Monday, February 9, 2009


Okay... Mer tagged me to do this forever ago, but I'm just now getting around to it :)

10 truths about me:

1. I can't stop eating sweets. I mean, I always have a sweet tooth, but all of a sudden, this third trimester has attacked me with cravings for cupcakes, chocolate cake, smores, hersheys.... it's nuts.

2. I'm honestly not sure if I would rather Brian find a job here so we can stay in Tyler, or find one in some other city that I love?? Who knows...good thing God is in charge!

3. I always said I wanted all boys, but I could NOT be more excited that we're having a girl :)

4. Purple is my fav color at the moment. Green will always be my all-time fav, but I just can't get away from purple lately.

5. I LOVED high school and would totally be okay with getting to go back in time and spend another few months in my high school life :)

6. I realllyyyyy want to live super close to my bros and their wives when we all have kids. That would be the bomb.

7. Even though I think burnt orange should be considered an ugly color, I can't help but think it's beauuuutiful :) Seriously...I love it and would totally be down with my entire house being decorated in UT colors!

8. I want to be friends with the homeless people I pass on the road.

9. I can't WAAAIIITTT to take Avery out in our jogging stroller! And if we aren't given one, it MIGHT be the first thing I go out and buy :)

10. I seriously look forward to seeing Brian everyday. He's best friend. I know marriage will be one of our greatest challenges in life, but right now I just feel like I get to live with my best friend, goof around, have the most supportive person right next to me allll the time. I love being married to B-rizzle :) I'm supposed to tag 7 people. I'm honestly not even sure who's already done this. If you have, then ignore my tag :) I tag:
Kayla, Nug, Ivy, Laura D, Kellianne, Loobs, and.... Nick/Kim Espi!!

Love <3

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Kayla said...

Burnt Orange house?! Don't do that to Avery! :)