Monday, March 7, 2011

New TOMs!!

So...I have money to spend on some TOMs {from my MIL...thx Marshmarsh!} and I have been waiting around to see the spring additions.  SO HARD TO CHOOSE!  I have always been 100% on the classics train, but I'm starting to become obsessed w the cordones as well!  ANNNND, TOMs now have a WEDDING line!  What??  Kind of awesome.  They've added a ton of color options to their glitters line:  black, white, silver, gold, ivory, baby blue, pink and then they've added a beauuuutimus petal pink canvas classic.  UGH.  Maybe I shouldn't have waited.  Totally can't decide which ones to purch. Here are some of my favs:

Something I've been wondering about the Get One, Give One thing...when I purchase a pair of shoes do they send the same style to a child in need, or just a random pair?  Just curious :) Ahhh TOMs are great.

OH! And the reason I have money to spend on TOMs is this:  I received a pair as a gift and they are the wrong size sooooo, I've got some brand new TOMs for sale if anyone is interested!  I'll post 'em a bit later!  They're kind of reddish-orange in color and have a perforated mesh exterior.  Asking $45/free shipping! Yay.


the brock's said...

Love Toms! So awesome and comfy! I only have the classics as well, but my sis has the cardones and says they are even more comfy than the classics! Out of your choices, I say either yellow or cordones!

Anonymous said...

You have the cutest blog design! I am adding you to my blogroll :)