Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cameron Lily Bradford

...was born this evening at 6:54pm.  She weighed 7lb 15oz and is 21.25in long.  The labor and delivery went really well!  She shocked us by making her entrance after a whopping 2.5 pushes.  Thanks sista- your mommy totally appreciates that.  BIG time!  Her Nonni, Big Poppy, Nana & Papa were all at the hospital to greet her.  Her big sis Avery is already obsessed...I think bc she thinks she's a really awesome doll and wants to play w/her SO bad.  She keeps getting really upset bc we can't let her pull on/hold her little sis yet.  Your time will come Aves!

My nurse, Lynda, was the bomb and I literally am going to miss her.  I already have plans to come visit her this week when she's on.  Cameron's daddy was the bomb all day long...keeping me company, helping me contain myself during contractions, waiting on me hand & foot, being the messenger to our waiting room you sooooo much babe!  Couldn't have done it nearly as well without you! 

My momma had Avery duty last night/this morning and got Avery all cutesied up in her "big sis" T-shirt and her special butterfly fun-bag.  Thanks for taking care of our firstborn little munchkin-angel mom! 

It was a super great day with our sweet little kiddos, our super awesome parents, a great hospital staff, and lots of love from our sweet friends!  Love all of you guys SO much!  The encouragement and prayers really mean SO much to us...especially for me earlier on when I was starting to get pretty nervous about the induction!  Loves <3

Can't wait for Cameron's aunts/uncles/honorary aunts/uncles to arrive and spend some time with us and our fam of 4!!  AND can't wait for tomorrow when there's no LABOR to endure...just hang out time at the hospital w/friends & fam!

Thank you God for answering our prayers, for blessing us with another beautiful little soul to nurture, for giving us a joyful & peaceful day, and just for being AWESOME. 

Cameron's on her way!!

Well- my water has been broken. Ice been having contractions since about 10.30ish- although they've been pretty minor. They are DEF intensifying thouGh!

Listening to jeremy camp station on pandora, praying for Cameron & the delivery and relishing in the whole birth experience for now :)

Annnnd hurting a bit too :)

g- paRents are in the waiting area w Aves and b is hanging out w me, helping w whatever he can!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Killin' Time

Yesterday Brian and I decided to go on one last "just us" outing to the golf course.  I rode w/ him during a round of golf, which I haven't been able to do in AGES.  Aves went over to the Weghorts' to hang out with Tatum, Casey & Greg.  They are SUCH cute little friends!!  When Tatum woke up from her nap, Casey dressed them as twinkies...and they even had on matching pjs when we went to go get her!!

B stayed home today to help me out w/Averton bc I was having trouble moving.  He basically did everything for Aves & for me and I even got to read a tonnn of my current book ( Redeeming Love...yes I'm FINALLYYYYY reading the book every female I know has told me I should read) Thanks Boo- you're the bomb :)  

My mom is now on her way here to hang out until Cameron's arrival.  33 hours til we head to the hospital!! yippeeeee!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dear Cameron

Please be born.  We are beyond ready.  For real, girlfriend.

Your mommy, daddy, & big sis love you lotttssss already :)  AND your mom is kind of over being pregnant ( or REALLY over it ).  And your dad is kind of over having a wife who is incapable of doing anything but sit on her bum or walk like a cripple.  And your seester is over having a mommy who can't play with her.

But hey- take your time.  We're ready when you are.  Just sayin'  :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

5 days & 10.5 hours...

If Cameron doesn't come on her own....only 5 days and 10 and a half hours left.  Hallelujah :)  I have never had sleeping issues during pregnancy.  Or really in life for that matter.   Just in the last few days has sleep become a matter how tired I am.  BUT- like I said...not much longer :)  I also have not been feeling super hot for the last 24 hours.  Thanks goodness my inlaws came through town and surprised us by staying a couple of nights and helping us out HARDCORE around the house.   They've run errands, cleaned, organized, done all kinds of little things have become a massive chore for me and this belly.  THANKS BRADFORDS!!!

I now have 100% perfectly clean bathrooms, which I have been dying for.  YAY!  What would I do without my parents/inlaws hooking me up.  You guys are great maids :)  I would totally pay for your services if you'd let me :)

Another thing...Cameron is getting huge.  Her toes are digging into my UPPER ribs constantly.  And at any given moments she's got two arms and a leg poking out from both sides of my stomach.  Her little (or large) toosh causes the left side of my belly to stick out about 2 more inches than the right side.  It's pretty hilar.  I think she's getting huge.  And I'm PRETTY sure it's time for her to get up outta my belly.  We are READY for you sister.  Me, your daddy, and your big sis are allllll ready.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

8 More Days!!!

Seriously?  Cameron's induction date is only 8 days away!!  I am hoping/praying that she comes before that...but if not- I can totally handle 8 more days :)  I know I keep mentioning my "groin charlie horses".  Here's the deal:  Cameron is sitting nice and low and ready to be birthed...which is GREAT!  The only bad part is that she's positioned in a way that crushes the nerves to my groin.  Anytime she moves her upper body, my groin feels like I'm having a massive muscle cramp...basically the same feeling as a calf/hamstring/arch cramp.  It was just happening when I was on my feet, but now it happens anytime I try to lift my legs onto the couch or bed.  And when I'm laying in bed.  And when I'm sitting a certain way.  I think it just depends on the combination of my position and her position ha.  HOWEVER- I can always readjust until I find a position that is NOT it could definitely be worse!  And like I said...I only have 8 more days!  And this groin sitch is really my only complaint!

