Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanna know how awesome I am? you?  Because I'm pretty awesome. yesterday I was really proud that I actually got a monthly post up ON TIME!  And then this morning I was looking at my calendar thinking about how the girls always celebrate their monthly milestone exactly one week apart.  Um.  I posted Cameron's 8-mo update on AVERY's 22-MONTH day.  Camo's not even 8-mo old yet.  DANGIT.  I felt really awesome about it too.  Until I discovered the mess up.  SO.  Avery's 22-mo post is coming later today.

That's how awesome I am :)


Casey said...

Roxanne you are awesome regardless!

Tori said...

Agree with Casey, you ARE awesome, but that's pretty funny. When I read "8 months", I thought "wow, our small group has already been together for about 8 months, wow". Haha, I'm clueless too.

Gina said...

You are awesome!!! And it makes me feel better that others do things like this too!! :)