Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last Week was Cuh-razay.

So last week was way out of the ordinary.  We are usually pretty low-key around here, but last week was so not.  We got home from our Galvy trip around bedtime on Sunday night...finalllyyyy all back together.  Here's the breakdown of the craziest week ev:

Pretty normal.  The girls were catching up on sleep from the previous 4 days of being separated for the first time.  BUT that night we had our 1st co-ed softball game so we had a babysitter come over after the girls had gone down (we had a late game!)

I was @ a Workshop ALL DAY.  I left before the girls woke up and didn't return to the casa until bedtime!!  Carli said they did GREAT all day.  B was super dad and had evening/bedtime duty all alone.  But, Aves STRUGGLED that night.  We finally let her get up from 9-1030 (mainly bc I was sad that I hadn't seen her all day!)

Same workshop (which was the bomb btw), but I got home around dinner time.  Basically, just in time to love on the girls for a few minutes before Brian took them to Casizzle's to hang w/Tatum & the babysitter.  He had a softball game and I had bunco!  I did NOT want to go, but had already RSVPed.  It ended up being a SUPER great night of bunco-free genuine conversation.  Loved it.

Home Sweet Home all day!  But we had Lifegroup that night!  So...ANOTHER FRIGGIN BABYSITTER.   Again, Aves wouldn't go to bed on time...but we let her cry it out for a bit once we got home. 

MUCH-needed return to normalcy :) 

So I'm super thankful for our friends here.  I'm thankful for our church.  I'm thankful that we have a fun social life.  I'm thankful that we have a million babysitters that we LOVE.  I'm thankful for our kiddos' adorable little friends.  I'm thankful for the opportunities that God has provided for both Brian and for me.  I'm thankful for our house that we love! I'm thankful that we have the option to have crazy weeks like this one...

But I am also SO thankful that we have the luxury (at least I consider it a luxury!) of living a pretty low-key life here in the Bradford Household.  :) 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bradfords ReUnited!!

We're home!!

B-Riz, Aves, & I had a SUPER time in Galvy w/Casizzle, Gmoney, & Tatum.  However, we are sooooooooooo beyond happy to be reunited w/the youngest Bradford!  We MEESED our little Camo!  Aves was so pumped to see her.  Seriously...presh.  She was @ her wit's end for most of our 7-hr car ride home, but at the mere mention of Cameron's name, the most massive and genuine smile EVER spread across her cute little face :)  Although Camo is a bit under the weather {shocker, i know} I'm pretty sure she's also THRILLED about our reunion :) 

Love my girls.  Love my hub.  Love the Wegs.  Love the beach.  Love my life :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nug's Baby Shower!!

My sweet wonderful adorable grrrrreat friend, Bethany/Betho/Nug is having a baby!!! And I got to help host her shower @ my parentals' house in The Shoog last wknd.  My momma did a really good job decorating the casa and making it super cute :)  Love you mom! Our amaaazing church that we grew up in, FCCC, knows how to throw a baby shower.  A bunch of women we have known for basically our entire lives always come together and invite the entire church to show some baby love when any of us is expecting :)  It's pretty awesome.  Bethany is pretty much the cutest pregling ever.  CANT WAIT to meet little Maxwell Stone at the end of April!  LOVE YOU NUGGET...and your little babyman in your belly :)
cute name or what??
my fav twins & my other mom!! :)
Lauren & her mom made THE SWEETEST blanket for max!! coolest gift!  :)
so...erica's baby might be the cutest baby in life.  ever.
lots of love for little max!!
the lovely hostesses :)

Aver-nugget @ 22 Months!!

Weight:  23.5 lb
Height: No clue...but you've grown BIG time lately
My lovely eldest daughter.  Words canNOT express how much we lovvvve you!  Your daddy, your babyseester, and I adore you in every possible way.  You are hilarious, adorable, danceriffic, sweet to the max, & just plain awesome.  Getting you out of bed in the mornings is the single GREATEST start to any day and listening to you BEG to go to bed each night is the perfect way to end :)  LOVE YOU BUTTERCUP!!!

