Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That Mom. TOTALLY That Mom.

I realized today that I'm so going to be that mom who thinks she has super sweet moves, but totally doesn't.  Any dancing coolness that I once possessed has run far, far away from here.  Avery is only 2 and she already doesn't want to learn her momma's moves.  WHAT happened?  This is not the level of coolness I envisioned for myself.  Back when I found out I was pregnant with Aves I was positive that she would think, for her entire life, that I was the ultimate role model of coolness.  But, at that point I wasn't THAT far removed from impromptu roomie dance parties & 6th Street.  My how the times have changed.  And FAST...

I fear what each passing year will do to my image...  My poor children :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Colossians 3

Source my mom & pops gave me a little pink leather-bound book almost a year ago, on my 26th bday.  It's The Message translation of The New Testament.  I have never really taken the dive, as I've always preferred reading my traditional translations of The Bible.  I DO, however, live cross-referencing the different versions, as just a single differing word can leave me with a totally different perspective.  Pretty cool.

Well... just now I checked out the 3rd chapter of Colossians, The Message style.  Col 3 (particularly verses 12-15) is one of my go-to, almost-daily reads.  Totally  a guiding passage for me.  It reminds, encourages, convicts, & excites me every time! 

Go read Colossians 3 in The Message version of the bible. My prayer is that it inspires you as profoundly as it does me!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bootcamps {indoor!!}

I am currently working on securing indoor locations for bootcamps in the North Dallas area {specifically: Lewisville, Addison, Flower Mound}.  Let me know if you're interested in joining us starting in January OR if you have a suggestion for an indoor space!  I'm looking for open (or empty...that'd be even better!) space where we can move around a bit!  All equipment is provided by yours truly :)

2012... you're almost here.  YIPPEE! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jesus: Toddler Style

I spent some time today trying to entertain the girls with the story of Jesus' birth.  I started with our little nice, heavy, pewter nativity set.  I started with how the beauuuutiful angel came to visit Mary and told her she was going to have a sweeeeeet baby.  Well... before the first sentence was completed, I was wrestling one of the lambs out of CamCam's hand so as to avoid any head trauma to poor innocent Aves (Camo has a bit of a violent streak...).  So.  I hastily dropped the nativity set back onto the mantle, out of my little peas' reach and tried another approach.  This one much less pretty :) 

After a quick trip to the playroom, I came back with scissors, a bunch of colored construction paper, some tape & a pencil.  We made our little Jesus story into an art project (if you can even classify my hasty & seriously abstract masterpiece as artwork!) and with much more success, I got to share the birth of Jesus with my little nuggets! 

When daddy got home, Aves showed daddy out pretty pic and pointed out the angel, Mary, "baby God", the three men with their "presents", and... "who is that?"  She had trouble remembering Joseph's name.  I think I kind of threw her off with the whole idea of 2 dads.  A little outside the mental capacity of a 2-yr-old I think :)   SO cute.  There are few things Brian and I love more than hearing our lovebugs talk about God & Jesus.

So.  Avery is super excited about "Jesus dirthday!!  I sing happy dirthday to Baby Jesus!"  and keeps asking where Baby Jesus is.  She knows God lives "in my heart", but can't seem to figure out where Baby Jesus is hiding. 

And while we're on the Jesus-Toddler topic, Cameron has fallen in love with Avery's little storybook bible.  She ran around for an hour today saying, "bobble! bobble!" and begggging us to read it to her.  If there's any way to make me drop what I'm doing and cater to my children's wants, this is it.  Little CamCam has got it all figured out :) 

If there's anything in this entire world I want to leave my kiddos with, it is knowledge of who God is and how MUCH He loves them.  Completely.  Unconditionally.  Of course I WANT them to know how overwhelmingly I love them and want the very best for them too.  But it all points back to Him.  What better time to remember & put some on that than during this season that we celebrate His most perfect gift to us!


The knowledge that God chose ME to be the mother of my 2 sweet girls is humbling, baffling, encouraging, and at times overwhelming.  My journey to motherhood has been pretty typical.  Brian and I conceived both of our children.  That seems normal.  So normal, in fact, that the miraculous part of it gets completely lost.  God decided when to create those 2 little lives.  He saw them through to a healthful completion.   He allowed Brian and I to experience their lives beyond just a few minutes, weeks, or months.  He chose for us to be their parents from Day 1. 

