Monday, June 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My family is home, and that makes me happy :)

...Now if only I could see them!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Old Friends :)

This weekend was one of my favs. I had fabbbbulous weekend with Mrs. Linzer Martin :) Her little sis is a counselor at Pine Cove, and it was fam-weekend, so Linz stayed with me (I live approx 7 miles from the camp...quite convenient!) I hadn't spent time with Linzer in foreeeeevvvvv. She was one of my FIRST friends at UT and has played a very special role in my life :) We have experienced some interesting things...our relationship is definitely unique... and I love it <3 I really am so thankful for her friendship and for the opportunity it has provided for God to teach me.

I lovvvvve you Linzer, and I am SO glad you came to stay with me! It had been way way wayyyy too long, and I'm glad we're still goin strong post-college/post-marriage. Come stay with me ANYtime.

PS- that invitation is open to all who lay eyes upon this blog :) (well um...unless I have some random stalkers that I don't know about...apparently stalkers are a common occurance in the blog world...)

Peace, Love, & Summerrrr (:D)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I miss my momma. The fam has been gone for about a week now, and I seriously miss them. I'm happy to know that they're all having a grannnnd old time...but not being able to call my mom (or my pops or EITHER one of my bros) whenever I feel like it is def getting to me!

I'm ready for June 28th to come around :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

aaaallmmmost Friday!

Dear Stomach Virus,

Please go away and leave me the HECK alone. I miss food. It brings joy to my life and you won't let me have any!! JERK. Pleeeease go prevent someone ELSE from consuming anything delicious.


K...with that out of the way...Tonight was Brian's first church bball league game of the season. Ummmm...I forgot how entertaining those things are. It brought back so many memories of watching my dad play back in the day. Basically, guys just get ridiculously intense with any type of sports-related activity. Not all of them...but in any game, it is a GIVEN that someone is gonna talk some smack & throw an elbow, maybe even two...or ten. It's comical. :) I must say though, my hub impressed me with his mad skills on the court. The hubling is a stud...what can I say?

I took my first exam today in my Micro class. I think it went well...but I find out Monday!

So I am excited AND bummed about this weekend. Pros- Linz Martin is coming to visit me this weekend. I haven't seen her in FORREVVERRRR, so it'll be TERRIFIC to catch up. Cons- I am missing Nickybabe's future wifey's shower!! :( I am SUPER sad about that...I haven't gotten to go to ANY of her showers. Um...can anyone say BAD FRIEND!? Also, B's goin outta town. Boo :( But, I'm excited for him to go have fun with his boys!

So I hope everyone is looking FORWARD to Friday! Have a LOVELY weekend and give someone a bigggg hug! I got like..8 hugs at work yesterday just out of the blue...and it totally made my day :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Come back to Texas...

Rachey, Rand, and Reidy-boo departed for the country of Honduras early this morning for the FCCC senior mission trip. They'll be there for two weeks and I am unimaginably jealous! Not just that they are in Honduras, but that Rileton is ALSO on a crazy fun foreign adventure in Costa Rica! They will all be returning to the states on June 28th, so PLEASE toss up some prayers for their safety! And for God to be moving like a CRAZY MAN during their time overseas!

Thanks, guys :) I love that when I need support of any's a mere mouse-click away :)

I am already missing The Curry Connection like crazy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hooked on ...GOLF?!??

My plans to be super productive today were just scorched by two amazing golfers. Since I don't have lab today, and I have rescheduled all of my afternoon clients, I have a good 3 hours worth of time to do things like laundry, clean the kitchen, walk the dog, work out, study...

Yeah right. The stupid U.S. Open WILL. NOT. END. It was supposed to finish yesterday, but Tiger and Rocco keep TYING!! I'm entertained, but I'm also totally neglecting my wife-duties.

Oh well. Go Rocco/Tiger. I can't even decide who I'm rooting for!

UPDATE: Apparently, I was rooting for Rocco. Tiger just won and I'm a little bit sad.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

the weekend...

Friday was my first day at the East Texas Crisis Center. Candace (a friend/fellow trainer at Premier) and I are teaching a "PE"-ish class for an hour every Friday at the Crisis Center over the summer. It's about 15 kids ranging from age 4 to age 17 and was awesome!! Seriously, we had such a blast and I am super super excited to get back over there again this Friday. I wasn't sure how the kids would react to new peopleIt's amazing how easy it is to convince kids that something is "cool" haha... I can already tell I am gonna be ultra-sad when we're done for the summer :(

Brian and I headed out to Dallas for the weekend for his cousin's wedding. It was at her sister's house in Rockwall. Umm...BEAUTIFUL!!! It was super the backyard...basically, I want their house. They live on a mini-lake, have a gorgeous pool, TONS of trees, a huuuge amount of yard for their kids to play on, but they still have neighbors so they're not secluded out in the middle of no where. B's cousin, Christy, married her late brother's best friend. It's a pretty awesome story. I was holding back tears througout the whole ceremony. YAY for weddings :)

On Saturday morning, our friends who are vacationing in COlorado with us in August, met us at the REI in Dallas for their big "members only" garage sale. Umm...WHOA. People CAMP OUT the night before in order to be first in line for these things! It was crazy. We got there 2 hours before it opened and there were a solid 50 people in front of us. Despite our apparent tardiness, we were super successful in finding the larger items that we're gonna need. We got amaaaaaaaaaaazing deals on our packs and found the ULTIMATE steal on a down mummy bag. So...I'm def gonna be super warm every night up in the Rockies :)

We came back Sat night so we could visit a new church this morning. Vineyard was pretty cool. It was definitely the emo/hippy church on Tyler, Tx. And, to be honest, I really liked it! We still have 2 others that we are for sure gonna visit, but not til the next time we're in town. So...we don't have a church yet, but at least we're making progress and makin some marks on our "Churches to Visit" List. :)

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend. And have a DELIGHTFUL Monday :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Should be Sleeping...

