Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aver-nugget @ 22 Months!!

Weight:  23.5 lb
Height: No clue...but you've grown BIG time lately
My lovely eldest daughter.  Words canNOT express how much we lovvvve you!  Your daddy, your babyseester, and I adore you in every possible way.  You are hilarious, adorable, danceriffic, sweet to the max, & just plain awesome.  Getting you out of bed in the mornings is the single GREATEST start to any day and listening to you BEG to go to bed each night is the perfect way to end :)  LOVE YOU BUTTERCUP!!!

Some of my favs:
  • the way you BEG to go "nigh-nigh" & put your hands up by your face when you're sleepy.  PRESH.
  • your ever-growing adoration for the Fresh Beats.  
  • your suggestive dance moves ;)
  • the way you say, "i ju mommy" (aka-i love you!) LITERALLY HEART MELTING words right there.
  • the way you look so distressed & just say "uh oh baby" anytime cameron abuses you instead of getting violent & hitting/clawing/biting her back! Such a sweetie pie.
What you're like these days:
  • wearing 18mo, 18-24mo, & some 24mo clothes
  • size 4 diapers or fully unsnapped cloth.
  • you're out of the head-banging tantrum phase.  sooo happy.
  • you are a skinny-minnie, but you've grown so all of your pants are too short!
  • size 5 shoes
  • you heart puppy more than ever.
  • you're obsessssssed w/ "beh-bust" {breakfast}...particularly "cah-wah-mahk" {cereal & milk}
  • the Fresh Beats are your BFFs & you exclaim each of their names w/SUCH excitement when they get screentime :)  hilar.
  • dancing queen.  still.
  • you stand on daddy's guitar case and tell us how tall you are ALLLL the time.
  • you love to tell ppl how old you are.
  • you're learning your colors pretty well!!...and since purple is tatum's fav is MIGHT be your fav too...
  • you go to bed around 8 and get up around 8.  awesome sleeper still. love you for that :)
  • when we come get you out of bed you say, "pacibed!" and chunk your paci down into your covers w/such enthusiasm.  ha...this will end soon bc your paci will be no more... yikes.
  • you get SO pumped to help me get camo up from naps AND when she gets in the bathtub w/you.
  • bathtime is your fav...you start ripping your shirt off anytime the "b" word is uttered.
  • bubbles are your latest obsession.  the real thing.  in the bathtub.  our phone app.  doesnt matter. you LOVE.
  • you want to play "outide" 24/7. this usually involved talking to kerbs, digging in the dirt, placing little tiny dirt piles in all kinds of random places, and laying in the grass flat on your back and just staring @ the sky
  • you love to sing your ABCs...even though all you do is make random noise the whole time ha.  supercute.
  • you are in love w/carson & casey.  you love tatum too but you still can't say her name well! 
  • you have become shy all of a sudden when you see males that you havent seen in a while.  BUT if they give puppy a hug, you warm up immediately.  sooo funny.
LOVE YOU MUNCHKIN!!  You & Camo make daddy and me the happiest people on the planet.  FOR REALS.  You'll be 2 in 2 months!! Craaaaziness...


Lynn said...

The pictures of Avery are PRECIOUS!! Oh my goodness, I think they are some of your best. She looks just like her mama, so pretty. To read about what she says and does brings tears to my eyes.

Tbaby said...

so cute...tears, yup:)