Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crazy Busy

It seems like there is just not enough time in a day!  We've got a lot going on around the Bradford casa. What with nap schedules, mealtimes, bottles, diaper changes, and then everything else in life, I'm not even sure a 30-hour day would cut it. 

Avery is a busy little bee.  She's really starting to talk more and more and more...repeating most things she hears out of mommy & daddy's mouth, obsessing over animals sounds, being a sweet little mommy to her babydolls & stuffed animals.  It is SO sweet.  She is also loving entertaining her baby sister.  Melts my heart.

Cameron has become a little person!! She is so animated! That child loves her jumperoo, squeals like crazy pretty much all day, cannot get enough of her big sister... She is changing so much and I love it, but at the same time, I want her to STOP IT NOW!!  I lovelovelove having a teeny baby around, and although as she grows she gets more and more fun, I will SO miss the baby stage!  And this time around, we are NOT expecting to add another teenytiny anytime soon! 

Our move-in date is Dec.18th, so I'm starting to pack things up with any free moments I can find in the day.  Progress is SLIM, but we'll get there :)  I know if I don't get it all done, my awesome Lifegroupers will hook me up with some help!! (wink, wink)

This weekend is going to be ridic.  On Friday evening we've got a going away party for Brian's current manager.  Saturday we've got a first bday party, a meeting with our new landlord, and then 2 super fun Christmas parties hosted by a coworker and then a friend that night.  Annnd finally, on Sunday we've got our Lifegroup Christmas party.  SO PUMPED about this wknd.

I've also gotten my hands on a few new things.  I've started a new fitness blog (check it out!!).  I'm starting to invest a lot more into my training business (live in the Dallas area and need a trainer/consultant?? email me!!)  I'm in the works with a friend of mine who is an amaaazing wedding planner in DFW to get some cool stuff going (check out her blog!) And last, but mosdef not least, I was introduced to something that I truly believe is life-changing.  If you don't know what stem-cells should do some research.  They are the future of medicine and are allowing for a natural way for the body to heal and repair its own cells!  This discovery will truly change lives...and as a skeptic of these types of things... I have done my research.  Believe me.  I just can't help but to back this company and help spread the word.  Stay tuned for more info in the near future!

Although we're busy around here, we are loving life and enjoying all of the places we are being led!  I am amazed (but not the least bit surprised) with the awesomeness that God had in store for Brian and I when he led us to the Dallas area. 

K, gotta go fold laundry and then the worst part...actually put it away (boo!)...before my momma arrives tomorrow!  Happy Humpday!

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