Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dear Cameron

Please be born.  We are beyond ready.  For real, girlfriend.

Your mommy, daddy, & big sis love you lotttssss already :)  AND your mom is kind of over being pregnant ( or REALLY over it ).  And your dad is kind of over having a wife who is incapable of doing anything but sit on her bum or walk like a cripple.  And your seester is over having a mommy who can't play with her.

But hey- take your time.  We're ready when you are.  Just sayin'  :)


Wendi said...

Hope she comes SOON!! Keep us posted - can't wait to see pics. :)

Jason and Lindsey said...

Rox you crack me up! The way you addressed Cameron is hilarious! I know you must be so ready. We will be praying for sooner than later! Can't wait to meet princess #2:)!