Monday, October 20, 2008

Still no internet...

So I'm sitting in the trainer's office at the gym, stealing internet. (I'm a criminal too, Kayla) This weekend was the bommmmmb. The UT game was amazing. The stadium is UNREAL. I've been in that thing a million times, but the new closed off seating is insane. SO loud. Crazy atmosphere. THe setup is better. I mean...sweet. TOtally sweet. Me and Riles has a blast. Plusssss, I had a super great time hangin with the fam (minus B and Reidster) in San A, I got to see Dougie and Vickster at Riles game!!! AND my Nana and Pawpaw randomly decided to come up to San A at the last second. Great weekend :)

Props to my hubling who shot a 74 on Friday in Dallas! My dad totally didn't believe him when he called to tell me...he grabbed the phone and started quizzing him. It was quite hilar. I'm so proud :) He and his buddies then proceeded to win their tourney! Go team!

Brian is out for boy's night/MNF (I don't know why those 2 things always seem to coincide...there ARE females out there who love MNF too!) so, he rented me a movie (BABYMAMA!!) and I'm stoked to go home, prop my feet up, eat a cookies'n'cream ice cream sandwich and INDULGE.

Haven't gotten a chance to look at your pics, Mer, but I love you and I'm glad you guys had the greatest time ev. Wish I coulda seen it all!

OH!! And congrats Blackburnssss!!!!!!!!! JOSIAH is freaking beautiful! Super happy it went well and everyone is healthy and happy...and good-looking never hurt anyone either.

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