I realize that this is NOT the journey to Motherhood that many of God's children will experience.  For some, He has chosen the gift of a child who was conceived in another womb, maybe even another country.  But still, He created that little bundle of cells knowing who would raise her.  He saw her development through to a perfect completion.  He chose who would deliver her and where she would be delivered, knowing all the while when she would be passed into the hands and heart of the one she could call "mommy".  And for this mommy, He has worked and chipped and prepared her heart for THIS child.  No part of her story, nor her child's, is a mistake.  It's not a broken story, who's pieces He needed to clean up.  It's a jigsaw puzzle of perfection that He had planned from the beginning.  This journey is almost even more miraculous than a journey like mine.  That God uses so many people to get a single one of his children into the hands meant to hold them forever... is one of the most telling pictures of the way He loves us.  His love goes so far beyond any definition or picture we can use to describe it, that its playing out often leaves us confused and dumbfounded.  But the truth of its perfection remains.

Motherhood.  The opportunity to love, hold, teach, encourage, provide for one of His own, is never anything but perfectly planned, and flawlessly purposed.  By Him.  Our Father.  Our Creator.  The Lover of our Souls.  He is Good.  In all things, He is Good.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thoughts on Marriage

In talking with a friend recently, I realized that I have a "view" on marriage.  I believe that entering into and maintaining a marriage that honors and glorifies The Lord is a blessing, a challenge, and takes a massssivvve amount of intentional living.  It's a series of decisions that have to be made over & over again.  Every. Single. Day.  The decision to place your spouse before every other person and thing.  Even yourself.  The decision to enjoy your spouse.  The decision to forgive your spouse.  The decision to be gentle and kind toward your spouse.  When these thing don't happen, I absolutely do NOT believe it's always because we choose NOT to.  I think a lot of times, it's just that we forget to make a choice either way.  We get caught up in the millions of other things in life.  Our spouse is one of the FEW constants in life, so I guess it can be easy to just overlook them...  So, my "view" on marriage is that it should be the most intentional part of your day, your energy, and your life.  Although I am by NO means an expert or a master at marriage, I know that I try to be intentional in my relationship with B-Riz (he usually makes it really easy!), but there are plenty of occasions (a lot more than I care to count) that I fall into the trap of marital stagnation/selfishness.

Brian and I were super into talking about marriage when we were dating/engaged.  I feel like we made a pretty intentional and informed decision on who we were choosing as a lifelong spouse.  Um, don't get me wrong here...

I mean, did he sweep me off my feet when we started dating?  YES.  
Was I blinded by love like so many other young & in lovvvve females?  HECK YES.
 ... but luckily B-Riz is the bomb, so my unconditional infatuation didn't result in any regrets :) 

But, seriously.  We talked about marriage SO much before we were actually married, that I literally can't think of one thing that took me by "surprise".  We discussed how we expected to be treated privately & in public, spending habits, banking, working aspirations, parenting, disciplining, temptations, what we wanted our kids involved in, what kind of church we envisioned our family being a part of, what we pictured evenings at home looking like, if we wanted to be the hosts or guests on the regular, what kind of house we wanted to settle into, pets, # of kids, where to live (something we never have/will be 100% in agreement on!), how often we wanted to visit parentals, strengths, weaknesses, pet peeves, concerns, dreams, travel, hobbies... you name it, we probably talked about it.  Like... 12 times.  We talked about our parents' marriages alllll the time.  The amazing qualities we saw in them that we wanted to adopt for our own marriage.  We looked at their marriages and discussed all the little things that we saw would be an inevitable challenge at some point, and tried to come up with ways we could avoid, or at least be extra aware of, these issues.  We discussed our opinions on every little teeny tiny thing, and where we differed, we just talked some more.  Until we came to some kind of COMPROMISE (one of the most beautiful, yet easily forgotten, parts of marriage if you ask me!).  

We tried to foresee what could potentially be the biggest trouble areas for each of us, in terms of being a good and BIBLICAL wife/husband, and figure out ways to be prepared.   I'm not sure if it's a personality thing, but we have approached our marriage as some sort of challenge, without even realizing it!  Brian's competitive nature won't really allow him to fail at anything he puts his mind to.  And my analytical thought processes want to know the root of every word/action/facial expression.  This has resulted in us talking almost everything out.  Honesty is the name of the game.  When we're not rolling smoothly, neither of us is down.  Sure, we have had our seasons of frustrations/annoyances, but (SO FAR) nothing that has festered into a serious issue. 

