Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Come back to Texas...

Rachey, Rand, and Reidy-boo departed for the country of Honduras early this morning for the FCCC senior mission trip. They'll be there for two weeks and I am unimaginably jealous! Not just that they are in Honduras, but that Rileton is ALSO on a crazy fun foreign adventure in Costa Rica! They will all be returning to the states on June 28th, so PLEASE toss up some prayers for their safety! And for God to be moving like a CRAZY MAN during their time overseas!

Thanks, guys :) I love that when I need support of any kind...it's a mere mouse-click away :)

I am already missing The Curry Connection like crazy!

1 comment:

Jacci said...

we will def say some prayers for their safe return!! :) love you.