Some of my favs:
  • the way you BEG to go "nigh-nigh" & put your hands up by your face when you're sleepy.  PRESH.
  • your ever-growing adoration for the Fresh Beats.  
  • your suggestive dance moves ;)
  • the way you say, "i ju mommy" (aka-i love you!) LITERALLY HEART MELTING words right there.
  • the way you look so distressed & just say "uh oh baby" anytime cameron abuses you instead of getting violent & hitting/clawing/biting her back! Such a sweetie pie.
What you're like these days:
  • wearing 18mo, 18-24mo, & some 24mo clothes
  • size 4 diapers or fully unsnapped cloth.
  • you're out of the head-banging tantrum phase.  sooo happy.
  • you are a skinny-minnie, but you've grown so all of your pants are too short!
  • size 5 shoes
  • you heart puppy more than ever.
  • you're obsessssssed w/ "beh-bust" {breakfast}...particularly "cah-wah-mahk" {cereal & milk}
  • the Fresh Beats are your BFFs & you exclaim each of their names w/SUCH excitement when they get screentime :)  hilar.
  • dancing queen.  still.
  • you stand on daddy's guitar case and tell us how tall you are ALLLL the time.
  • you love to tell ppl how old you are.
  • you're learning your colors pretty well!!...and since purple is tatum's fav is MIGHT be your fav too...
  • you go to bed around 8 and get up around 8.  awesome sleeper still. love you for that :)
  • when we come get you out of bed you say, "pacibed!" and chunk your paci down into your covers w/such enthusiasm.  ha...this will end soon bc your paci will be no more... yikes.
  • you get SO pumped to help me get camo up from naps AND when she gets in the bathtub w/you.
  • bathtime is your start ripping your shirt off anytime the "b" word is uttered.
  • bubbles are your latest obsession.  the real thing.  in the bathtub.  our phone app.  doesnt matter. you LOVE.
  • you want to play "outide" 24/7. this usually involved talking to kerbs, digging in the dirt, placing little tiny dirt piles in all kinds of random places, and laying in the grass flat on your back and just staring @ the sky
  • you love to sing your ABCs...even though all you do is make random noise the whole time ha.  supercute.
  • you are in love w/carson & casey.  you love tatum too but you still can't say her name well! 
  • you have become shy all of a sudden when you see males that you havent seen in a while.  BUT if they give puppy a hug, you warm up immediately.  sooo funny.
LOVE YOU MUNCHKIN!!  You & Camo make daddy and me the happiest people on the planet.  FOR REALS.  You'll be 2 in 2 months!! Craaaaziness...

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Little 8 Month Old Cutie!!

Welllll my little babymunch, you are now 8 months old!  Dude.  I'm trying realllllly hard to soak in every little thing the way I did with Aves, but it's true about the second kiddo.  It seems to go by SO much faster!  There are just so many more distractions in life these days (namely- a little toddler named Aves!)
Sweet Camerton- you bring me joy every single day.  LOTS of joy.  Your smile is seriously THE cutest thing ever.  It makes me SO happy and sometimes even brings a tear (or 2) to my eye.  You make me that cheesy mom that cries for no reason ha.  Annnnd I LOVE it.  You are straight up IN LOVE w/your big sis....and w/all of her friends.  You LOVE to just be in the same room w/them and watch them play...and now that you are insanely mobile, you try to participate in everything they do!  It's quite presh to watch. 
You have really struggled to get rid of this nastiness that's going around so bad lately.  I've spent more time with you in the middle of the nights than I would like to....BUT at the same time I LOVE it.  I love getting to sit with JUST you....nothing else going on...and listen to your sweet little sleepy sounds.  I adorrre watching your eyes get all crazy as your start to drift but try SO hard not to :)  As much as I love our midnight hang out sessions, your daddy & I are praying that you get super healthy SUPER soon.  :)
Some of my current favs:
  • your chatter, "da-da-da-da-da"
  • the way you giggle when we life the flaps in your books
  • the way CAN NOT keep your hands off your seester.  So cute.
  • the way you flap your arms like CRAZY when you get excited (ex: when Aves starts dancing to Fresh Beats)
  • the way you immediately drop what you're doing and search the house high & low when you're not sure where I am
  • and then your massive smile & squeal when you find me!
  • watching you & your sis bathe together.  you guys have so much in there!
  • watching your ridiculous smile when kerbey gives you kisses!  you lovvvvve kerbs!  and she loves you too bc you give her lots of attention :)
  • the way you pull up and just stare @ aves when shes sitting in her chair.  LOVE those sweet seester moments!

