Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How To: Use Fun Fonts on your Blog Posts!!

Thank you kevinandamanda.com for posting such an EASY-TO-FOLLOW tutorial on how to spice up my blog! In response to a request from a friend, here is the link to Amanda's blog where she not only walks you through the process, but also has a TON of super cute fonts you can download!!

Michael Vick

I've got to admit...I agree with T.O. on this one. My personal opinion? Mike (yes, we're on a first name basis...he used to be my imaginary boyfriend) should NOT be subjected to a league suspension. The dude has SERVED. HIS. TIME. Yes, I think that the whole dog-fighting thing is SICK. TWISTED. truly EVIL. And although I am NOT an animal rights activist by any means, I believe that he deserved his punishment 100%. But...it's done. It seems pretttty excessive to Roger Goodell to impose even more of a punishment!

That's just me though. Perhaps I'm missing something?
...thought this was funny...couldn't resist :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Selling the House...

Brian and I are working DILIGENTLY to get our house prepped to go on the market! I talked to Jill Greer, a super-fabulous real estate agent in Richmond, who gave us some great tips on how to get everything ready! **Check our her blog here!!** We are in the process of cleaning cleaning and more cleaning as well as moving out some furniture into a storage unit so that the house looks a bit less cluttered. Please join us in prayer that we are able to sell our house quickly, AND that God will lead us to the place we are SURE He is preparing for us.

And please CONTINUE to pray that God provides Brian with a J.O.B. in the VERY near future!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Step on a crack...

My poor mommy. She had planned to come up here on Wednesday morning and stay for a few days in order to get our house all cleaned/organized/minimized, and we were SO excited to spend some time with her. Well, instead of mom showing up at the door on Wednesday morning, she called to inform me that she wasn't going to be able to make the trip. She threw her back out! Poor thing has been stuck on the floor/couch for 2 days now! Please please keep her in your prayers. Not only is she IN PAIN, but she is frustrated that she can't do much right now, AND she's bummed that she isn't in Tyler with her fav daughter, her fav son-in-law, and her FAVVV little granddaughter!

Momma- I promise I didn't step on any cracks. At least not on purpose! We love you and will see you next weekend!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun Fonts

So I feel like every blog I come across uses super fun fonts on their post titles. NOT FAIR. I finally figured it out though. WOOHOO! Yay for fun fonts! Just another way to keep me on the computer for longer than I should be!

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i (heart) Rick Reilly

I know that most of you who read my blog aren't the most avid sports fans. HOWEVER, I stumbled upon a super great article about Tiger Woods today. And it just happens to have been written by one of my all-time FAV sports writers, Rick Reilly. Tiger is an insanely talented golfer, and seems like a good guy...but I'm with Rick on this one: His "course etiquette" is LAC.KING.Cool, calm, & collected? Um...not so much...

Monday, July 20, 2009


hick⋅ey [hik-ee]
–noun, plural -eys.
1. Slang.
a. a pimple.

b. a reddish mark left on the skin by a passionate kiss.
2. any device or gadget whose name is not known or is momentarily forgotten.
3. Electricity. a fitting used to mount a lighting fixture in an outlet box or on a pipe or stud.
4. a tool used to bend tubes and pipes.

My baby girl gave me a hickey! I let her suck on my arm for a sec...it calms her down when she's hungry but I'm unable to feed her at that exact moment. Um...I'll think twice next time :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


So I never posted about the Family Galveston trip we went on a couple of weeks ago. My grandmother turned 82 on July 6th, and my mom really wanted to get her whole side of the fam together for a celebration, since we RARELY are all in the same place at the same time. We all spent the week preceding The Fourth in a beach house at Pirates' Beach. Our house was RIGHT on the water, which was PERFECT for such a big group! Our back patio offered a super gorgeous and peaceful view. We spent every morning out there drinking coffee and watching the fishermen, pelicans and dolphins. That was prob one of my fav parts of the trip!

The beach/ocean is my happy place. (Well, that and anyplace lost up in the Rocky Mountains!) It was so incredibly refreshing to be there after such a long hiatus. Living in Sugar Land, we were able to drive down to Galvy whenever we felt like it. Tyler is a liiiiittle different :) I miss the beach so much! Brian and I got up early one morning to walk (with Aves) along the beach as the sun was rising. Beautiful and Peaceful. I went on a run along the beach on 2 different mornings...my first times to run since DECEMBER!! It felt awesome, but MAN- I could tell it had been a looong time :)

THe week mainly consisted of eating at the house, playing in the water (we finally had some rough waters on Friday and Saturday!), building sandcastles, passing Avery around, playing cards, playing putt-putt (the Curry tradition), eating @ Gaido's (duh), and drinking coffee on the back patio. We all went down to the beach and hung out by the water the night of the 4th. We were able to catch pieces of about 15 different fireworks shows, which was super cool. Avery enjoyed her first beach trip, I think. I couldn't take her out the last 2 days though because my entire body was taken over by some kind of miserably itchy/burny heat rash...or something? I've never had a rash in my life that I can remember...so who knows? All I know is that it's gone, and I'm happy about it! Avery's first 4th wasn't too enjoyable for her...she wasn't a huge fan of the elevated decibels pumping into her eardrums :) Maybe next year??

Spending time with my aunts/uncles/sibs/parents/cousins/g-mama was truly special. Thanks momma for making it happen! We are so blessed with family who love AND enjoy each other!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 Months :)

Today our sweet girl is 2 months old! 2 months has come and gone INCREDIBLY quickly. It's nuts. People always tell you that it goes by so fast, but only now that I'm in the middle of it do I FINALLY understand. We are still having a super blast with Aves! She is starting to grow up a little bit more! She can finally look us in the eyes, follow us around the room, her head is CONSTANTLY on a swivel...but her neck still gets tired every now and then and she'll just kerplunk her head down in my chest. It's super cute :) When she gets really excited she kicks her legs super hard and if she happens to be laying in our lap at that moment, she almost catapults herself right onto the floor. She is a smiling MACHINE...particularly in the mornings. She loves her mommy and daddy and when someone else is holding her, she always looks toward us when she hears our voices! It's fun. She got her shots on Monday and definitely cried HARD for about a minute. Then whimpered for another minute. And then she was good to go! She really did awesome afterwards and her only rough moment was later that night when she cried for about 20 minutes straight as if she was just miserable. It was heart-wrenching, but after a good meal and a good dose of baby-tylenol, she slept GREAT! THe only downfall so far of Avery's growing up is that she no longer makes my FAV little sound!!! I really do miss it SO much...but I'm searching the videos I have taken of her HOPING that I captured it at least once! She's my little lamb, no more :(

On a happier note, little munchkin has been sleeping straight through the night for 2 weeks now! In the lat 15 days, she has only woken up to eat in the middle of the night TWICE!!! I seriously thank God for such a laid back, happy, SLEEP-LOVING babygirl :)

We spent all of last week in Galvy with my momma's side of the fam...that post is still to come! Happy week to all!!