Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Festivities!!

I had been sooooo looking forward to our 4th of July plans as kind of my last big fun social activity before Cameron makes her debut.  Soooo...when the weather got super-yuck I was slightly bummed.  And then when my groin continued to act up more and more and more, I got even more bummed.  But I prayyyyed that it would somehow all work out...and IT DID!! Thanks God :) 
We spent the afternoon hanging out, snacking, socializing, and watching the kiddos play @ our friends', The Weghorsts.  Casey even made Big Red Ice Cream...YUMMM!!!
These 4 kiddos had a blast playing together.  This was the best of about 25 pics we snapped during this little photo sesh :)
Tatum & Aves seem to love sitting together in Tatum's chair...although I think they're getting a littttle too big to share :)
They stole all our ice!!
Avery scarfed a LARGE amount of watermelon....and a couple rinds too! ha.
Our little red/white/blue fam photo- w/Aves waving "hi" to the camera.
The dads were on kid-duty during the walk to Dr.Pepper Ballpark
Go RoughRiders!  How awesome is that headband??  Thanks Casey :)
Aves was obsessssssed w/the fireworks.  Seriously.  This child squeeled and tried to grab them out of the sky.  She was wide eyed w/a huge grin on her face and clapped every 5 seconds.  Quite a change from her fireworks experience last yr @ the ripe old age of 8 months.

We had a super terrific day, but MAN were we exhausted when we finally got home that night.  No one in our house woke up before 9am on Monday morning...and that NEVER happpens.  It was AWESOME.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me energy, getting my groin in CHECK for the day, and for even surprising us with unexpected pretty weather! 

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the tichenor family said...

you look amazing. adorable. totally glowing!