Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Idol

I love American Idol. Seriously. I do. And I'm SO glad they're not showing QUITE as many of the terrrrrible auditions. They get so old. And the judges can be so mean! And it's obvious that half of the people on there are just trying to get on TV anyway...ANNOYING.
So anyway. As I said, I love American Idol. I love hearing people with pretttyyyy voices sing! But I can't stand when the judges make people cry :( It makes me sad! Some people just can't help that they're super awkward...and if they like the sound of their voice...then just let the cute little things sing! Haha...okay. Anyway-
I love American Idol. and I'm exciiited it's on again. (Except I can't stand when there's a show on TV that actually makes me SAD to miss...that seems kind of pathetic doesn't it??)
Everyone drive safe, and pray for safety on the roads tonight/tomorrow!


L-Kat said...

the dude with the beard was SO awkward. i felt uncomfortable watching... oh! and the guy with the guitar. SO awkward. and strange. i've never watched the show in the try-out stage (and i've only watched one other season), so this is very interesting for me. and i agree - i don't like when people cry.

Kayla said...

I never watch it, Maybe I should start!

Ivy said...

i love it too!! love love love. i am a faithful watcher. i like to watch peoples dreams come true!

but i hate it when the jusdes make ppl cry. it breaks my heart!

Jason and Lindsey said...

i love it too! about to watch last nights recording:).