Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 Week ALREADY!?

Today marks the 1-week anniversary of Avery's birth date! Crazy! Every morning we wake up and look at her...and she changes everrry day! Her puffy face has gone down, she's growing, her eyes open more, she is just tooooo cute :) Here are some pics from the first week of her life! ENJOY <3

On the day of her birth!

Back in the swollen face days :)

Haha...pretty in pink!

This girl yawns about 57 times a day.

I love the little squished lip!

Trying to look like a girl while we were still at the hospital!

Avery did not enjoy this part of Nonni's photo sesh.

All ready for bed but wayyy too wide-eyed!

Sweet baby. Sleepy time.

Pretty girrrrl <3>
She's only happy when we keep the bath water running, little stinker.

Avery LOVES to keep her left eye open ever so slightly JUST to be sure doesn't miss anything!

Little squish face napping on mommy

Babygirl napping after a yummy meal!

So glad Noah was able to stop by on his way back to Denton!

ALMOST smiling!!

Napping on Nonni (she loves to sleep, if you can't tell!)

Kerbey Lane giving Avery kisses!


Daddy dressing his little munchkin

Miss Markquette came to visit! Avery already loves her :)


Bo and Marie Mechinus said...

omg, she is cute!!!!!!!! all that hair is awesome. please let us know next time you come to austin!!

the tichenor family said...

She is such a precious angel. I love the photo of her napping on you with the squished face. She's a doll. Happy 1 week birthday sweet girl.

kim said...

OH my goodness she's absolutely beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you guys! What a lovely family! :)

nick said...

That picture of Brian, Kerbey and Avery on the floor is classic. I can see you guys flipping through the photo albums 20 years from now and upon seeing this picture someone saying "Look at how thin Brian was!"

Anonymous said...

love seeing her little p-ssy

Anonymous said...

be nicer if she was a good girl and spread her legs