had a blast eating at cute little cafes, shopping our little hearts out, biking all around the lake and different parks, and just chatting about everything you can imagine. OH! And I was able to check another major stadium off my list: Wrigley Field!! Cool place...really old school :) Cubs fans are amazingly nice! I was impressed.

THANKS MOMMA for a suuuuper great trip. I had a BLAST hanging out with you :) You're the best. Can't wait to do it again! Oh, and thanks again, SO MUCH, for cleaning my kitchen when we got back :)

I don't feel like uploading pics from my camera right now, so I'll post some pics later on.

Umm...we close on our house in a week! Yayyyyyy!!! SO excited!!

The only bad news I have to share is that I lost in BOTH of my fantasy leagues this week. BUMMER. And both by less than 6 points. So flipping annoying.

K, hope everyone is doing really well. Love you all. I hate keeping in touch SOLELY through our blogs, but hey, it's FAR better than losing touch all together :)

Love <3

Monday, September 15, 2008

September 30th is a big day!!

Big news!! Not ONLY is Sep.30th the day my terrific momma was born...but Brian and I close on OUR NEW HOUSE on that very same day!!! YAYYYYYYYY :) Our awesome friend Dave came in from Austin to help us find the place and has been super great in getting all of the contract stuff negotiated. THANKS DAVE!! You're the bomb :)

Keep us in your prayers... barring anything random and UNfortunate, we will start moving our stuff into our very first house in less than 2 weeks.... Superrrrr exciting!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11, Ike, UT football...and stuff :)

Like Jacci said...I can't believe 9/11 was 7 years ago! It's so crazy how uneffected I felt all day until I tried to force myself to muster up some of the feelings I felt back on that day. I remember in the aftermath of that day feeling so comforted by how America had come together. It was really cool. And I ALSO remember wondering how long it would last, knowing that in the coming years...9/11 would become just like every other trying time in our country's history....just that...History. It's kind of sad that we can so quickly forget the "important things" when life gets easy again..or, well...less tragic.

On a brighter note, I do LOVE the way people in the US can pack up, leave their homes & flee for a safer place...and KNOW that there is someone somewhere waiting with open arms to provide them with whatever they need to make it. Pretty cool place we live in, huh?

About this weekend and the whole "Ike" sitch... I'm super thankful that Brian and I aren't really threatened by the most damaging part of the storm, but I'm selfishly BUMMED that the UT game got cancelled and Nug's shower got cancelled too! I was SO looking forward to our first trip in the Atx in months. Oh well...I'm excited for another weekend of laying low at home. And I'm praying for everyone who doesn't have the luxury of a worry-free weekend! Love you guys. To those of you further south: be safe and know that you're in our prayers!

Last thing, my nursing school app is due on Monday! I finally got every last thing done and collected and put application status is now OFFICIAL! yay :) If I get accepted for the spring I would start in January and then have the summer off (UT Tyler doesn't offer summer classes for nursing school or I would be allllll up in that business). Anyway, if I DON'T get accepted for the spring, I would be bumped to the fall...bummer, but oh well. I'm not worried about it because I know that it's all for the best...but I am ANXIOUS to know where I'll be come January!

K... here's to a weekend of couch-lounging, football-watching bliss!

Peace & Love :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Our friend from Austin, Dave, is coming in tomorrow to stay with us for a couple of days and to help us in our house-hunting adventure :) YAY! Can't wait.


Sometimes, life feels too easy. Like...I must NOT be doing something because there's not enough struggle happening. Ya know? Am I being a spiritual slacker? I can't figure it out. Maybe God is just blessing me with some peace in my life...or maybe I'm just telling myself that because I'm lazy. I feel like I should be looking for something...but what/where?
...I'm not sure I'll ever know the answer.