We are both acutely aware of the fact that satan is just WAITING for his moment to attack us.  We know that at some point, and probably MULTIPLE points, we will find ourselves in the midst of some major marital discord.  I hope and pray that our approach will have us as prepared as we can be for those times.  I know without the slightest doubt that The Lord will see us through thick & thin as long as we continue to use Him as the glue that holds our marriage together.  We are one, now.  Two souls bound by God.  Since June 2, 2007:  Brian and Roxanne = brianandroxanne

I'm super thankful that thus far, we have experienced a pretty smooth ride on the marriage train :)  I am genuinely looking forward to the triumphs, trials, great times, and not so great times ahead with B-Riz as my husband.  I know there are many laughs, many tears, and many learning experiences on the horizon.  It's amazing how much God can move and teach and work through this supercool and GENIUS creation of His: Marriage.

Daddy's Little Elf :)

It's beginning to look a leeeetle bit like Christmas at the Bradford Casa.  Woohoo!!  


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy T-Giv, Fools. Love, The Stomach Bug

DISCLAIMER:  This is not for the weak of stomach! 

**You have been warned...**

It all started a week ago.  On Tuesday evening we took a nice little Family'o'Four outing to Cristina's Mexican to enjoy our last meal in McKinney before traveling for the T-Giv holiday.  All was well, until an explosion of vomit erupted from poor little CamCam's adorable little body.  Over.  and Over.  and Over.  I wrapped her in my scarf and Brian's jacket and exited the premises as quickly as possible while Brian & Aves stayed behind for damage control.  This continued off & on for the next 5ish hours.  But by morning, C-Lil was a champ!  She acted like nothing had happened.  We let the day play out and decided we were safe for travel, so we packed up as planned and hit the road for Lufkin!

T-Giv day was a blast!  Everyone was happy & healthy, full & exhausted by day's end!  A Longhorns victory was a perfect cap for a TEEriffic day.  After a good night's sleep for everyone, Friday's plan was to relax with fam, watch football, and let the kiddos play. Unfortunately, my supercool SnL came down with the dreaded stomach bug early in the day and was down & out for the next 24 hours.  After a trip to AcuteCare, some prescription meds, & some crackers & Sprite she was finally ready to emerge from her bedroom come Saturday morning.  We met up with some old friends and their little man for lunch on Saturday (dear Lord, I hope we didn't spread the germage to that sweet boy!) and watched lots MORE football that afternoon/evening.  MarshMarsh hooked us up with a delish dinner that night and everyone hit the hay pretty early.  We were all wiped.  Um.  FF to 12:30.

Little Averton was puking her little angel face off.  I was having chills and aching to the max anyway, so I didn't lose any sleep by spending my night assisting my sweet firstborn.  Poor sweet girl did so great!  She was a champ and by the end, didn't even cry anymore when the vomit sessions would hit.  She even talked/waved to a train that was driving by at about 3am in between gags.  Haha... sad/funny/precious all at the same time.  By 3:30, Aves tummy had chilled out and she slept the rest of the night.  This momma, on the other hand, was straight up MIZZZZ.  Achiness was O.O.C.  Feverish and freezing.  Dramatic?  Maybe.  True?  Heck yes.  I woke up to find out that Brian had begun throwing up that morning and was locked in the back bedroom.  My poor familia.  Brian's ANGELIC parentals saved the day and took the kiddos while I took some advil for the aches and tried to sleep off my fever.  I finally got a few hours of DEEP sleep and started the slow but steady road to feeling better. 

Brian and I were quite a scene in the car on the way home.  We looked like death, both felt like we had been hit by a bus, and hardly uttered a word the whole way.  Our girls, however, were happy as ever!  SUPER thankful their illnesses were short-lived :)  On Monday, Brian was as good as new and I was def improved.  Last night I felt great and was pumped to start a new HEALTHY week. 

