Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sommmmebody got into mommy's gum & appears to be quite a fan of Winterfresh Extra!!

Averton LOVES the laundry hamper or anything that require climbing into/out of.

CUTIE in the tub trying to eat her little fish friends.

Playing with her tugboat.

Bring a goober w/bubbles on her dad...courtesy of daddy :)

Some of Aves' Favs!! (& ours too) Chris & Kylee...our grrrreat hosts on our trip to Tyler!

Avery playing with Mick...the hugest dog EVER. (This pic does NOT do him justice)

National Championship Game....before it started....obvi. :)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Food

Okay so- Avery is now 8.5 months old and she pretty much hates eating baby food out of a spoon now.  Her dislike has progressively gotten worse...but she is sooooo happy to eat ANYTHING that is somewhat solid and involved feeding herSELF.  I'm thinking that today may mark the END of babyfood for Averton.   We'll prob just stick to real fruits/veggies/starches at this point (& the bottle of course).
That's okay right?

BUT- with no teeth...meat in baby-food-form is really the only option, right?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gimme 3 Steps...

Avery has started taking 2 steps before falling!  Whoa!  She did it like...4 different times today.  She's almost mastered one step without falling.  SO CUTE.  She totally has to stand for a bit and rev up before taking the step.  It's pretty hilar.  I'll try to get a video :)

What a cutie.  Love you little Averton.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Big 2-5!!

Yesterday was my 25th bday and it was terrif :)  Brian brought Ave into our bed in the morning and we all just hung out and played for a bit before B had to head off to work.  Then little Miss Averton and I just hung out, cleaned up the house a bit, ran a few errands, and got lots & lots of texts/phone calls/emails/fb msgs from people we lovvvve :)  Thanks for the love my friends! I also got 3 packages in the mail, which (regardless of what's in them) automatically makes the day great :)

Last night, my S-I-L, Amy, come over to babysit Aves while Brian and I went out to Addison to The Melting Pot!!! We have been saying for years that we want to go there someday, so that's where B-Rizzle took me for my bday dinner!  I'm not usually one to get overly excited about a restaurant...but this place was DE.frickin.LISH!!  Can't wait to go back someday.  And ALSO can't wait to someday host our own little fondue party!

OH!  And the bday pkg that B brought home to me was superrrrr.  2 of the contents were:

My hub is :)  Yay for bdays!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

8 Months

right around 17 lbs.
size 6-12 mo. clothes...size 9mo fit pretty much perfectly!
eating super chunky babyfood and some finger foods (super mushy ones)
still no teeth
standing on her own for long periods of time
is starting to attempt to take steps
walks around holding on to the edge of things
blabbers non stop ("da", "ma", "kuh", "ga"...most common sounds)
sleeps from about 9-8 then naps in the morning for about 1.5 hrs and usually takes a short pm nap
4 bottles a day
tried a sippy cup....didnt take to it
loves beans of all kinds, fruit (minus bananas), veggies, & meats!!
can crawl like..800 mph!
is still obsessed with kerbs
lovvvvvvves other babies/toddlers but doesnt get to be around them much :(
had her first playground experience and was in love.
loves her musical toys
loves for mommy or daddy to play w/her ball with her...but she pretty much just observes and giggles
ticklish thighs, ribs, belly button
fav game is to run away from daddy on our bed in the mornings before work
LOVES her veggie puff-sticks
flaps her arms nonstop when she gets excited...which is kind of all the time

Thursday, January 7, 2010


okay.  so i could NOT more excited for a day to start!  tonight is the big game....and we are PUMPED over here in the bradford casa.  ave and i will def be sporting our burnt orange all day and babygirl will be helping me (or at least keeping me company) w/cookie-making and longhorn decorating for our mini game-watching gathering.