Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Poppy & Uncle Reid's Quickie Visit

Uncle Reidster finished his first year of college this past week, and so was finally able to come see his little niece!! He and my dad drove alllll the way from San Diego to Tyler to see babygirl before heading back to The Shoog. We loved having them, and of COURSE, they loved hanging out with Avery :) Little Aves lovvves to hang out with Big Poppy and has now officially met both of her uncles! Yay.

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Alexa said...

Oh Man! Avery is just the most ADORABLE little thing! Thanks for the sweet note on our blog :) I sure hope that the sickness and exhaustion passes soon...and YES we will of course be finding out what we're having! I'm way too much of a planner not to. Everything must be ready before he/she arrives. We are thinking about maybe making a trip out to the great state sometime soon so we will definitely let you know when! :)