Yeah. Considering I have to get up at 4:15, I should definitely be sleeping. BUT...I'm just thrown off this week. B is outta town this week for work, so I'm all outta whack. PLUS, I started summer school on Monday and so that has thrown me off a little bit too! I mean...i cherish my "at home" time when I can do just...whatev: lay on the couch, clean, play with the pup, go on a run, read, do laundry... and being gone from 4:30a to 4:30p everyday doesn't allow enough time to do most of those things. ESPECIALLY since I'm trying (unsuccessfully...obviously) to shift my bedtime to around the 9:00 mark.

In my defense, there IS a super great basketball game on right now and so there's no way I could go to sleep even if I WANTED to. (CRAP. The Lakers are winning again. BOO.)

Anyhow, as I mentioned, I started summer school this week. I'm taking my final 2 pre-reqs for my nursing school applic. Microbiology and Anatomy/Physiology II. In Micro, we use the microscope ALL the time...which I totally enjoy...except for the part afterwards. Microscopes cause temporary blindness for me. Sound strange? Okay...I'll give you the back story. the adorable little ago of 5, my optometrist ruined me by forcing me to wear what HE referred to as glasses. If you ask me (or anyone else who knew me back then) GOGGLES would be a much more accurate description of the 1-inch thick, massive pink frames that accessorized my face every day. So... ever since then I have needed glasses. For the last few years though, I quit. And my vision has been sufficient until recently. And this microscope thing is killing me now. As soon as I look in a microscope and then look away, my eyes won't focus for at LEAST a good hour. It gives me a head ache. Oh...and it DRIVES ME FREAKING CRAZY. So...tomorrow I am making an appointment with an optometrist. Yippeeeee. Did I mention that I also can't STAND getting my eyes dialated? As you can see, I am less than thrilled.

Each of my summer classes is a month long and consists of 4 1/2 hours of class...daily. I just keep reminding myself that it's WORTH IT because I'm getting an entire semester's worth of a class out of the way in a month. But hour 2 creeps along, I start fading bad. The only thing that keeps me going is I'm pretty sure I'm gonna gain 25 pounds this summer. If I'm a chunker next time you see me, that's why ;-)

As soon as my MOM EMAILS ME, I'll post some pics from the last couple of weekends....Webby's (oh, excuse me, Linny's) wedding, Reidster's graduation, cousin visit in The Shoog. I suck and I lost our camera battery about 3 months ago. That's why I NEVER post pics. ANNNND I suffer from severe denial when I lose things. I'm still convinced that the battery is NOT lost. It's simply misplaces and I will CERTAINLY stumble upon it eventually...

Love <3

Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Weekend

I never posted about last weekend, but it was DEFINITELY worthy of a post!

Congrats to my little Webster who got married on Saturday night! I guess I can't call her Webby Linny Cockrell :) It was a super gorgeous wedding, and a SUPER FUN soccer girls/soccer parentals reunion. Loved it. And LOVE all of you girls, too <3

Annnnnd Scarlett's bday party was TOTALLY the place to be on Sunday. It was adorable, yummy, fun, and really special to be a part of! Thanks, Sexy, for the invite and for making it sooo cute! Your babygirl is the cutest thing ever and it was grrrreat to see you and Roberto..and of course your little munchkin!

All of my hours on the road between these 2 events were surprisingly entertaining because I took Brian's new GPS. I didn't really think it was a necessary piece of equipment so we waited until his bday for his parentals to give it to him...but WOW! It made the trips 8 million times easier. So...I guess I am officially a GPS advocate. Here's to you, Mr. Garmin.

Another eventful weekend is in the works, but I'll fill you in on that one later. Hope everyone is doing awesome and loving life!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Brian and I have officially been married for a year. CRAZY!! We celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We've been told by SO many people that the first year is the hardest.... HA! There is NO doubt in my mind that this is a complete and total farce (at least for us). If it doesn't get tougher somewhere along the way, then something just isn't right. We are still having a blast together...the same way we did a week into our marriage! Brian is still my favorite person ever and I'm STILL not sick of hanging out with him NON STOP :) has been a year of change and transition, but an amaaazingly blessed year. We have grown a TON both individually and together. I graduated from college, we started a completely new life in a new city together, we both started new jobs, I FINALLY made a decision on a career to pursue, we've made new friends, we've watched close friends add to their families. We've experienced great things and sad things, but all of them together. God has taught us, protected us, and provided for our every need. :)'s been awesome <3

I love you, babe!!
"I thank my God EVERY TIME I think of you" -Phil 1:3