Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Season 2013. A Whole New World!

Christmas Season 2013:  Our first real tree.  THREE babygirls to love on.  A new city.  A new casa.  New jobs.  A clearer understanding of Jesus and why we get to celebrate this superfun and joy-filled holiday.  A REALLY cute advent calendar that helps us do just that (thanks Olivia June Designs...check her out on etsy!).  Closer proximity to familia, which means more family time. 

This Christmas season is DEF bringing with it some new experiences.  We are SO thankful for a God who gives us The Holy Spirit to lead us, speak to us, and draw us nearer to Him.  Despite the challenge of adjusting to a place withOUT so many of the people we LOVE with our whole hearts, we are enjoying this FESTIVE time of year feeling as sure as ever that God has lead us to this place we are in, and that His purpose is good.  Because HE is good :)

SO THANKFUL that God continues to work.