Today I've felt pretty good, and I have had a few little errands I've been wanting to run for a week.  So Aves and I headed out to buy a baby book for Cameron.  I didn't have the book with me when Averton was born, so I didn't get her footprints/handprints at the hospital- sad :(  I'm not making the same mistake I've finally got that checked off my list.  I also FINALLY got the last piece of my dad's father's day gift that we'll give him when he comes up to Plano next week.  Yay!  I'm pumped.  He'll be in love :)  Annnnnd the last errand I was able to squeeze in before I needed to SIT down & relax was a quick trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.  We recently realized that during our April move, one of our kitchen appliance boxes disappeared.  TRAG!! I don't know if it got thrown away accidentally, fell off the back of a truck....who knows?  But so far what we DO know is that our slow cooker and our ice cream maker are nowhere to be found :(  And there is literally NOwhere they could be hiding.  We have gone through/unpacked/organized every last inch of this apartment since the move.  Anyway- I've got heaps of fresh blueberries & peaches w/out much life left that are begging to made into delicious and refreshing a new sorbet maker is now sitting on my kitchen cabinet.  YAY!!!  Can't wait til it's done so we can indulge in some fresh fruity goodness!

Happy Hump Day :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Festivities!!

I had been sooooo looking forward to our 4th of July plans as kind of my last big fun social activity before Cameron makes her debut.  Soooo...when the weather got super-yuck I was slightly bummed.  And then when my groin continued to act up more and more and more, I got even more bummed.  But I prayyyyed that it would somehow all work out...and IT DID!! Thanks God :) 
We spent the afternoon hanging out, snacking, socializing, and watching the kiddos play @ our friends', The Weghorsts.  Casey even made Big Red Ice Cream...YUMMM!!!
These 4 kiddos had a blast playing together.  This was the best of about 25 pics we snapped during this little photo sesh :)
Tatum & Aves seem to love sitting together in Tatum's chair...although I think they're getting a littttle too big to share :)
They stole all our ice!!
Avery scarfed a LARGE amount of watermelon....and a couple rinds too! ha.
Our little red/white/blue fam photo- w/Aves waving "hi" to the camera.
The dads were on kid-duty during the walk to Dr.Pepper Ballpark
Go RoughRiders!  How awesome is that headband??  Thanks Casey :)
Aves was obsessssssed w/the fireworks.  Seriously.  This child squeeled and tried to grab them out of the sky.  She was wide eyed w/a huge grin on her face and clapped every 5 seconds.  Quite a change from her fireworks experience last yr @ the ripe old age of 8 months.

We had a super terrific day, but MAN were we exhausted when we finally got home that night.  No one in our house woke up before 9am on Monday morning...and that NEVER happpens.  It was AWESOME.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me energy, getting my groin in CHECK for the day, and for even surprising us with unexpected pretty weather! 

Monday, July 5, 2010


Last week started off with the arrival of my momma to help me get some stuff done.  I'm having these massive charlie horses in my groin bc of the way Cameron is positioned, so it's QUITE a challenge for me to venture out into public or to get a ton done at home!  Thanks for all your help mamacita!
Avery saying byebye to daddy before work!
Leaving Hobby Lobby
a play-break for the little sprout-head!!
rough housing w/nonni since mommy is 100% incapable of that right now!
goofin around on nonni's last night!

The Bradfords (my in-laws) were in the DFdub on Thursday evening before flying out early Friday morning for Colorado! (jeal.)  They joined Averton and I @ B's indoor game and then we grabbed dinner before they headed on their way.
Aves dragged Nana up & down those stairs approx 87 times. 
That much stair climbinb will wear a little girl out!
mmmm cookieeeeesss

some mommy love :)

My cousin and his girlfriend arrived @ our place late Thursday night to stay with us before flying out of DFW the next morning.  We had a super fun time staying up late and chatting away!  Love you guys- hope you had fun!

And finally- my dear friend from college, Linzer, and her hubby Jeremy came over on Saturday and spent the night with us on their way through town!  It was sooooo super wonderfully great to hang out, chat, catch up on life, see her cute little baby bump, and let Aves get to know them!  Thanks for hangin with us, Martins!  We love you and you're welcome to visit anytime!!