So...at around 12:30, I had this dream of total DejaVu.  Brian busted into the room with Cameron in his arms because she had just started throwing up...  Wait.  Um.  I wasn't dreaming.  SERIOUSLY?  Thankfully, that was the only time Cam threw up last night.  HOPEFULLY we are now in the clear and can start venturing out in public again by tomorrow! 

Despite all of our tummy issues, we truly did have a fantastic Thanksgiving!  We enjoyed tons of quality family time, the girls spent hours upon hours with their big-kid cousins, and we enjoyed lots of football/rest/food!  Thankful for a family who is willing to HELP in times of need :)   Hope your T-Giv rocked too.  I think 2011 will not be forgotten anytime soon in the Bradford Casa!

Missed you, Curry familia! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Building Towers

Aves is SUPER into towers & castles.  Our backyard "playground" is now known as Avery's "castle" :)  AND, she drags the girls' bag of wooden blocks around the house to build her "tower" wherever we happen to be hanging out.  And she FUUHHREAAAAKS out when it starts tipping over.  I mean like... you would think her life is being threatened.  Silly child.  SUCH a perfectionist.  :)  I love watching her build her towers and love seeing how proud she is when she builds it almost "as tall for (aka-as) me!!"

What's not to love about that proud, SUPERpumped little face??  Love my Aves :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Festival Cuties!

Since B-Riz had golf plans and Casizzle was down with that dern stomach bug, G-Money & I (in true Bradford-Weghorst Commune style) took Aves, Cam, & Tot to Hope Fellowship's Fall Festival yesterday.  THEY WERE PRESHLINGS!!

They had SO much fun sporting their cute little costumes.  They ADORED the opportunity to run around with all the big kids.  They jumped @ the chance to pig out on popcorn & cotton candy (thx for waiting in that line, Geg!) Aves' excitement about the giant inflatable slides was super adorable.  She would have gone up & down those things for 3 hours straight if there weren't lines for every ride.

Our 3 little ladies are really almost like siblings.  LOVE seeing them interact and play together.  Thanks Geg, for helping with the leetle ladies, and for taking over photographer duties since your wifey couldn't make it.  

The girls are SOOOOOOO excited to trick-or-treat tonight (esp Aves...Cam doesn't totally get it yet.)  Avery keeps asking me, "Where's Halloween, mommy???"  Love my littles and can't wait to take them door to door tonight with B-Riz!  Also TOTALLY can't wait for them to help us hand out candy.  

Cutie pies.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Cameron's First Pigtails

When CamCam was a teeny-tiny, people ALWAYS thought she was a boy.  Regardless of how much pink she had on, the fact that she never kept a bow on her head resulted in millions of "how old is he?", "oh he's a precious boy!" blahblahblah.  I really didn't care to be honest.  I know that the name "Cameron" threw people off even more, so I would just say thanks and, "oh, by the way...she's a girl.  don't feel bad...everyone calls her a boy!"  I'm pretty sure people still felt bad.  :)

We're pretty far past the gender confusion stage, but just for those who might still have the inkling to call my C-Lil a boy, SHE CAN NOW ROCK THE PIGGIES!! I pulled Cam's hair into pigtails the other day and um... I melted.  She looked SO presh.  her hair just seems to get thicker and longer everyday!  I'll prob have to give her first trim soon to keep those bangs out of her eyeballs.  (tear).  So crazy that my leetle lovebug is getting so big! 
Aves was this age when Cameron was born (actually about a month younger), and it's just so crazy to think back to how OLD we thought Averton was.  Sweet little nugget was still SUCH a teeny baby and had to take on the big sis role.  But man, she did SO great at it, and continues to bring joy to my life by being SUCH a sweet, tenderhearted, caring big sis.  
Love my girlies.  

And LOVE these pigtails :)

Game 6

God told Joshy he was going to hit a homerun last night.  And he did. 

"2 outs.  2 strikes.  2 times.  SERIOUSLY??"  I think that's GOTTA be what Wash is saying here...

Post-game scene in my garage.  No words needed.

Bring it, Game 7.  Best World Series EVER.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Score World Series Tickets on Gameday!!

