Thursday, December 2, 2010

rolloverrrr! (& other news)

So, on Tuesday night, we had a Lifegroup girls' night out!  It was teeeeerrif.  While I got my paint on @ G'Nosh, B-Riz had bathtime/bedtime duty all by his big bad awesome daddy self. While I was away, Cameron decided it was finalllyyyyy time for her to start rolling over. B says she conquered the feat LOTS of times while hangin out on her playmat.  Until tonight, she refused to rollover for her mommy.  But, FINALLY, I got to witness it tonight!  So proud of my little munchkin.
ready to go!


cheerleader kelly. annnnd the rest of us.

Last night, we met the Weghorsts in Allen to take some pics for this year's Christmas cards.  Thanks Casey for having a superrrr great camera and hooking us up! We love you guys!  All 3 of the girls were twinkies and looked beyond presh!!!
little besties.
Today I had a meeting scheduled with the owner of a little training studio in Frisco.  Soooo I dropped my girlies for a playdate w my sweet friend Jenny and little Jake and headed out to the facility.  Um.  Totally got stood up.  Not cool.  I got phone call from him later on and it actually sounds like a pretty cool opportunity.  We'll see if I can gather up enough clients to come work out with me out there to make it all worth while!

OH! AND!  We turned in our deposit and our signed lease for our new house in McKinney!  SOOO EXCITED!!! Move in date is Dec.18.  Who wants to help us move!?? YIPPEEEE!!
he new Bradford casa!

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AHHHHH I love your new house!!