Monday, July 5, 2010


Last week started off with the arrival of my momma to help me get some stuff done.  I'm having these massive charlie horses in my groin bc of the way Cameron is positioned, so it's QUITE a challenge for me to venture out into public or to get a ton done at home!  Thanks for all your help mamacita!
Avery saying byebye to daddy before work!
Leaving Hobby Lobby
a play-break for the little sprout-head!!
rough housing w/nonni since mommy is 100% incapable of that right now!
goofin around on nonni's last night!

The Bradfords (my in-laws) were in the DFdub on Thursday evening before flying out early Friday morning for Colorado! (jeal.)  They joined Averton and I @ B's indoor game and then we grabbed dinner before they headed on their way.
Aves dragged Nana up & down those stairs approx 87 times. 
That much stair climbinb will wear a little girl out!
mmmm cookieeeeesss

some mommy love :)

My cousin and his girlfriend arrived @ our place late Thursday night to stay with us before flying out of DFW the next morning.  We had a super fun time staying up late and chatting away!  Love you guys- hope you had fun!

And finally- my dear friend from college, Linzer, and her hubby Jeremy came over on Saturday and spent the night with us on their way through town!  It was sooooo super wonderfully great to hang out, chat, catch up on life, see her cute little baby bump, and let Aves get to know them!  Thanks for hangin with us, Martins!  We love you and you're welcome to visit anytime!!

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