Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bradfords ReUnited!!

We're home!!

B-Riz, Aves, & I had a SUPER time in Galvy w/Casizzle, Gmoney, & Tatum.  However, we are sooooooooooo beyond happy to be reunited w/the youngest Bradford!  We MEESED our little Camo!  Aves was so pumped to see her.  Seriously...presh.  She was @ her wit's end for most of our 7-hr car ride home, but at the mere mention of Cameron's name, the most massive and genuine smile EVER spread across her cute little face :)  Although Camo is a bit under the weather {shocker, i know} I'm pretty sure she's also THRILLED about our reunion :) 

Love my girls.  Love my hub.  Love the Wegs.  Love the beach.  Love my life :)


Dana said...

Everyone you know has the coolest nicknames. :)

Casey said...

Love you and Aves and Camo and B-Riz AKA Rudy! We had so much fun w/ you guys and are SOOOOOO glad yall came w/ us!!! LOTS of pics to come!