Thursday, June 19, 2008

aaaallmmmost Friday!

Dear Stomach Virus,

Please go away and leave me the HECK alone. I miss food. It brings joy to my life and you won't let me have any!! JERK. Pleeeease go prevent someone ELSE from consuming anything delicious.


K...with that out of the way...Tonight was Brian's first church bball league game of the season. Ummmm...I forgot how entertaining those things are. It brought back so many memories of watching my dad play back in the day. Basically, guys just get ridiculously intense with any type of sports-related activity. Not all of them...but in any game, it is a GIVEN that someone is gonna talk some smack & throw an elbow, maybe even two...or ten. It's comical. :) I must say though, my hub impressed me with his mad skills on the court. The hubling is a stud...what can I say?

I took my first exam today in my Micro class. I think it went well...but I find out Monday!

So I am excited AND bummed about this weekend. Pros- Linz Martin is coming to visit me this weekend. I haven't seen her in FORREVVERRRR, so it'll be TERRIFIC to catch up. Cons- I am missing Nickybabe's future wifey's shower!! :( I am SUPER sad about that...I haven't gotten to go to ANY of her showers. Um...can anyone say BAD FRIEND!? Also, B's goin outta town. Boo :( But, I'm excited for him to go have fun with his boys!

So I hope everyone is looking FORWARD to Friday! Have a LOVELY weekend and give someone a bigggg hug! I got like..8 hugs at work yesterday just out of the blue...and it totally made my day :)


Ivy said...

aww i hope you start feeling better soon! ill pray for you (and for the safe return of the curry connection from thier trip). i bet you aced that exam, woman! have a great weekend!

Jacci said...

awww get better soon sweet rox! and have fun this weekend :) love you!

Tichenor Family said...

you write just like you talk, it makes me laugh... and it makes me feel like we just had a chat, which is greatness.

sorry you don't feel good. get better soon mama.

love you!