Here's what you're up to gurrrrrl:
  • speed crawler to the max.  impressive.
  • pulling up non stop (couch, daddy's chair, aves' chair, kitchen table...)
  • starting to walk while holding the couch AND switch between the couch/aves chair/dad's chair w/out falling!  making progress sister :)
  • chewing NONstop on aves' bath letters.
  • da-da-da-da
  • giggling a lot when we read to you.  love it.
  • LOVE you some puffs.  you eat them in a rather ferocious manner.  not very lady-like :)
  • always want to eat avery's snacks. (and you have a few times.  whoops!)
  • sleeping 830ish to 7ish
  • napping 2-3 x day
  • love attention and being around other people
  • usually need a playmate.  not nearly as independent as your sister was @ your is typically the case w/ 1st/2nd children from what I hear...
  • you are sooo happy in the playroom as long as avery is in there w/you
  • you LOVE the backyard
  • you are a great stroller baby (yay!)
  • you are 100% happy when we go on wagon rides & you get to sit across from Aves like a BIG girl!
  • you're wearing 6-12mo OR 9mo clothes.
  • size 3 diapers or single snapped cloth!
  • you seem to be a little bit happier in the car than you used to be :)
  • instead of turning your head away when you're full, you keep taking the bites i offer you but just start getting reallyyyyy mad about it. ha! it's pretty funny :)
  • You are so so happy in the bathtub!

You are the bomb.  All 3 of us love you a whollllllle lot little Camo!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm totally making these.

I'm totally making these (or at least something along these lines) to hang in the playroom. PUMPED.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanna know how awesome I am? you?  Because I'm pretty awesome. yesterday I was really proud that I actually got a monthly post up ON TIME!  And then this morning I was looking at my calendar thinking about how the girls always celebrate their monthly milestone exactly one week apart.  Um.  I posted Cameron's 8-mo update on AVERY's 22-MONTH day.  Camo's not even 8-mo old yet.  DANGIT.  I felt really awesome about it too.  Until I discovered the mess up.  SO.  Avery's 22-mo post is coming later today.

That's how awesome I am :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

New TOMs!!

So...I have money to spend on some TOMs {from my MIL...thx Marshmarsh!} and I have been waiting around to see the spring additions.  SO HARD TO CHOOSE!  I have always been 100% on the classics train, but I'm starting to become obsessed w the cordones as well!  ANNNND, TOMs now have a WEDDING line!  What??  Kind of awesome.  They've added a ton of color options to their glitters line:  black, white, silver, gold, ivory, baby blue, pink and then they've added a beauuuutimus petal pink canvas classic.  UGH.  Maybe I shouldn't have waited.  Totally can't decide which ones to purch. Here are some of my favs:

Something I've been wondering about the Get One, Give One thing...when I purchase a pair of shoes do they send the same style to a child in need, or just a random pair?  Just curious :) Ahhh TOMs are great.

OH! And the reason I have money to spend on TOMs is this:  I received a pair as a gift and they are the wrong size sooooo, I've got some brand new TOMs for sale if anyone is interested!  I'll post 'em a bit later!  They're kind of reddish-orange in color and have a perforated mesh exterior.  Asking $45/free shipping! Yay.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

blue eyes & runny noses.

The signature look of the month in the Bradford Casa.

Molar City.

So, I feel like a DUMB mom.  Aves has been struggling lately.  Fevers off & on.  Major grumpiness.  Always wanting her paci.  Always wanting to nap.  Not eating well.  We thought she might be teething.  We thought she might be growing.  We thought she might be an almost-2-yr-old :)  We were KIND of right about all of them. She has cut 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth in the last couple of weeks, so that made sense.  Aves & her 8 teeth should be feeling better though....or so I thought.  Well, yesterday, when Aves was cracckkkinnngggg up, I noticed something in the back of her mouth.  Um.  The child has 4 molars.  POOR CHILD.  How did I not even think to check in the back of her poor, cutting-teeth-like-crazy mouth?  I guess I just figured that with only 4 teeth in the front, there was no way her molars could already be coming in. Whoops.  My bad.