Thursday, February 26, 2009

FCCC Baby Shower!!

So I forgot to even take my camera OUT at the shower that some of my fav ladies from FCCC threw for Avery and me. Because of that, the only pics I have are of a few of my fav things that we received! I'm still waiting on SOMEONE who was there (& took pics) to send me a few! I need some record of how amazingly presh the Freede house looked and how cute all of the hostesses looked in their pink attire! They really did a superrrr great job :)

Love this bib. DUH.

Avery will be STYLIN' !!

I know this isn't that cool, but it's my FAVORITE thing!! I can't wait to see little Avery straight out of the bathtub all bundled in her cute little purple hippo hooded towel!

One of my fav sets of burp-cloths...just my style :)

There is NOTHING cuter than a chubby little baby in a swimsuit!

I had NO idea that "Life is Good" made baby clothes and I couldn't be more excited about it!


Avery's future fav toy <3

Yay for our pretty/unisex stroller & carseat

Super-cool convertible rocker...I'm pumped about this one.

It seriously is INSANE how much there is for babies! And we're still going to get a few MORE things. I don't know how it all fits in one house. Anyway- thanks to everyone for all of our gifts. We appreciate it SO much and feel SUPER-loved :) We're headed to Austin this weekend for our 2nd shower. YAY...I miss that city! Have a terrif wknd :)

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Jacci said...

yay! haha, i'm excited my presents made your fave list. there was no way i could pass up those leopard shoes. love you sexy mama and can't wait for avery to BE HERE!!! :)