  1. Watch Standing Room Only ticket prices on the gameday immediately preceding the day of the game you'd actually like to attend.  They will most likely drop continually as gametime approaches.
  2. Convince yourself that this same trend will occur tomorrow.
  3. Book babysitter for tomorrow's game as a "just in case we score tickets" safety net (thinking that "duh, you totally will...")
  4. Watch tickets obsessively on gameday.  They will most likely stay higher than they did the previous day, but will still trend downwards.
  5. ...Until lunch.  Freak out when you check prices AFTER lunch and they have SKYROCKETED.
  6. Watch in horror as they continue to climb...and climb... and climb.
  7. Tell babysitter to come even though you don't have tickets.  You'll "figure it out".  You'll just have a date night if there are no tickets in your future (all the while both knowing that you have NO intentions of letting the night slip away without getting your hands on some friggin tickets!)
  8. Head out to a dinner date with your hubby.  You'll just text some people from Craigslist who listed their tix for $600 each until you find someone desperate enough to hook you up with an 80% discount
  9. Act like driving through Chick-fil-A was TOTALLY what you had in mind when you agreed to a "dinner date".  And DOWN that cookies'n'cream milkshake with pure bliss :)
  10. Visit the nearest ATM to draw out your maximum "willing to pay" price per ticket in cash.  You're headed to the stadium to find some people roaming about who just happen to have a few extra tix.  Perfectly legal of course.
  11. Park insanely far away, one space away from some abandoned train cars chillin on the railroad track.  Say a quick prayer (or 12) that your car (and all of your possessions) are still there when you return, which could be after the game...OR 30 minutes.
  12. As some dude asks you if you need tickets, and you respond yes, follow him into the nearest strip mall, because like he said, "We can't do anything on the street because of the city ordinance.  Follow me."  Totally understandable.
  13. Giggle to yourselves as the 2 dudes in front of you shell out $350... EACH!... for tickets in the farthest possible seats the stadium has to offer.  You know these seats are the farthest possble seats because the seller busted out a laser-pointer to show them their seat location on the giant poster adorning the wall behind you.  Nice little make-shift "ticket office" they've got here.
  14. Try to breathe in teeny tiny short breaths, taking in the least amount of oxygen possible.  You don't want to get high off the unbelievable amounts of marijuana infiltrating the air in this shady place.
  15. Peace out when the dude behind the desk informs you that even though game starts in 7 minutes, SRO tix are still $350.  
  16. Stroll around the stadium looking for shady characters.
  17. Pretend it's totally normal that the men you pass whisper in your ear, "tickets..."  "hey... you shoppin'?"   or "i got some.  follow me..." but don't slow down.  You'll figure out that you're just supposed to follow them until they stop to lean against a tree or tie their shoe.
  18. As you discover that what you once though was a competition is really a massive network of ticket scalpers, you name your price and take the first tickets that are flashed in your face.  Besides, all you want is to get into the game.  You've got the greatest standing room only secret at Texas Rangers Stadium (and your friends are saving your seat in hopes you really did "figure it out")
  19. After making the exchange, be sure to take off on a mad sprint toward the entrance gate.  Otherwise, as you mosey back toward the stadium, the guy might notice that you shortchanged him $100 (accidentally...promise!).  He might whisper, "hey. sir.  excuse me, sir..." ever so gently.  And then being the sweet little lady that you are, you might turn around and yell at your husband who is well on his way to the gate that he needs to come give this shady character "his" money.  I mean... honesty is the name of the game, right?  Even when dealing with shady illegal ticket scalpers.... 
  20. Breathe a sigh of relief as the little ticket scanner blinks green and the ticket lady tells you to, "have fun, go rangers!"
The tickets were legit.  You are OFFICIALLY at The World Series!

Go Rangers   :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World Series!!!

Okay.  So if you know me, you know that I love sports.  Love Love Love.  Sports played a big time role in my (& my fam's) life growing up, and they continue to be a massive part of my life with B-Riz & the leetle gals :) When it comes to professional sports,  I always have & always will be a big time Houston Astros/Rockets/Oilers Texans fan.  BUT, living in DFW, I have come to really enjoy watching & rooting on the Rangers!

