Friday, May 29, 2009

Out Tonight!!

Brian and I are venturing out with Avery tonight. We've taken her plenty of public places this week, but we are FINALLY going on a social outing tonight with her. One of Brian's softball teammates is hosting their team party cookout at his house, so the three of us are packing up and heading out for some social interaction. We're pumped about it. Hopefully baby girl is in a super chipper mood!!...or sleepy... Either one would be perfectly acceptable :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Bday to my Hub!!

Brian is 29. We didn't really have tons of option today as to how to celebrate because little miss Aves keeps us pretty much at home for the majority of our days :) We did, however, venture out to Target, the SnoCone stand (YUM!), and Academy (Brian's fav). Avery did pretty great, although by the time we got to Academy she was pretty much ready to go HOME!

Avery was sporting her little "apple of daddy's eye" onesie, just for Brian. And although we haven't finished yet, she is in the process of making him a GREAT bday present. I'll post a pic when it's finalized. :)

So anyway- I know Brian is NOT at all about his bday, but I am!! Happy bday to you, B-Rizzle. I love you sooooo much and am more greatful than you realize for everything you have done for me for the past few months. I cannot imagine going through a day without you here and am excited to spend another year growing older with you!

Only downer on the day: B pulled his hammy at his soccer game tonight with only TWO MINUTES left in the game. BUMMER :(

OH! and thanks to Marsh & David for coming in town to make Brian's day feel a little more special.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Poppy & Uncle Reid's Quickie Visit

Uncle Reidster finished his first year of college this past week, and so was finally able to come see his little niece!! He and my dad drove alllll the way from San Diego to Tyler to see babygirl before heading back to The Shoog. We loved having them, and of COURSE, they loved hanging out with Avery :) Little Aves lovvves to hang out with Big Poppy and has now officially met both of her uncles! Yay.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Aunt Kayla's Visit!!

Kayla finally got to come see Avery last week! Avery has been super excited to meet her Aunt Kayla, so she was pumped about the visit. It has been so weird going through such a major life event with Kayla around to witness it. We have been able to be a part of most of eachother's lives forEVer, but as our lives continue to change, we just have to adjust to the distance and circumstances that prevent us from living next door to eachother, having kids who are best friends, etc...

Kayla was super sweet with Avery. She gave her lots of snuggle time, dressed her, attacked her paparazzi style, did some laundry, changed her poopy diapers... it was so cute! We were sad to see her go, but can't wait to see her again this summer in The Shoog!
Avery introduction to her Aunt Kayla

So pretty :)

mayyyybe getting tired of taking pics ;)

vedgin' out.

my little preshling.

more poopy time. kayla was a pro diapy-changer!

byebye Kayla!!

Papa & Nana's Visit

Brian's parentals (Papa & Nana) spent the weekend with us after my momma left. They arrived on Friday night and stayed until Sunday, soaking up every little second with their sweet little grandchild :) We love watching all four of Avery's grandparents oogle and adore her. She is lucky to be bombarded by soooooo much love :)

Picture summary of Papa/Nana's stay:
so happy to see Avery!

poopy time with nana

poopy time with papa (we have lots of poopy time around here)
playing dress up with nana

not too sure about this whole dress up thing

snuggles with nana

getting clean with papa

every moment is a kodak moment :)

snuggles with papa

byebye nana & papa!

Rileton the College Graduate!!

My momma left Tyler to head back to Houston and then to SA for Rileton's graduation!! We were super bummed to miss the ceremony :( He graduated on May 16, 2009 with a BA in Spanish/Minor in Math from Trinity University. Shout out to my bro for being awesome, graduating in 4 years, and making such an impact in San Antonio in SO many ways!! I'm so proud and I love you!!

Nonni's Visit

For the first week of Avery's life, my mom stayed with us in Tyler to help out in whatever way we needed it! It was soooo great to have her here, and I'm so thankful to have the greatest mom ev. Brian and I got to sleep in together for a few days while Avery and Nonni bonded over my mom's morning coffee. She and Brian took turns cooking, she kept the kitchen spic&span, she did Avery's laundry...and some of ours :) She ran a few errands for us when Brian was busy, and kept me company for the 2 days that Brian had to spend in Dallas. Avery loved it. I loved it. Brian appreciated it BIG time. It was so much fun having her here to help and just to hang out with, and we were sad to see her go!

A picture summary of Nonni's visit:

bath time with nonni

poopy time with nonni

sleepy time with nonni

kisses with nonni

gettin ready for bed with nonni

snuggle time with nonni

bye-bye nonni! :(

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 Week ALREADY!?

Today marks the 1-week anniversary of Avery's birth date! Crazy! Every morning we wake up and look at her...and she changes everrry day! Her puffy face has gone down, she's growing, her eyes open more, she is just tooooo cute :) Here are some pics from the first week of her life! ENJOY <3

On the day of her birth!

Back in the swollen face days :)

Haha...pretty in pink!

This girl yawns about 57 times a day.

I love the little squished lip!

Trying to look like a girl while we were still at the hospital!

Avery did not enjoy this part of Nonni's photo sesh.

All ready for bed but wayyy too wide-eyed!

Sweet baby. Sleepy time.

Pretty girrrrl <3>
She's only happy when we keep the bath water running, little stinker.

Avery LOVES to keep her left eye open ever so slightly JUST to be sure doesn't miss anything!

Little squish face napping on mommy

Babygirl napping after a yummy meal!

So glad Noah was able to stop by on his way back to Denton!

ALMOST smiling!!

Napping on Nonni (she loves to sleep, if you can't tell!)

Kerbey Lane giving Avery kisses!


Daddy dressing his little munchkin

Miss Markquette came to visit! Avery already loves her :)