Thursday, February 26, 2009

**Avery's Room**

Avery's room ACTUALLY kind of looks like a baby room! We've got her crib and bedding (minus the sheets). The walls are painted (minus the cute fun details that will be added later!). And we've even got an additional piece of furniture (thanks MarshMarsh & Davey!). I'm getting Avery's letters from my mom in a couple of weeks, so I can't start painting those. THANKS MOMMA for using your crafty skills to cut 'em out for me! And we've gotta get a changing table. We're on the way!!

FCCC Baby Shower!!

So I forgot to even take my camera OUT at the shower that some of my fav ladies from FCCC threw for Avery and me. Because of that, the only pics I have are of a few of my fav things that we received! I'm still waiting on SOMEONE who was there (& took pics) to send me a few! I need some record of how amazingly presh the Freede house looked and how cute all of the hostesses looked in their pink attire! They really did a superrrr great job :)

Love this bib. DUH.

Avery will be STYLIN' !!

I know this isn't that cool, but it's my FAVORITE thing!! I can't wait to see little Avery straight out of the bathtub all bundled in her cute little purple hippo hooded towel!

One of my fav sets of burp-cloths...just my style :)

There is NOTHING cuter than a chubby little baby in a swimsuit!

I had NO idea that "Life is Good" made baby clothes and I couldn't be more excited about it!


Avery's future fav toy <3

Yay for our pretty/unisex stroller & carseat

Super-cool convertible rocker...I'm pumped about this one.

It seriously is INSANE how much there is for babies! And we're still going to get a few MORE things. I don't know how it all fits in one house. Anyway- thanks to everyone for all of our gifts. We appreciate it SO much and feel SUPER-loved :) We're headed to Austin this weekend for our 2nd shower. YAY...I miss that city! Have a terrif wknd :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


V-day weekend: AWESOME.
Baby Shower: AWESOME.

**Details coming soon! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sneaky Ultrasound & Tums

Brian and I found a way to sneak in another ultrasound yesterday! We aren't able to get another at our least not at the expense of our insurance. THey only pay for 2 unless another one is necessary...and we are THANKFUL that we're experiencing no complications that would make a 3rd ultrasound necessary. HOWEVER, we still want to see little Avery's cute little face again!

So, a friend from work hooked me up with a guy's number from the Tyler Junior College sonography department. YAY!! We went in yesterday and got to see various parts of Avery's presh little body for about 45 minutes! Her face is soooo cute. She totally has my nose. Her legs are lonnng and her feet are LARGE!! She's got 3 months for everything to even out though. OH! And we discovered that the little "baby kicks" I thought I had been feeling all the time are actually hiccups! She gets hiccups at least 3 times a day. I love it. After May comes and goes I will miss those little hiccups in my belly.

On a bummer note- I have discovered over the past 2 days that I can no longer consume EITHER caffeine or icing. One or both of these have left me BURNING with indigestion, so today I had neither, and I've been able to steer clear of my handy-dandy Tums all day! Awesome.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Hurrr

I finallyyyyy got my hurr cut today! It was VERY necessary, as my hair is out of control long with not NEAR enough layers. Well...was. I have been planning on going to an actual salon for the first time in YEARS, but alas- I just couldn't do it. I dropped in to see my go-to girls at Mastercuts and Amy HOOKED ME UP with the haircut I've been requesting for the last year, but no one has been able to pull off.

I'm happy. :) Thanks Amy. You're my fav cheap-hurr-stylist ever.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Okay... Mer tagged me to do this forever ago, but I'm just now getting around to it :)

10 truths about me:

1. I can't stop eating sweets. I mean, I always have a sweet tooth, but all of a sudden, this third trimester has attacked me with cravings for cupcakes, chocolate cake, smores, hersheys.... it's nuts.

2. I'm honestly not sure if I would rather Brian find a job here so we can stay in Tyler, or find one in some other city that I love?? Who knows...good thing God is in charge!

3. I always said I wanted all boys, but I could NOT be more excited that we're having a girl :)

4. Purple is my fav color at the moment. Green will always be my all-time fav, but I just can't get away from purple lately.

5. I LOVED high school and would totally be okay with getting to go back in time and spend another few months in my high school life :)

6. I realllyyyyy want to live super close to my bros and their wives when we all have kids. That would be the bomb.

7. Even though I think burnt orange should be considered an ugly color, I can't help but think it's beauuuutiful :) Seriously...I love it and would totally be down with my entire house being decorated in UT colors!

8. I want to be friends with the homeless people I pass on the road.

9. I can't WAAAIIITTT to take Avery out in our jogging stroller! And if we aren't given one, it MIGHT be the first thing I go out and buy :)

10. I seriously look forward to seeing Brian everyday. He's best friend. I know marriage will be one of our greatest challenges in life, but right now I just feel like I get to live with my best friend, goof around, have the most supportive person right next to me allll the time. I love being married to B-rizzle :) I'm supposed to tag 7 people. I'm honestly not even sure who's already done this. If you have, then ignore my tag :) I tag:
Kayla, Nug, Ivy, Laura D, Kellianne, Loobs, and.... Nick/Kim Espi!!

Love <3


Brian has an interview today at 3:00pm for a job in Tyler...pretty much the ONLY pharma opening in Tyler. So- there will be LOTS of super-qualified people interviewing! We know that all things will work out the way they should...but we would appreciate prayers!! :)

Thanks loves. More later!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's GRAMMY Night!!

I have lots to do to prepare for work for the week...but the Grammys are on. So.... I'm drinking Diet Coke (w/caffeine!!), watching the Grammys, and planning on staying up PRETTY far past my normal pregnant-girl bedtime :)

I Am Second

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Got a random commenter on my previous post. Was going to ignore, but instead went and checked out his blog. His last post is the story of his testimony. Check it!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Thanks to my friends for the lovvvve! You all are the

Thanks to the Grannis Familia for coming to Tyler last week to hang out, help me register, and keep me and Brian company! Love you :)

Thanks to my grrreat co-workers who are supportive and awesome and prayer warriors :) The encouragement is much-appreciated!

Thanks to my mommy & daddy who are supportive, encouraging, empathetic, and just...always what we need!

Thanks to MarshMarsh and Davey (Brian's parentals). You guys are all of the same things!

Thanks to my shower hostesses who are planning away! I can't wait!

Thanks to the people who talk to me on the phone alll the time :) Don't know what I'd do without someone to chatter to!

Thanks to hub for trusting God, for loving me & Avery, for being exactly what I need alllll theeee timmmmme. I lovvvvve you soooooo much! And I'm proud of you!

Thanks to The Lord for providing what we need. And for loving us all the time, forgiving us for being dumb little humans, giving us hope, and drawing us near!

Thanks to Rileton and Reid for calling me. I like it. It makes me happy :) My bros rock.

Thanks to Brian's friends for making him smile!

Thanks to Kerbey for knowing when we're sad. The hand licks are surprisingly comforting :)

Thanks to whoever invented sports for creating something so entertaining...a much needed distraction sometimes!

And finally, Thanks to Hershey's Chocolate Factory...for making the most delicious thing ever to touch my tongue.

K- those are my "thank yous" for today!