Friday, April 30, 2010


So I planned on a super detailed post about the craziness that was the month of April, but now I can't remember just for my own sake, a quick run-down:

-Avery was still fighting through her nasty/congestiony/overload of green mucus/lack of sleep/virus thingy.  And I had determined after a couple of months that it was related to the fact that I did a TERRIBLE job in our old apartment of de-Kerbey-fying the place (hence there was dog hair/dander all over everytthiinnnggggg)
-We moved the weekend of April 10th.  It was crazy, busy, exhausting, but GREAT and efficient thanks to our awesome families for helping.
-Since our move, Avery's health has miraculously returned to GREATness.  YAY.
-My mom came up for a few days towards the end of April to assist me with unpacking...we were able to get some things done that my preg-belly/having an almost 1-yr-old kept me from being able to do myself.  It was a huuuuge help- thanks mamacita!!
-I'm pretty sure I spent EVERY day of April from the 10th on unpacking, organizing, making runs to Goodwill to donate an insane amount of STUFF, putting things away, sorting through boxes....I squeezed in as much of that as possible between taking care of Averton...she even helped me sometimes (or...played in the boxes I emptied ha).  Despite being pretty dang tiring, it was truly therapuetic and incredibly satisfying to go through literally every single thing that we own and designate a place for it.
-Brian and I spent one Saturday cleaning out and organizing the garage...we literally worked for 9 hours...Brian never stopped.   So proud :)  I def took some breaks... It looks awesome babe.
-HIGHLIGHT of April:  EASTER CAMPING at Pedernales Falls!  Oh my trip of my year...always.  I look SO forward to it and it did not disappoint.  The only thing that could have made it better was if Rileton had been there!  It was Avery's first camping trip and she was a trooper.  She was POOPED (we hadn't moved yet, so she was still pretty sick) the entire weekend, and had one night when she was up for approx 7 of the 10 hours we were in the tent attempting to sleep...but we had a blast regardless. 
-Avery & I drove down to Fredericksburg to meet my momma & grandmother @ my parents' new place down there for a few days.  Yay for a 4 generations girls' trip!  The house is super great, the land is gorgeous....we're super excited to spend LOTS of time down there mom & dad!!  

**I think that about covers it... Yay for April, but glad it's in the past!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moving Success!

Moving was successful!! Yay :)  It was amaaazing to have both sets of parents, plus Ames & her main squeeze (BM) to help us out!  Thanks mom/dad/Marsh/Dave for all of your help.  We love you guys and are making progress over here @ our new place slowly but surely!!

We are SUPER happy that we chose to switch to a new complex.  We love our new location.  WE love our new complex.  And our new apt feels SO much more like a little house/home then the old one! 

Now off to finish cooking dinner before American Idol! Happy Tuesday.  Can't wait to see my momma again tomorrow when she arrives to help me balance unpacking/entertaining Averton! 

Friday, April 9, 2010


Both sets of our parents are headed to DFW for the wknd to help us with our big move!  We're just moving 15 minutes down the road to the Frisco/Plano area...but regardless of how NOT far it's a big move!!  A giant 26' truck's worth!

Here's praying for great weather and no complications! :)  Happy wknd!