Friday, January 30, 2009

Boo for Lay-offs :(

Well...Brian and I are off on a new adventure in life. Brian will have to start the job-searching process this next week, so please keep us in your prayers, as we will have to make some big decisions and just waiiitttt on God to give us some direction!!

Cheap Publicity :)

Check out this fun give-away over at Mandy's Blog. She's giving away a set of 20 personalized monogrammed flat cards PLUS the file on a CD so you can print more out in the future whenever you want! You pick the colors and everything...pretty handy :) Check out her blog to enter the drawing!

Okay...real post coming later. We're sitting at home waiting on Brian's much-anticipated phone call

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Idol

I love American Idol. Seriously. I do. And I'm SO glad they're not showing QUITE as many of the terrrrrible auditions. They get so old. And the judges can be so mean! And it's obvious that half of the people on there are just trying to get on TV anyway...ANNOYING.
So anyway. As I said, I love American Idol. I love hearing people with pretttyyyy voices sing! But I can't stand when the judges make people cry :( It makes me sad! Some people just can't help that they're super awkward...and if they like the sound of their voice...then just let the cute little things sing! Haha...okay. Anyway-
I love American Idol. and I'm exciiited it's on again. (Except I can't stand when there's a show on TV that actually makes me SAD to miss...that seems kind of pathetic doesn't it??)
Everyone drive safe, and pray for safety on the roads tonight/tomorrow!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I don't think I've shared this on my blog yet, but I know a lot of you are aware of Brian's job status. His company has been planning a large-scale layoff, and Friday is the day! On the 30th, Pfizer is letting all of the Texas reps know who still has a job and who is not so lucky. Please keep us, as well as the thousands of people/families who will be affected by this news in your prayers!! Love you guys/thanks sooo much :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

God is Good :)

Over the last couple of weeks, God has been moving big time in the blog world. (I guess he's really ALWAYS moving big time...) I love how blogs can connect us to people we would have NEVER known a thing about. We get to know people's stories that we would have otherwise never heard. We get opportunities to support and love and pray for people that we could never have had. It's awesome!!

There are 2 families in particular that I have been praying for over the last couple of weeks.

Bo and Marie Mechinus had their baby, Lyla, 11 weeks early. Both mom & daughter are doing superrrr great, but Marie has been discharged and they're reallyyyy missing their baby girl since she has to stay up at the hospital for a little while longer. I LOVE to read all of their updates about Lyla's progress and all the new things she's able to do everyday. Her sweet little smiles are presh! Even though most of us can't go see Lyla, Bo, & Marie right now, we're totally with you!! ...Thanks to blogger :)

I saw Baby Harper's story through Jacci's and Mer's blogs. Her mom, Kelly, had a totally normal labor and delivery, but then they discovered that Harper couldn't breathe on her own. She had to be life-flighted to...Oklahoma (I think??).. and Kelly has used her blog multiple times a day to beg for prayer. Literally hundreds of thousands of people have found Kelly's blog, commented, prayed, sent support & gifts, etc. If you haven't gone over to visit Kelly's definitely need to.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Step One for Avery's nursery: Choose Baby Bedding.

CHECK!!! After hours of scouring the internet, I have finally chosen Avery's baby bedding, and I am PUMPED about it. I'll hook you up with pics soon. I'm finally getting the whole vision of the room in my head and I can't waiiiitttt to start painting!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Things

I have had to be pushy at work in order to be allowed to try a new program at our gym. Pushiness has always been out-of-character, but I'm finding this new, undercover headstrong person that I'm slightly unfamiliar with! Well....finally I'm getting a shot. YAYY!! Starting Feb. 9, Premier is presenting Bridal Bootcamp with Roxanne Bradford!! :) I'm superrrr pumped. I KNOW we'll get a good response. Not a big deal to anyone else, I know, but I am EXCITED about it! Can't wait til Feb. 9th.

I 100% love to feel Avery move. I also 100% love showing off my babybump haha. Is that weird? I don't know! But it really is SO fun to go in public with a figure-hugging shirt on. Oh- my Sugar Land (FCCC) shower and my Austin shower are both in the works. EEEE!!! I have to GET ON IT in terms of baby-room planning and everything though. Yikes.

