Friday, October 28, 2011

Cameron's First Pigtails

When CamCam was a teeny-tiny, people ALWAYS thought she was a boy.  Regardless of how much pink she had on, the fact that she never kept a bow on her head resulted in millions of "how old is he?", "oh he's a precious boy!" blahblahblah.  I really didn't care to be honest.  I know that the name "Cameron" threw people off even more, so I would just say thanks and, "oh, by the way...she's a girl.  don't feel bad...everyone calls her a boy!"  I'm pretty sure people still felt bad.  :)

We're pretty far past the gender confusion stage, but just for those who might still have the inkling to call my C-Lil a boy, SHE CAN NOW ROCK THE PIGGIES!! I pulled Cam's hair into pigtails the other day and um... I melted.  She looked SO presh.  her hair just seems to get thicker and longer everyday!  I'll prob have to give her first trim soon to keep those bangs out of her eyeballs.  (tear).  So crazy that my leetle lovebug is getting so big! 
Aves was this age when Cameron was born (actually about a month younger), and it's just so crazy to think back to how OLD we thought Averton was.  Sweet little nugget was still SUCH a teeny baby and had to take on the big sis role.  But man, she did SO great at it, and continues to bring joy to my life by being SUCH a sweet, tenderhearted, caring big sis.  
Love my girlies.  

And LOVE these pigtails :)

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