Our seats were terrif! :)  But really, ANY seat would have been terrif if you ask me...
We've had people over to grill out for pretty much every single playoff game.  Super fun.  We're loving it.  (Minus the fact that it's cutting pretty drastically into my sleep regimen!)  Well... our great friends, the Wegs, have a pack of season tix they share with their fellow-Ranger-fan-buddies.  In addition, they purchased 2 tix to share for the playoffs/World Series.  Since Greg & Casizzle were going on Monday night, B-Riz and I decided "what the heck...why not now!?"  Although I would have been in heaven had I been watching my 'Stros dominate a World Series game, I had a super totally terrific time.  Def one of my new fave memories :)  I don't have much of a bucket list, but 2 things I want to do are to attend a baseball game in every Major League Baseball stadium in the US....and go to the World Series!!!  

Cute boys.  So pumped :)

Casizzzzzlllllle!!  Our first World Series!!
There's just something about sitting in a sports arena, surrounded by big time fans donning their teams colors, cheering their hearts out, biting their nails when the outcome is yet to be determined, watching the best athletes in the country play a sport at an elite level for a LIVING (um, how cool)... it makes my heart beat a little quicker and puts a smile on my face.  :)  I had the greatest time with my boo at a sporting event that I thought I wouldn't have the luxury of attending for many years!  THANKS B-Riz for a supercool date.  Loved every second.  
FRAMER.  Look at that backdrop.  World Series, I love you.  And you too B-Riz ;)
The ticket sitch is kind of a funny story...but I'll save that for manana.  I am WIPED (after a late night w/the Rangers and an early morning BOOTCAMP wake up call!)  My bed is calling softly to me and I am ELATED to hit the hay before 9p :)  Here's to an off-night for the Rangers and a great night's sleep for the Bradford household. 

Go Rangers!!  But, don't worry Astros, you still hold the key to the baseball chamber of my heart ;)
Staged.  But NOT unrealistic :)

Do you Vote?

Question:  Do you vote?  Do you think it's important to vote?  Has your opinion on that issue changed over the years?

Do you educate yourselves on presidential candidates?  What they stand for?  Their morals?  Their faith?  Their families?  Their stance on "the issues"?  Their political "plans"?

If so, HOW do you educate yourself?  Do you just rad their websites?  Do you watch the debates?  Do you watch CNN/MSNBC/FOXNews for the latest commentary on each candidate?

What do you base your votes on?  Do you vote for the candidate who's personal morals/values/beliefs are most in line with yours?  Or is it the one who you agree with on the highest percentage of pop issues?  Is it based heavily on their political party affiliation, e.g. Republican vs Democrat?

I find myself more and more interested/burdened with the duty of voting as I get older.  A lot of people think this is a touchy subject to discuss, but I am super interested in other opinions/thoughts!  This is your permission to share with honesty and transparency!  No judgments.  No offenses taken.  :)

Bunco Halloween!!

Earlier this month, my Bunco ladies brought our hubbys along for a night of costumed Bunco entertainment!  Upon the mention of costumes, B-Riz knew EXACTLY what he was going to be:  The Most Incredible Man.  The trick was coming up with a coordinating costume for myself.  Since I didn't want to hang out all night dressed as a bottle of beer, we steered clear of the Dos Equis costume and instead, I donned a pirate costume (my female excuse for Captain Morgan!)  Brian dressed the part and then we used adhesive strips to attach fake hair for a beard/mustache.  After spray painting it silver and adding a GENEROUS amount of bronzer to the ensemble, he looked pretty convincing!  And of course he carried around Dos Equis all night.  We had SO much fun hanging out, eating dinner, showing the boys how Bunco really works (B was a great sport, but most of the fellows were NOT entertained), dance partying it up, and embodying our characters for the night to best of our abilities ;)  Love my girlfraaans and am seriously thankful to have the blessing of their friendship in my life up here in North Dallas!

Pat, our gracious host, welcomed us into his/her home with gladness.  He/She served a delish dinner and entertained us with his/her humor & wit all night long... Thanks Pat! ;)
At dinner, each seat was set with festive halloween dishes and random kitchen utensils we were forced to use instead of the traditional fork/knife/spoon combo.  When Pat is in the house, nothing is traditional. 
My fave costumes of the night.  Hands down.
Snookie & The Situation showed up and stole all of our money.  Awesome.
Cute Boys: M&M, Teacher/Nerd, The Most Interesting Man, Construction Worker, Soccer Player.
The Ladies!:  Sarah Ruth, Referee, Penguin, M&M, Snook, Captain Morganette, Baby"Bump" in the Road, Cheerleader, Referee... Love my girrrrls!