I cannnnn't wait until next Wednesday (tentatively) because Jacci & Scarlett are making a special trip to Tyler to see me! They get to see our casa, and then they're gonna give me their expert input during a Registration trip to Babies'R'Us. Extra pumped.

Tuesday I was soooo tirrrrred. I've been pretty dang tired for the last couple of weeks (Booo) So anyway, I left the kitchen a nasty mess when I went back to work for the afternoon/evening and texted Brian telling him to please ignore it bc it would look beautiful again when I got back from work. I planned on going to Brian's soccer game that night after work because it wasn't until 9, so I would make it JUST in time! I was missing his bball game for work, so 1 out of 2 was the best I could do. He LOVES when I'm at his games. It's cute. However, my post-work plans were soon to change.

1. Brian made sure that after work I went home and got some good food to eat and went to BED. No pressure to go to his game, he wanted me to sleep. Big deal? Big deal. That was Brian being 100% sweet and selfless because he totally wanted me at the game.

2. So- I get home, walk in the kitchen ...and it is SPOTLESS. No dishes in the sink. Trash taken out- new bag in. Clean countertops. Everything back in the pantry. I mean- seriously. Big deal.
3. A few hours earlier in the day, Brian had left me a voicemail saying, "Hey babe- just calling to tell you I love you. Have fun training and I'll see you tonight." I needed it that day. It gave me a much-needed energy boost!

Um...Oscar nom for Best Hub- Brian David Bradford.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

7 Pounds

You are probably expecting one of my highly intelligent movie-reviews about the latest and greatest Will Smith flick, right? Well, this post has nothing to do with Will, as I have not had the pleasure of viewing the above-mentioned film (although I hear GREAT things...) This post is about boring ol' me....and the fact that I have gained 7 POUNDS since my last doctor's appointment. Um...whoa. That's a lot of poundage, my friends. At my last visit the doc told me that although I was lagging behind on my weight-gaining progress, I should hope to gain anywhere from 5-10 pounds before the next time he saw me. Well...apparently I hit his target right smack on the dot. Because I have gained 7 POUNDS in 5 weeks!! I'm actually excited about it though. It feels good to be "on track" in every department according to the doc. I think little Avery probably appreciated the extra cushion I am putting on all over my body, ha. I'm just doing it for has nothing to do with the fact that my appetite has basically doubled in the last few weeks, I'm sure of it ;P, here's to my extra 7 POUNDS of bliss! Keep it comin'!! (but but only like...8 more pounds please. That will suffice.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

24 Weeks (& 3 days)

This is what I wear to work everyday. Either black or red. In black, the bump is kind of hidden. In red, it tends to bust out a little bit more. So Avery loves to move around and kick to the left side of my belly button, but today she was nice and fiesty on the OTHER side of my navel. Felt weird. But, of course, I love feeling her move! :) My hip flexor that I hurt on Christmas is stillll bugging me, but not near as bad! It's amazing how Progesterone affects all the ligaments in the pelvic region. Today Brian and I went to the park with Kerbey after we worked out to kick the soccer ball (Kerbs is a STUD soccer playin' pup). Um...I can't run more than 0.5 miles an hour so it was basically like Brian and kerbey were playing with a grandma. That's about the only part of being pregnant that's a little bit frustrating. I also noticed today some workout changes that are gonna have to happen. Pushups have progressively gotten harder, but I've started back up on my 10 pushups a night routine, so that's made them easy again. HOWEVER, I noticed that my back droops when I do them, which is a PROBLEM, so I think I'm gonna have to start doing knee-push-ups for the rest of my pregnancy. Avery is just a little too much for me to handle :) I discovered last week that the elliptical is the only kind of cardio that doesn't hurt my hip flexor, so since walking isn't an option right now- the elliptical is my new friend :) I'm gonna have to cut all the weights down again too. Gotta listen to my body, right? Tomorrow we have a doc apmt where we test for gestational diabetes by drinking some crazy sweet concoction and then take my blood an hour later. I don't think we get another ultra-sound, but I WISH we did :) I want to see Little Avery again :)
K...thanks for reading! Bye :)

Tbabe Wknd

This weekend was superrr funnnn :) We were in town FINALLY and T-babe came to stay with us! Wknd synopsis:

Friday- We both worked and then went out to Shogun for my DELICIOUS bday dinner with a very random group of my friends (my fav). Loved it. Great night. EXCEPT...they WOULD not sing to me. I think they didn't believe me that it was actually my bday. But they sang to the dude at the table next to us!? It was actually kinda sad...but I got over it. :)

Saturday- I worked in the morning and got home just in time for B and Tbabe to wake up! We had yummy breakfast and L.O.U.N.G.E.D. It was awesome. Played some Rockband (Tbabe is obsessed). Watched UT bball (Hook'em). Brian grilled some amaaazzzzing dinner and we just had a nice day/night at home.

