Thursday, January 14, 2010

8 Months

right around 17 lbs.
size 6-12 mo. clothes...size 9mo fit pretty much perfectly!
eating super chunky babyfood and some finger foods (super mushy ones)
still no teeth
standing on her own for long periods of time
is starting to attempt to take steps
walks around holding on to the edge of things
blabbers non stop ("da", "ma", "kuh", "ga"...most common sounds)
sleeps from about 9-8 then naps in the morning for about 1.5 hrs and usually takes a short pm nap
4 bottles a day
tried a sippy cup....didnt take to it
loves beans of all kinds, fruit (minus bananas), veggies, & meats!!
can crawl like..800 mph!
is still obsessed with kerbs
lovvvvvvves other babies/toddlers but doesnt get to be around them much :(
had her first playground experience and was in love.
loves her musical toys
loves for mommy or daddy to play w/her ball with her...but she pretty much just observes and giggles
ticklish thighs, ribs, belly button
fav game is to run away from daddy on our bed in the mornings before work
LOVES her veggie puff-sticks
flaps her arms nonstop when she gets excited...which is kind of all the time

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Tbaby said...

I LOVE me some Avery Nicole Bradford!!! cuteeeeeeeeeee!