Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do you Vote?

Question:  Do you vote?  Do you think it's important to vote?  Has your opinion on that issue changed over the years?

Do you educate yourselves on presidential candidates?  What they stand for?  Their morals?  Their faith?  Their families?  Their stance on "the issues"?  Their political "plans"?

If so, HOW do you educate yourself?  Do you just rad their websites?  Do you watch the debates?  Do you watch CNN/MSNBC/FOXNews for the latest commentary on each candidate?

What do you base your votes on?  Do you vote for the candidate who's personal morals/values/beliefs are most in line with yours?  Or is it the one who you agree with on the highest percentage of pop issues?  Is it based heavily on their political party affiliation, e.g. Republican vs Democrat?

I find myself more and more interested/burdened with the duty of voting as I get older.  A lot of people think this is a touchy subject to discuss, but I am super interested in other opinions/thoughts!  This is your permission to share with honesty and transparency!  No judgments.  No offenses taken.  :)


Bo and Marie Mechinus said...

i always vote. i just read the websites of the people who are running and then i watch the debates. i think the debates are important bc anyone can sound good on their website, but to watch someone argue their point and beliefs tells you a lot about a person. i vote for who i think can best represent what i believe. i haven't found anyone that matches 100% of what i believe, so i just vote for who is closest based on which issues are most important to me. there's my 2 cents. keep in mind that i was a political science major and might be a little nerdy when it comes to this stuff!

Danielle said...

Interesting! I have always felt it is our obligation to vote. I have always said "if you don't vote, you can't complain"...I know many people who would agree. However, in the 2008 election, I came to realize that just because you didn't vote, doesn't mean you're: lazy, don't care, or unjust in complaining about the candidate chosen. What if you don't like either one that you get to choose from? That would give you every right not to vote, and every right to complain about the chosen candidate. I used to vote based on a little of what they stand for, their morals, faith, & their stance on the "issues". Unfortunately, it was more based on "hot button" issues...i.e. abortion, so therefore it was more Republican based, because I am pro-life. I watched some of the debates, read a little, listened to other people talk...etc. This time around, my vote will be more based on their faith, morals, and what they stand for/believe in. It would honestly break my heart for someone to have everything I want except for the abortion topic, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, and usually a Christian will not be pro-choice...in my opinion. It's SO hard! But I think it takes a lot of prayer to figure out what GOD wants us to vote for.