Sunday- Caught an early matinee (Gran review coming soon) and then Brian left town to hunt with one of his buddies. Tbaby and I hung out, chatted, snacked (ALOT), ran some errands, bought some super cool new exercise stuff at Target, I found a way cute maternity dress for under $10, I gave her the grand tour of where I work, and then rockbanded some more that night. Em and Katie came over to have a nice little girls gathering, I stayed up too late, and that was that.

Tbaby left to today to head back to Austin but it was graannnnnddd to just relax and chat and e goofy like the good ol' days @ UT :) LOVE YOU TBABE!!

K... Monday's are my short day so I'm done with work, now on to laundry, taking Kerbs to the park, working out, and cleaninnnggg!

Love <3 belly pic to come soon. Tbabe has to email it to me :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

As Promised...

Although this pic was taken at 23 weeks, I am now (as of today) 24 weeks pregling! Avery has begun to move around a whoollllle lot more than before. I'm thinking that my 3 hours worth of jumping and dancing on the dancefloor at Nug's wedding must have inspired little Avery to practice for future dance parties with her momma :)

PS- I am one pastey girl!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flashback: Curry Christmas

The weekend before Christmas, my mom and pops and Rileton & Reidster came to stay with us for the weekend. We had a grrreeeeat time hanging out, eating, rock-banding, grilling, and opening presents. Love you guys!

our little family artist hard at work :)

the boys rocking out...shirtless...HOT.
the kiddos about to head out
me and B with the parentals before dinner <3 href=",+b,+parentals.jpg">
me and B & our teeny little tree :)
little kerbey after a lonnnng weekend of playing with all the boys!

The Big 2-4

1. Work was super fun.
2. I was extra productive and got some things done that I had needed to do for like...4 days now :)
3. I got some super sweet cards in the mail from fam.
4. Lotsa phone calls and texts from people that I lovvvvve.
5. My sweet little hub brought me DELICIOUS molten lava cakes from this DELICIOUS bakery here in town, Chez Bazzan.
6. B-rizzle treated me to a date night. Yay for Dinner and A Movie <3
7. Even AVERY had a bday gift for me!! She went nuts when B and I got in bed and Brian was able to feel her kick for the first time!!!!! (more like...8 times. I think she was dancing in there!)


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Shoog

Brian came home from his hunting trip a week ago with a little surprise for me: He and my pops had planned a trip to The Shoog for us! Of course, I was pumped. We EVEN planned on spending NYE '09 with Lance and Kayla!!!

So plans didn't quite pan out the way we had hoped, but we had a blast anyway. We got into town MUCH later than anticipated so cancelled plans with L&K. We went to dinner at my favvvv place ever: Benihana. And now I crave it every single day. Awesome. Dinner took so long that we just went home, watched the ball drop on TV, and waited for my party-animal parentals to get home from their night on the town :)

We spent the rest of the week hanging out with my bros before they go back to school, chillin with the parentals, seeing old Shoog friends, watching Kerbey and Tori completely exhaust eachother. The boys golfed, while mom and I went maternity shopping. The boys went to the shooting range, while mom and I went maternity shopping again. FYI- on Thursday of last week, my jeans were all of a sudden MUCH tighter. CRAZYYY/fun :) Yay for the Shoog. Yay for my Curry fam. Yay for 2009. and Yay for my handy-man hub who is a TERRIFIC garbage-disposal-installer. It sure is nice to have my very own personal plumber :)

Hook 'em :)

Brian and I had an interesting day. We had a giant ordeal with our electric company...but I'll go into that later. It is wayyyyyy to far past my bedtime for me to be on here, but I just had to say one thing:


Brian and I just got back from a friend's house where we watched the DVRed Fiesta Bowl. Um, I nearly had a heart attack at the end, but I'm proud to say, I never lost faith in my 'horns :)
Now with that said, GOOD NIGHT!!