Monday, October 27, 2008

Got gas?

Can I just say that my morning drive to work has taken on a drastic change...

For the previous year or so, I have become steadily more depressed the closer I get to work every morning. With each mile that passes, another giant gas station sign slapped me in the face with its ugly, ugly pricing. The sickness in the pit of my stomach grew with each passing mile, as I was one mile closer to having to REFILL THE STUPID GAS TANK!! I find complete and utter JOY in my early-morning drives. Instead of dreading the increase in price that I was destined to see at LEAST every few days, I now look forward to seeing how much the gas price drops each week. Today, the lowest I passed (which also conveniently happened to be RIGHT by our house) was $2.17!! How can I help but sport a massive grin the entire way to work!?

I realize that the ever-dropping gas prices are a reflection of our plummeting economy. However, to be honest, the acute effect that gas prices have on my life easily outweighs the bummer of our present economic state. I feel perfectly content with experiencing instant moments of bliss at the expense of the US economy. i am less annoyed with having to drive to and from work twicea day, which in turn makes me more excited about being at work, which results in me doing a better job! I am more motivated to use the miles to get to and from school on class days, which makes me a better student :) I am less reluctant to go to the grocery store during the day, which I am positive that Brian appreciates... So, I choose to temporarily ignore our economy's struggles, and focus on the HAPPIER things in life...


Thursday, October 23, 2008


We got to hear the heartbeat yesterday!! I am exactly 11 wks. and 6 days...tomorrow will be the OFFICIAL end of my first trimester... CUH-RAY-ZEEEEE! I seriously can't believe it. Time flies like crazy the older I get...and I'm not even old yet! It's nearing the year 2009, which is just ridiculous. Wow.

Anyway, it's crazy to think that there exists a little bitty 2-inch baby inside of me, with a heart that's probably the size of a PEA that is pumped at 163bpm. THAT, my friends, is nuts. I love it :) The doc said my uterus is barrrrely starting to pop out of my pelvis, so the bump should start it's massive growth session here pretty soon.

I'll post some pics of our new house soon! Promise. We are supposed to get internet today, so that should speed the process along :) My life is a wreck without constant internet access. As pathetic as it sounds, it's all too true. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Still no internet...

So I'm sitting in the trainer's office at the gym, stealing internet. (I'm a criminal too, Kayla) This weekend was the bommmmmb. The UT game was amazing. The stadium is UNREAL. I've been in that thing a million times, but the new closed off seating is insane. SO loud. Crazy atmosphere. THe setup is better. I mean...sweet. TOtally sweet. Me and Riles has a blast. Plusssss, I had a super great time hangin with the fam (minus B and Reidster) in San A, I got to see Dougie and Vickster at Riles game!!! AND my Nana and Pawpaw randomly decided to come up to San A at the last second. Great weekend :)

Props to my hubling who shot a 74 on Friday in Dallas! My dad totally didn't believe him when he called to tell me...he grabbed the phone and started quizzing him. It was quite hilar. I'm so proud :) He and his buddies then proceeded to win their tourney! Go team!

Brian is out for boy's night/MNF (I don't know why those 2 things always seem to coincide...there ARE females out there who love MNF too!) so, he rented me a movie (BABYMAMA!!) and I'm stoked to go home, prop my feet up, eat a cookies'n'cream ice cream sandwich and INDULGE.

Haven't gotten a chance to look at your pics, Mer, but I love you and I'm glad you guys had the greatest time ev. Wish I coulda seen it all!

OH!! And congrats Blackburnssss!!!!!!!!! JOSIAH is freaking beautiful! Super happy it went well and everyone is healthy and happy...and good-looking never hurt anyone either.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My windshield is broken.

Soo... I didn't post about LOTS of things I was planning on posting. For example... the Longhorns defeated the #1 team in the nation last weekend, the Sooners, to take over the nation's #1 ranking... AWESOME :) Not only did we win, but it was a superrrrr tremendously entertaining game to watch. Both teams looked great. Lots of offense. Pure bliss :)

Also, Brian's parentals were in town helping us out with the move and mayyyannnn they killed it! We got everything moved. Seriously. Everything. Except the air mattress we slept on in the apartment at the beginning of this week while waiting for the elec/water to be turned on at our house. We have now spent 2 terrific nights in our casa and it is just delightful :) Once I get things a little bit more unpacked I'll take some pics.

Annnnnd- I called to get TV/phone/internet connected and um...their first available date was almost 2 weeks away! Boo. So B and I are TVless, INTERNETless and living the simple life for the week. I mean seriously, WHAT did we do before these amazing technological discoveries. I feel ridiculous, but I seriously feel dazed and confused.

My (& Brian's) co-ed vball team is super fun. GOSH I love volleyball. I totally miss sand volleyball, as it is NOT the most popular thing to do here in Tyler, but indoor is a perfectly acceptable replacement. I even have cool knee pads like the big girls wear, ha.

We go back to the doctor next Wednesday! I'm excited to hear the heartbeat. Yay :) Hopefully they'll give us some more pics and maybe even an awesome 4 second video, haha. We got pics last time, but it looked like a little nut in a heap of black and white swirls. Not the most exciting thing to look at...not quite post-worthy.

