Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cameron: 5 Months!

My youngest child is 5 months old!  Whoa.  When Ave was this age we though she was getting "soooo old" and now with Cam it's easy to realize she is still such a teeny little baby.  She truly does get more and more fun every day.  We love our babymunchkin a LOT!!  Her cute little smile makes me soooo happy and sometimes even makes me cry ha! 

WEIGHT: 15 pounds
  • fav toys: playmat, jumperoo, anything to chew on!
  • never has been a big paci fan
  • no longer sleeps with paci
  • poops once a day (praise the Lord!)
  • 6oz every 3 hrs
  • always looks like she's trying to whistle!
  • i think she's going through a growth spurt bc she's been eating a TON the last couple of days!
  • stares at her big sis non stop
  • gets mad when you give her attention and then give it to someone else (middle child??)
  • loves kissy sounds
  • is getting a LITTLE more of a giggle noise going.  pretty dang cute.
  • loves the outdoors (like any baby i think??)
  • is wearing 6-9 mo clothing
  • rolls over like crazy for her daddy but notsomuch for me...??
  • is totally content in her bumbo if she's got something to chew on
  • loves kerbey and giggles at her sometimes
  • sleeps about 10 hrs a night
  • LOVES bathtime.  like....LOVELOVES. she splashes like cuh-raaaazy.  cuteness.
  • does NOT like to be snuggled unless super exhausted
  • likes attention and freedom at the same time.
WE LOVE YOU CAMERTON!!!  Our little goobers are growing up! We are some super lucky parentals bc our girlies are sweeeeeeeetsweet babies!! :)


GabbyRM said...

Yay! Sounds like she's doing great!

Jason and Lindsey said...

Are you kidding me right now? That first picture is so freaking ADORABLE!! I just want to pick her up and squeeze her! I agree that you have two swwweeett little ones! You are a great little mommy! So proud! Love you:)!