I am P-U-M-P-E-D for this weekend. Brian and I are going our separate ways (bummer), but I get to see my paretals (I haven't seen my dad in 3 months!) and Rileton (whom I have also not seen for 3 and my mom who I have only seen 1 time in those 3 months. GEEZ. Uncool. On top of just seeing the fam, I get to attend Rileton's fball game on Saturday, meet his roomies, see his new house, and THEN...he's coming with me to ATX for the UT v. Mizzou fball game!!!! So excited. Hopefully we'll be watching the Horns defend their #1 ranking. I haven't seen Banana or Tbaby in AGES, so that will be terrif. The only downer is that Magen will be outta town that no Moo... she'll be at home celebrating her 24th bday and hopefully welcoming her very first nephew into the world!

I'm NOT thrilled about driving a million hours alone, but the fabbbulous nature of the trip makes it all worth while :)

Shout out to the Blackburn fam...I assume that little Josiah has taken his first breath, and just know that I am PRAYING for you guys and thinking about you and am sooooo excited that your son is finally OUT of your belly and in your arms :)

K...I gotta go meet the windshield guy. My windshield got demolished by a golf ball. I guess it was a farewell gift from the lovely folks at our old apartment. Awesome.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Colt MyBoy"

Are you wondering what super cool QB's story currently graces the frontpage of

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Change gonna come...

We signed on our house today!! IT'S OFFICIALLY OURS YIPPPEEEEEE!! So, this weekend the Bradfords are coming to town to help us get to steppin' on the moving process. Yay/not fun...but SUPER fun since it means we get to be in our first house. Gotta pick out paint colors and all that fun stuff too...ahh! Big decisions!

On Monday, I all of a sudden woke up feeling back to my old self again! No nausea, no queeziness...just sleepiness, which is SO totally do-able :) I'm super happy to have my (somewhat) normal appetite back and my face clear of the greenish shade that was becoming normal...

Brian and I are doing the Alzheimer's Walk tomorrow night and the weather has been I'm pumped :) Plus, I haven't worked out for the last month, so I'm super anxious to get some activity back into my life!

My parentals come home from their 2-week jet-setting trip tomorrow and I'm EXCITED because it means I get to talk to them on the phone again. I miss them.

I'm gonna be in Austin the weekend of the 18th and I am THRILLED! I miss that place and haven't been back in forev. PLUS I get to go see Rileton, meet his roommates, and spend Saturday night at his new casa. Fun times. Can't wait. Pray for his hammy...he's having issues...and hamstring issues are NEVER good.

Kerbey is going to become an outside dog (for the most part) when we move, and I honestly think she might go into slight depression. She has become the ULTIMATE snuggler again...just like she was when she was a puppy. When no one else is around, allllll she wants to do (literally) is lay in our laps, snuggle up in a ball, and lounge. I think she might sense my pregnancy...the change in my hormones or SOMETHING because she literally will NOT get more than 6 inches away from my stomach when I don't push her away. Presh. Our dog is the bomb.

I'm having a slumber party at my new casa sometime after we move for all of the girls at work. I. CAN'T. WAIT. Ahhhh having a house that is entertaining-friendly will be sooooooooooooo terrific! It will change our lives, and Brian and I are pumped. We are already dreaming about the many-a-football watching bash we will host. And our UT-devoted office right by the front door will be the perfect greeting for all our guests.

Hope hump-day is a sign of a GREAT weekend to come for all of you guys. Love :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

House, Baby, Church, Prayer Req!!

Soooo... we didn't close on Tuesday. It all got pushed back to next week because the mortgage company didn't send us some paperwork til the last second...and then said they needed over a week to process all of it...strange. ANYWAY! We had a minor crisis for half a day...but everything is back on track and going far as we know :) The people we're buying the house from have already moved out and they left us a key, so we're gonna go this weekend and kind of come up with a gameplan for moving and the little bit of decorating that we can do right now.... YAY! I apparently turned green at work. I was training my 8oclock client, who is also one of my favs, and I all of a sudden started feeling iiiccckkyyyyyy. WHEW. Not good. And then Karla asked me if I was okay...because my face was turning green hahaha. It only lasted about 20 minutes and then I felt a million times better. So weird. I'll DEFINITELY take 20 minute bouts of yuckiness over weeks of daily yackage :) If this is the worst of it, then THANK YOU, LORD! I am COMPLETELY pumped to be preg, but it means I have to put a few things on hold. No indoor soccer league. I have to postpone my triathlon training goal. No Christmas ski trip for the Curry Fam. So...a teeny bummer....but SO okay :) Umm...I'd take a baby over ANY of those things without even blinking :)))

K...about this weekend: I'm super sad that I can't be at Nug's FCCC shower!! :( Brian and I have Race4TheCure this weekend so we'll be up all night on Saturday night. Trag. Sorry Nugling!! B and I WILL, however, get to go to church in Tyler for like...the 3rd week in a row. Um...awwwesommme :) Last week we went to Bethel Bible, and really liked it! We'll see. We've narrowed it down to just a select few, so we should be committing to SOMEWHERE before too long. EXCITING.

Rileton has a game in Birmingham this wknd, which is where his ex-girlfriend is at school. I think it will be probably be kind of hard for him to be there, in her territory, know how it is. ANyway- keep him in your prayers!! My parents are in San Diego this week, they're flying home tomorrow, then to Birmingham and back on Saturday, and then off to Mexico for a vacay with some friends on Sunday. Soo....obviously they're doing LOTS of flying. Please keep their safety in your prayers as well.